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September 28, 2020

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Salute the Venerable Ensign Wasp, Killing Cockroaches for 25 Million Years

A new study has identified four new species of parasitic, cockroach-killing ensign wasps that became encased in tree resin 25 million years ago and were preserved as the resin fossilized into ...

Toxic Masculinity: Why Male Funnel Web Spiders Are So Dangerous

A team of researchers has revealed why male funnel web spiders develop much deadlier venom than their female counterparts. The team has spent 20 years investigating delta-hexatoxins, the venom ...

Male Baboons With Female Friends Live Longer

Opposite-sex friendships can have non-romantic benefits. And not just for people, but for our primate cousins, too. A 35-year study of 542 baboons finds that males that have close female friends have ...

Like Humans, Chimpanzees Can Suffer for Life If Orphaned Before Adulthood

A new study shows that orphaned male chimpanzees are less competitive and have fewer offspring of their own than those who continue to live with their mothers. The remaining puzzle is, what is it ...
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Generational Shifts Help Migratory Bats Keep Pace With Global Warming

An international team of scientists demonstrated that in the common noctule bat, one of the largest European bat species, the colonization of hibernacula progresses from lower to higher latitudes ...

Sugar Promotes Sperm Longevity in Pig Reproductive Tract

For many livestock species, artificial insemination (AI) is standard. But it can be tricky to achieve success the first time, thanks to variability in ovulation timing across the herd. A new study ...

Fatty Acid Receptor Involved in Temperature-Induced Sex Reversal of Japanese Medaka Fish

Researchers have found that activation of a fatty acid receptor that detects fatty acids in cells and regulates physiological functions causes Japanese rice fish (medaka) to become male. The ...

In Butterfly Battle of Sexes, Males Deploy 'Chastity Belts' but Females Fight Back

Some male butterflies seal their mate's genitalia with a waxy 'chastity belt' to prevent future liaisons. But female butterflies can fight back. Could this sexual one-upmanship ...

Old Males Vital to Elephant Societies

Old male elephants play a key role in leading all-male groups, new research ...

Scientists Shed New Light on Pollen Tube Growth in Plants

New insight on how an enzyme ensures the correct growth of pollen tubes in flowering plants has just been ...

Songbirds Reduce Reproduction to Help Survive Drought

New research suggests tropical songbirds in both the Old and New Worlds reduce reproduction during severe droughts, and this - somewhat surprisingly -- may actually increase their survival ...

Newly Discovered Rare Dinosaur Embryos Show Sauropods Had Rhino-Like Horns

An incredibly rare dinosaur embryo discovered perfectly preserved inside its egg has shown scientists new details of the development and appearance of sauropods which lived 80 million years ...

Genomes Published for Major Agricultural Weeds

Representing some of the most troublesome agricultural weeds, waterhemp, smooth pigweed, and Palmer amaranth impact crop production systems across the US and elsewhere with ripple effects felt by ...

Using Math to Examine the Sex Differences in Dinosaurs

When you only have fossils to go off of, it's hard to tell which dinosaur traits, like size and ornamentation, are related to the animals' sex, and which traits are related to other things ...

Mother Bats Use Baby Talk to Communicate With Their Pups

When addressing infants, human adults tend to change the speed, pitch and 'color' of their voice. This 'baby talk' is known to facilitate language learning. According to new ...

Coastal Development, Changing Climate Threaten Sea Turtle Nesting Habitat

A research team found that sea turtles in the US will have less suitable nesting habitat in the future because of climate change and coastal ...

New Study Shows Evolutionary Breakdown of 'Social' Chromosome in Ants

Scientists have found that harmful mutations accumulating in the fire ant social chromosome are causing its ...

Meet Hedge Fund Managers of Avian World

New research finds that brood parasites living in more variable and unpredictable habitats tend to parasitize -- or squat and drop their eggs in -- the nests of a greater variety and number of ...

This Cuttlefish Is Flamboyant on Special Occasions Only!

The flashy Flamboyant Cuttlefish is among the most famous of the cephalopods (octopus, squid, and cuttlefish) - but it is widely misunderstood by its legions of fans. A new article sets the record ...

Out of Sync: Ecologists Report Climate Change Affecting Bee, Plant Life Cycles

Reporting on the first community-wide assessment of 67 bee species of the Colorado Rockies, ecologists say 'phenological mismatch,' changing timing of life cycles between bees and flowers, ...

Surprising Coral Spawning Features Revealed

When stony corals have their renowned mass spawning events, in sync with the moon's cycle, colonies simultaneously release an underwater 'cloud' of sperm and eggs for fertilization. ...

More Fructose in Diet During Pregnancy Impacts Metabolism of Offspring, Animal Study Finds

An increased level of fructose intake during pregnancy can cause significant changes in maternal metabolic function and milk composition and alter the metabolism of their offspring, according to ...

Who's Your Daddy? Male Seahorses Transport Nutrients to Embryos

New research has found male seahorses transport nutrients to their developing babies during pregnancy. This discovery provides an opportunity for further comparative evolutionary ...

Biology Blurs Line Between Sexes, Behaviors

Biological sex is typically understood in binary terms: male and female. However, there are many examples of animals that are able to modify sex-typical biological and behavioral features and even ...

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