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How Creating an 'Empathy Lens' Makes P2P Marketing Communications More Effective

Provider-focused P2P marketing communications increase consumers' likelihood of purchase, app download, and willingness to ...

Sci-Fi Foretold Social Media, Uber and Augmented Reality, Offers Insights Into the Future

Science fiction authors foresaw augmented reality video games, the rise of social media and trends of hyper-consumption, and can help predict future consumer ...

Helping Consumers in a Crisis

A new study shows that the central bank tool known as quantitative easing helped consumers substantially during the last big economic downturn -- a finding with clear relevance for today's ...

Selling Something? Tap Into Consumer Arrogance

In today's world of consumption, likes and shares, a new study shows that that leveraging consumer arrogance might be marketers' most effective strategy for promoting their brands and ...

COVID-19 Will Affect the Food and Financial Security of Many for Years to Come

The complex food shopping patterns that financially insecure families employ have been upended by COVID-19. To facilitate advocacy and policy change around this food insecurity crisis, researchers ...

Public Parks Guaranteeing Sustainable Well-Being

Researchers have ascertained how green spaces contribute to the well-being of city-dwellers. The research shows that parks play an essential role in the well-being of individuals, regardless of their ...

Scarcity Reduces Consumers' Concerns About Prices, Even During a Pandemic, Research Shows

New research finds that scarcity actually decreases consumers' tendency to use price to judge a product's ...

Interactive Product Labels Require New Regulations, Study Warns

Artificial intelligence will be increasingly used on labels on food and other products in the future to make them interactive, and regulations should be reformed now so they take account of new ...

Spending on Experiences Versus Possessions Advances More Immediate Happiness

Consumers are happier when they spend their money on experiential purchases versus material ones, according to new ...

Highlighting Product Greenness May Put Consumers Off Buying

New research suggests that companies looking to promote their latest environmentally friendly product should downplay its green credentials if they want consumers to buy it. By highlighting green ...

Physicians Propose Quality Measures to Improve Medical Billing

If you're concerned about rising health care costs and overwhelming medical bills, you're not ...

'Value Instantiation' Key to Luxury Brands' and Social Responsibility

Although luxury brands and social responsibility seem fundamentally inconsistent with each other, the two entities can coexist in the mind of the consumer, provided the brand can find someone -- ...

New Health Insurance Insights

Economists analyze how patients and health care providers value ...

Cultural Variables Influence Consumer Demand for Private-Label Brands

Consumer attitudes toward private-label store brands might be driven more by social variables than price, says new ...

Waiting Area Entertainment and Co-Opetition Between Brick-and-Mortar Stores Boosts Profit

With the popularity of online shopping, it's no secret brick-and-mortar stores are fighting to stay relevant. Waiting area entertainment is one way they are standing out, because no one likes to ...

Non-GM Produce Earns 'Halo Effect' Under New Labeling Laws

Consumers were more willing to buy unlabeled produce after being shown food tagged as ''genetically modified'' in a new study that comes two months before a new federal law, ...

Consumers Trust Influencers Less When There Is a Variety of Choices for a Product

Consumers have been relying on opinion leader recommendations to make choices about product quality and purchases for a long time. It is even more prominent now with the prevalence of influencers on ...

How to Make Carbon Pricing Palatable to Air Travelers

Travellers are willing to pay a little more for flights if they know the extra money will be used to address carbon emissions, a new study has ...

Promotional Games at Retail Stores Increase Consumer Spending

Surprisingly, even when the discount won from a promotional game is smaller than a traditional discount -- say only 10% versus 20% -- researchers still saw the same ...

Going Green? Not So Easy for Mainstream Brands

Recent research shows that when mainstream brands advertise using visual cues suggesting the product is environmentally friendly or 'green' consumers may actually evaluate the product as ...

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