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September 25, 2020

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'Deepfakes' Ranked as Most Serious AI Crime Threat

Fake audio or video content has been ranked by experts as the most worrying use of artificial intelligence in terms of its potential applications for crime or terrorism, according to a new ...

Helping to Protect the Most Illegally Trafficked Mammals in the World

As China upgrades pangolins to the highest protected status level, an alternative approach to using long standing forensic methods is helping wildlife crime investigators disrupt poachers and animal ...

Youth Violence Lower in Countries With Complete Ban on Corporal Punishment

A study shows that in countries where there is a complete ban on all corporal punishment of children there is less fighting among young ...

Computational Model Links Family Members Using Genealogical and Law-Enforcement Databases

Researchers are reporting ways in which using genetic ancestry databases to solve crimes could potentially be ...
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Cannabis Farms Are a Modern Slavery 'Blind Spot' for UK Police, Study Suggests

Migrants arrested for tending plants in the flats, houses and attics where cannabis is grown in bulk are often victims of trafficking and 'debt bondage' - yet many are not recognized as ...

As Domestic Violence Spikes, Many Victims and Their Children Have Nowhere to Live

COVID-19 has left many victims of domestic violence facing difficulties feeding their children and accessing services for safe housing, transportation and childcare once they leave shelters, ...

Bringing Burnt Bones Back to 'Life' Using 3D Technology

Forensic scientists have discovered a new way of presenting fragile evidence, by reconstructing a 'jigsaw' of human bone fragments using 3D printing. In the first known study of its kind, ...

Cyberbullying Linked to Post Traumatic Stress for Victims and Perpetrators

Cyberbullying -- bullying online rather than face to face -- is linked to various types of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, both for victims and perpetrators, suggests new ...

Profiling of Lone Terrorists Is Flawed

Terrorism has typically been considered an organised activity undertaken by networks of individuals who share a collective identity and purpose. However, in recent years, media, law enforcement and ...

Domestic Violence Reports on the Rise as COVID-19 Keeps People at Home, Study Shows

Researchers have found an increase in domestic violence reports in Los Angeles and Indianapolis since the stay-at-home restrictions were implemented in ...

How Green Space Can Reduce Violent Crime

Researchers identified patterns that can inform public policy, guide urban design and promote neighborhoods that are safe and low in ...

New Study Offers Clues to Origin of Laws

A new study found that despite living in separate countries and legal codes separated by thousands of years, people have a universal intuition about whether a punishment fits a ...

How Vulnerable Is Your Car to Cyberattacks?

New research applies criminal justice theory to smart vehicles, revealing cracks in the current system leading to potential cyber ...

Digital Media Has Damaging Impact on Reintegration of 'White Collar' Criminals

Offenders convicted of occupational crime and corruption are having their rehabilitation negatively affected by long term 'labels' attached to them on digital media, according to new ...

Theme Parks Linked to Increased Crime Risk, Says Study

Crime rates are likely to be higher in neighborhoods near theme parks which are major tourist attractions, according to new ...

Risk Assessment Tools Lead to Fewer Incarcerations Without Jeopardizing Public Safety

A sweeping study looking at an extensive collection of data -- involving more than a million offenders at 30 different Canadian and US research sites -- found that while fewer people were being ...

Impact of Police Stops on Youth's Mental Health

New research looks into the impact police stops have on the mental health of youth. Researchers reveal that youth experiencing intrusive police stops are at risk of heightened emotional distress. The ...

Exposure to Air Pollution Increases Violent Crime Rates

Breathing dirty air can make you sick. But according to new research, it can also make you more aggressive. That's the conclusion from a set of studies recently authored by Colorado State ...

Handgun Purchasers With a Prior DUI Have a Greater Risk for Serious Violence

Legal purchasers of handguns with a prior DUI conviction have a greater risk of a future arrest for a violent offense -- including murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault and for ...

Big Cities Breed Partners in Crime

Researchers have long known that bigger cities disproportionately generate more crime. Now a new study explains why: It's easier for criminals to find ...

Decoding How Kids Get Into Hacking

New research has identified characteristics and gender-specific behaviors in kids that could lead them to become juvenile hackers. The researchers assessed responses from 50,000 teens from around the ...

Bigger Cities Boost 'Social Crimes'

The same underlying mechanism that boosts urban innovation and startup businesses can also explain why certain types of crimes, like car theft and robbery, thrive in a larger ...

Ultra-Fast Bomb Detection Method Could Upgrade Airport Security

Researchers have revealed a new ultra-fast method to detect materials that could be used to build explosives. The new detection method is able to analyze a wider range of materials than current ...

Individuals Are Swayed by Their Peers, Leading to More Severe Punishments, Study Finds

When acting as one part of a group charged with deciding how to punish someone -- a jury, for example -- individuals are swayed by their peers to punish more often than they would if deciding alone, ...

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