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August 3, 2020



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Blackjack: Can a Quantum Strategy Help Bring Down the House?

Now researchers have shown that the weird, quantum effects of entanglement could theoretically give blackjack players even more of an edge, albeit a small one, when playing against the ...

Sweat Science: Engineers Detect Health Markers in Thread-Based, Wearable Sweat Sensors

Engineers have created a first-of-its-kind, flexible electronic sensing patch that can be sewn into clothing to analyze sweat for multiple markers. ...
A breakthrough in fertility science has shattered the universally accepted view of how ...

Sharing a Secret...the Quantum Way

Researchers have demonstrated a record setting quantum protocol for sharing a secret amongst many ...
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Researchers Develop a Method for Predicting Unprecedented Events

Researchers combined avalanche physics with ecosystem data to create a computational method for predicting extreme ecological events. The method may also have applications in economics and ...

Is It a Bird, a Plane? Not Superman, but a Flapping Wing Drone

A drone prototype that mimics the aerobatic manoeuvres of one of the world's fastest birds, the swift, is being developed by an international team of engineers in the latest example of ...

Spinal Stimulators Repurposed to Restore Touch in Lost Limb

Devices commonly implanted for chronic pain could expand patient access to prosthetic arms that ...

Through the Nanoscale Looking Glass -- Determining Boson Peak Frequency in Ultra-Thin Alumina

There's more to glass than meets the eye. Glasses, which are disordered materials with no long-range chemical order, have some mysterious properties that have remained enigmatic for several ...

3D Hand-Sensing Wristband Signals Future of Wearable Tech

In a potential breakthrough in wearable sensing technology, researchers have designed a wrist-mounted device that continuously tracks the entire human hand in ...

Powerful Human-Like Hands Create Safer Human-Robotics Interactions

A team of engineers designed and developed a novel humanoid hand that may be able to help human-robotic ...

Ultracold Mystery: Solved

Last December, researchers designed technology that could achieve the lowest temperature chemical reactions and then broke and formed the coldest bonds in the history of molecular coupling. Now, ...

Quantum Exciton Found in Magnetic Van Der Waals Material NiPS3

Things can always be done faster, but can anything beat light? Computing with light instead of electricity is seen as a breakthrough to boost the computer speeds. Transistors, the building blocks of ...

The ancient philosopher Plato posited the shapes of the building blocks of the universe. According to him, the earth was formed of cubes. Researchers now find a fundamental truth in that premise. ...

Atomtronic Device Could Probe Boundary Between Quantum, Everyday Worlds

A new device that relies on flowing clouds of ultracold atoms promises potential tests of the intersection between the weirdness of the quantum world and the familiarity of the macroscopic world we ...

Evidence for Decades-Old Theory to Explain the Odd Behaviors of Water

A new study provides strong evidence for a controversial theory that at very cold temperatures water can exist in two distinct liquid forms, one being less dense and more structured than the other. ...

'Blinking' Crystals May Convert CO2 Into Fuels

Imagine tiny crystals that ''blink'' like fireflies and can convert carbon dioxide, a key cause of climate change, into fuels. A team has created ultra-small titanium dioxide ...

Bacteria With a Metal Diet Discovered in Dirty Glassware

Newfound bacteria that oxidize manganese help explain the geochemistry of ...

A GoPro for Beetles: Researchers Create a Robotic Camera Backpack for Insects

Researchers have developed a tiny camera that can ride aboard an insect or an insect-sized ...

Designing DNA from Scratch: Engineering the Functions of Micrometer-Sized DNA Droplets

Scientists have constructed ''DNA droplets'' comprising designed DNA nanostructures. The droplets exhibit dynamic functions such as fusion, fission, Janus-shape formation, and ...

Giving Robots Human-Like Perception of Their Physical Environments

New model helps robots understand their environment as humans ...

Researchers 3D Print a Working Heart Pump With Real Human Cells

In a groundbreaking new study, researchers have 3D printed a functioning centimeter-scale human heart pump in the lab. The discovery could have major implications for studying heart disease, the ...

Researchers Gives Robots Intelligent Sensing Abilities to Carry out Complex Tasks

The novel system developed by computer scientists and materials engineers combines an artificial brain system with human-like electronic skin, and vision sensors, to make robots ...

New Organic Material Unlocks Faster and More Flexible Electronic Devices

Mobile phones and other electronic devices made from an organic material that is thin, bendable and more powerful are now a step ...

A Raspberry Pi-Based Virtual Reality System for Small Animals

The Raspberry Pi Virtual Reality system (PiVR) is a versatile tool for presenting virtual reality environments to small, freely moving animals (such as flies and fish larvae). The use of PiVR, ...

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