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September 25, 2020

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Plastic Flow Into Ocean Expected to Triple by 2040, Action Could Stem Tide More Than 80%

A new analysis finds that without immediate and sustained action, the annual flow of plastic into the ocean could nearly triple by 2040. The study ...

BPA Levels in Humans Dramatically Underestimated, Study Finds

Researchers have developed a more accurate method of measuring bisphenol A (BPA) levels in humans and found that exposure to the endocrine-disrupting chemical is far higher than previously assumed. ...

National Emergency Alerts Potentially Vulnerable to Attack

New research shows that hackers, working with limited resources, could send fake emergency alerts to cell phones in a confined area like a sports ...

Medical Marketing Has Skyrocketed in the Past Two Decades, While Oversight Remains Limited

Researchers have reviewed medical marketing (the marketing of prescription drugs, disease awareness, laboratory tests and health services to ...
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Do-It-Yourself COVID-19 Vaccines Fraught With Public Health Problems

'Citizen scientists' developing homemade COVID-19 vaccines may believe they're inoculating themselves against the ongoing pandemic, but the practice of self-experimentation with ...

Gun Laws in Neighboring States Affect State Gun Deaths, New Evidence Finds

Weaker gun laws in neighboring states appear to increase gun deaths in adjoining states, and strong gun laws may be negated by more permissive laws among neighboring states, according to new ...

Improving FDA's COVID-19 Vaccine Authorization and Approval Process: Lessons from Hydroxychloroquine

In a new article, researchers propose reforms that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could implement to improve the emergency use authorization process and drug approvals during public ...

Affirmative Action Incentivizes High Schoolers to Perform Better, New Research Shows

Affirmative action is a contentious issue across the globe, hotly debated in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nigeria and Brazil, as well as in the United States. While the direct ...

What the Rest of the World Can Learn from South Korea's COVID-19 Response

As the world continues to closely monitor the newest coronavirus outbreak, the government of South Korea has been able to keep the disease under control without paralyzing the national health and ...

AI Sentencing Tools Need to Be Closely Scrutinized

Judges should closely vet the AI tools they use to help them predict whether a defendant is likely to re offend, urges a new ...

Green Cities Roadmap Touts COVID-19 Recovery Stimulus

COVID-19 has helped add urgency to a call for industry and government to support a plan to ensure Australian cities become more sustainable by adopting green roofs, walls and ...

Paid Sick Leave Mandates Hold Promise in Containing COVID-19

Mandates like those found in the federal government's Families First Coronavirus Response Act may be helping to slow the ...

Immunity Passports to Vaccination Certificates for COVID-19: Equitable and Legal Challenges

As governments explore the possibility of issuing so-called 'immunity passports,' such action poses significant practical, equitable, and legal issues. In contrast, if and when a vaccine is ...

Interactive Product Labels Require New Regulations, Study Warns

Artificial intelligence will be increasingly used on labels on food and other products in the future to make them interactive, and regulations should be reformed now so they take account of new ...

Monty Python's Silly Walk: A Gait Analysis and Wake-Up Call to Peer Review Inefficiencies

Fifty years ago, Monty Python's famous sketch, 'The Ministry of Silly Walks,' first aired. The sketch pokes fun at the inefficiency of government bureaucracy. It opens with the ...

Who's Liable? The AV or the Human Driver?

Researchers have developed a joint fault-based liability rule that can be used to regulate both self-driving car manufacturers and human drivers. They propose a game-theoretic model that describes ...

Water Governance: Could Less Sometimes Be More?

Does the never-ending introduction of new regulations of environmental resources have a positive effect? Researchers analyzed water governance regulations in six European countries from 1750 to 2006 ...

Separating Drugs With MagLev

The composition of suspicious powders that may contain illicit drugs can be analyzed using a quick and simple method called magneto-Archimedes levitation (MagLev), according to a new study. A team of ...

Drug Discount Cards Could Actually Cost Patients More

New research reveals that brand-name drug discount cards are leading to higher health care spending in Canada -- increased costs that are ultimately passed on to ...

Pesticide Management Is Failing Australian and Great Barrier Reef Waterways

Scientists say a failure of Australian management means excessive amounts of harmful chemicals -- many now banned in countries such as the EU, USA and Canada -- are damaging the country's ...

On the Road to Paris: The Shifting Landscape of Carbon Dioxide Reduction

Researchers have found that current forecasts call for the US electric power sector to meet the 2020 and 2025 CO2 reduction requirements in the Paris Agreement -- even though the US has announced its ...

Non-GM Produce Earns 'Halo Effect' Under New Labeling Laws

Consumers were more willing to buy unlabeled produce after being shown food tagged as ''genetically modified'' in a new study that comes two months before a new federal law, ...

Opioid Rx Dosages Drop With State Law Changes

The total amount of opioids dispensed per new opioid prescription decreased by 22% in Penn Medicine outpatient practices in New Jersey after the state passed a law limiting prescriptions to a ...

In Russia, Declines in Alcohol Consumption and Mortality Have Gone Hand in Hand

Since the early 2000s, Russia has seen significant declines in overall alcohol consumption, and a new review shows that there has been a parallel, steep decline in the country's mortality rates ...

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