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September 25, 2020

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Male Baboons With Female Friends Live Longer

Opposite-sex friendships can have non-romantic benefits. And not just for people, but for our primate cousins, too. A 35-year study of 542 baboons finds that males that have close female friends have ...

New Fossil Ape Discovered in India

A 13-million-year-old fossil unearthed in northern India comes from a newly discovered ape, the earliest known ancestor of the modern-day gibbon. The discovery fills a major void in the ape fossil ...

Investigational COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Prevents Severe Clinical Disease in Animals

New research demonstrates that a candidate COVID-19 vaccine elicited robust immune response in Syrian golden hamsters and prevented severe clinical ...

Fossils Reveal Diversity of Animal Life Roaming Europe 2 Million Years Ago

A re-analysis of fossils from one of Europe's most significant paleontological sites reveals a wide diversity of animal species, including a large terrestrial monkey, short-necked giraffe, rhinos and ...
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When we say someone has a quick mind, it may be in part thanks to our expanded cerebellum that distinguishes human brains from those of macaque monkeys, for example. High-resolution imaging shows the ...

Single-Shot COVID-19 Vaccine Protects Non-Human Primates

A leading COVID-19 vaccine candidate raised neutralizing antibodies and robustly protected non-human primates (NHPs) against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes ...

Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Protects Upper and Lower Airways in Nonhuman Primates

Two doses of an experimental vaccine to prevent COVID-19 induced robust immune responses and rapidly controlled the coronavirus in the upper and lower airways of rhesus macaques exposed to ...

Big Brains and Dexterous Hands

Primates with large brains can master more complex hand movements than those with smaller brains. However, fine motor skills such as using tools can take time to learn, and humans take the longest of ...

Spider Monkey Groups as Collective Computers

New research shows that spider monkeys use collective computation to figure out the best way to find ...

Clear Strategies Needed to Reduce Bushmeat Hunting

Extensive wildlife trade not only threatens species worldwide but can also lead to the transmission of zoonotic diseases. Research sheds new light on the motivations why people hunt, trade or consume ...

For Chimpanzees, Salt and Pepper Hair Not a Marker of Old Age

Silver strands and graying hair is a sign of aging in humans, but things aren't so simple for our closest ape relatives --the chimpanzee. A new study found graying hair is not indicative of a ...

Animals Who Try to Sound 'Bigger' Are Good at Learning Sounds

Some animals fake their body size by sounding 'bigger' than they actually are. Researchers studied 164 different mammals and found that animals who lower their voice to sound bigger are ...

New Bird Checklists from Coiba National Park, Panama

A trip to Jicarón Island during the Coiba Bioblitz led to a published bird ...

Dopamine Neurons Mull Over Your Options

Researchers have found that dopamine neurons in the brain can represent the decision-making process when making economic choices. As monkeys contemplated whether or not to choose an item, a subset of ...

Humans and Monkeys Show Similar Thinking Patterns

Humans and monkeys may not speak the same lingo, but our ways of thinking are a lot more similar than previously thought, according to new ...

Human Brain Size Gene Triggers Bigger Brain in Monkey Fetus

A human-specific gene causes a larger neocortex in the common marmoset, a non-human ...

Baboon Model Could Aide in Alzheimer's Disease Interventions

Scientists recently published findings indicating the baboon could prove to be a relevant model to test therapeutics and interventions for neurodegenerative diseases, such as early stage ...

Ebola Transmission Risks Would Be Taken More Seriously With Ground-Up Interventions

A study has found significant differences in disease risk perception and channels of information about Ebola virus disease (EVD) in rural areas and urban centers of Guinea, West ...

Monkeys Appreciate Lifelike Animation

Monkeys can overcome their aversion to animated monkeys through a more realistic avatar, according to new ...

Chimpanzees Help Trace the Evolution of Human Speech Back to Ancient Ancestors

One of the most promising theories for the evolution of human speech has finally received support from chimpanzee ...

Mouse and Human Eye Movements Share Important Similarity

Scientists have used a lightweight eye-tracking system composed of miniature video cameras and motion sensors to record head and eye movements in mice without restricting movement or behavior. ...

New HIV Vaccine Strategy Strengthens, Lengthens Immunity in Primates

Investigators have shown that a new type of vaccination can substantially enhance and sustain protection from ...

Even Animals Benefit from Social Distance to Prevent Disease, Research Shows

Researchers have uncovered evidence about the importance of maintaining physical distance to minimize the spread of microbes among individuals. Monkeys were observed in the wild to understand what ...

White-Faced Capuchin Monkeys Come Down from the Trees on Panama's Coiba Island

An arboreal lifestyle is thought to be central to primate origins, and most extant primate species still live in the trees. Nonetheless, terrestrial locomotion is a widespread adaptation that has ...

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