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September 28, 2020

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Seeing the New Star Wars? Be Careful What You Wish for

How much you enjoy the new Star Wars movie will depend a lot on your expectations going in, a new study suggests. Researchers surveyed 441 people before and after they saw the last episode in the ...

The Songwriter Is Creative -- The Singer, Not So Much

Country music songwriters must perform a careful dance when they work with famous singers who may be less talented at writing songs but bring the needed star power to attract fans -- and, ...

Kids Widely Exposed to Smoking in Movies

More than half of the top-grossing movies in Ontario in the past 16 years featured smoking, according to researchers with the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit -- and most of these films were rated as ...

The Wizard of Oz Most 'Influential' Film of All Time According to Network Science

The Wizard of Oz, followed by Star Wars and Psycho, is identified as the most influential film of all time in a new ...

Parents Say Intense Gun Violence in PG-13 Movies Appropriate for Teens 15 and Older

Parents are more willing to let their children see PG-13 movies with intense gun violence when the violence appears to be 'justified' than when it has no socially redeeming purpose, a study ...