Zika Virus Research News
September 25, 2020

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Mosquito-Borne Viruses Linked to Stroke

A deadly combination of two mosquito-borne viruses may be a trigger for stroke, new research has ...

Breakthrough in Zika Virus Vaccine

Researchers have made significant advances in developing a novel vaccine against Zika virus, which could potentially lead to global elimination of the ...

Insulin Can Increase Mosquitoes' Immunity to West Nile Virus

A discovery has the potential to inhibit the spread of West Nile virus as well as Zika and dengue viruses. The researchers demonstrated that mammalian insulin activated an antiviral immunity pathway ...

Genetic Screen Identifies Genes That Protect Cells from Zika Virus

A new study uses a genetic screen to identify genes that protect cells from Zika viral infection. The research may one day lead to the development of a treatment for Zika and other ...
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False Negatives: Delayed Zika Effects in Babies Who Appeared Normal at Birth

Colombian infants exposed to Zika virus in the womb showed neurodevelopmental delays as toddlers, despite having 'normal' brain imaging and head circumference at birth, a finding that ...

Zika Virus Can Cause Immune and Brain Abnormalities in Asymptomatic Pig Offspring

Zika virus infection in the womb produces altered immune responses and sex-specific brain abnormalities in apparently healthy pig offspring, according to a new ...

How the Zika Virus Can Spread

The spread of infectious diseases such as Zika depends on many different factors. Researchers were able to generate reliable maps for the transmission risk of the Zika virus in South ...

Birth Defects Associated With Zika Virus Infection May Depend on Mother's Immune Response

New research may help explain why Zika virus infection causes birth defects in some children but not others. The study suggests that the risk of developing an abnormally small head (microcephaly) ...

Fear of More Dangerous Second Zika, Dengue Infections Unfounded in Monkeys

An initial infection with dengue virus did not prime monkeys for an especially virulent infection of Zika virus, according to a new study. Nor did a bout with Zika make a follow-on dengue infection ...

Early Dengue Virus Infection Could 'Defuse' Zika Virus

The Zika virus outbreak in Latin America has affected over 60 million people up to now. The infection can have potentially fatal consequences for pregnant women and their unborn children: many ...

Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Diminishes Zika Birth Defects in Mice

In experiments with pregnant mice infected with the Zika virus, researchers report they have successfully used a long-standing immunosuppressive drug to diminish the rate of fetal deaths and birth ...

Dengue Mosquito Is Queensland's Biggest Threat for Spreading Zika Virus

Researchers have found that the dengue fever mosquito common to north and central Queensland poses the greatest danger of spreading the Zika virus in Australia. The researchers showed that not only ...

Molecules With Strong Anti-Zika Virus Potential

Scientists have created a molecule with both strong anti-Zika properties and low toxicity to animal ...

New Model IDs Primate Species With Potential to Spread Zika in the Americas

In the Americas, primate species likely to harbor Zika -- and potentially transmit the virus -- are common, abundant, and often live near people. So reports a new ...

Protection from Zika Virus May Lie in a Protein Derived from Mosquitoes

By targeting a protein found in the saliva of mosquitoes that transmit Zika virus, investigators reduced Zika infection in mice. The finding demonstrates how researchers might develop a vaccine ...

Mother's Dengue Immunity Worsens Baby's Response to Zika

New research uncovers previously unknown mechanism behind why some, but not all, Zika virus infections during pregnancy lead to fetal brain ...

Zika: Silent Long-Term Circulation in Thailand

In an attempt to shed light on Zika circulation, scientists decided to investigate the history of the Zika virus in Thailand. They discovered that it has been circulating in the country for at least ...

Dengue Virus Infection May Cause Severe Outcomes Following Zika Virus Infection During Pregnancy

Prior Dengue virus infection may cause severe outcomes following Zika virus infection during pregnancy, a new study shows. The research points to a possible mechanism for the enhancement of Zika ...

Prior Dengue Infection Protects Against Zika

The higher a person's immunity to dengue virus, the lower their risk of Zika infection, an international team of scientists report today. The study -- which followed nearly 1,500 people living ...

Zika Vaccines Should Induce Responses by CD4+ T Cells

Immune cells called CD4+ T cells could be important mediators of protection against the Zika virus, according to a new study. The findings support vaccine strategies that induce a protective CD4+ T ...

Dengue Immunity May Be Protective Against Symptomatic Zika

Children with a history of prior dengue virus infection had a significantly lower risk of being symptomatic when infected by Zika virus, according to a new study in Nicaragua of more than 3,000 ...

Cellular Protein a Target for Zika Control

A cellular protein that interacts with invading viruses appears to help enable the infection process of the Zika virus, according to researchers who suggest this protein could be a key target in ...

Where Will the World's Next Zika, West Nile or Dengue Virus Come From?

Scientists have identified wildlife species that are the most likely to host flaviviruses such as Zika, West Nile, dengue and yellow fever. They created a global flavivirus hotspot map from their ...

Virologists Discover Safer Potential Zika Vaccine

In mouse trials, a vaccine based on recombinant adenovirus protected against Zika without evidence of antibodies. Reports have shown Zika antibodies can worsen Dengue virus ...

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