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September 28, 2020

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Provide Shady Spots to Protect Butterflies from Climate Change

Researchers have discovered significant variations in the ability of different UK butterfly species to maintain a suitable body temperature. Species that rely most on finding a suitably shady ...

Scientists Predict Potential Spread, Habitat of Invasive Asian Giant Hornet

Researchers have predicted how and where the Asian giant hornet, an invasive newcomer to the Pacific Northwest, popularly dubbed the 'murder hornet,' could spread and find ideal habitat, both in the ...

Inside the Secret Lives of Synchronous Fireflies

Ever wonder why some fireflies flash in harmony? New research sheds light on this beautiful phenomenon and strives to understand how relatively simple insects manage to coordinate such feats of ...

New Theory Predicts Movement of Different Animals Using Sensing to Search

A research team has developed a new theory that can predict the movement of an animal's sensory organs -- such as eyes, ears and nose -- while searching for something vital to its ...
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Sentinels of Ocean Acidification Impacts Survived Earth's Last Mass Extinction

Two groups of tiny, delicate marine organisms, sea butterflies and sea angels, were found to be surprisingly resilient -- having survived dramatic global climate change and Earth's most recent ...

New Tool Mimics Human Skin to Allow Detailed Study of Mosquito Biting

Scientists have developed a tool for studying the biting behavior of common pathogen-carrying ...

Biologists Developing Global Citizen Network to Monitor Insect Abundance

Biologists are building a volunteer network of citizen scientists to help monitor the abundance of dragonflies and ...

Over a Century Later, the Mystery of the Alfred Wallace's Butterfly Is Solved

An over a century-long mystery has been surrounding the Taiwanese butterfly fauna ever since the 'father of zoogeography' Alfred Russel Wallace described a new species of butterfly: Lycaena ...

Engineering Speciation Events in Insects May Be Used to Control Harmful Pests

This research provides the foundations for scientists to be able to prevent genetically modified organisms from reproducing with wild organisms. Additionally, the research will allow scientists to ...

Scientists Find Clues to Queen Bee Failure

Scientists are unraveling the mysteries behind a persistent problem in commercial beekeeping that is one of the leading causes of colony mortality -- queen bee ...

'Wrong-Way' Migrations Stop Shellfish from Escaping Ocean Warming

Ocean warming is paradoxically driving bottom-dwelling invertebrates -- including sea scallops, blue mussels, surfclams and quahogs that are valuable to the shellfish industry -- into warmer waters ...

Pollination: Air Pollution Renders Flower Odors Unattractive to Moths

Researchers showed that tobacco hawkmoths lost attraction to the scent of their preferred flowers when that scent had been altered by ozone. This oxidizing pollutant thus disturbs the chemical ...

Researchers studied the evolution of the body sizes of frogs and their tadpoles. They found that the two life stages do not evolve completely independently of each other as previously ...

In Butterfly Battle of Sexes, Males Deploy 'Chastity Belts' but Females Fight Back

Some male butterflies seal their mate's genitalia with a waxy 'chastity belt' to prevent future liaisons. But female butterflies can fight back. Could this sexual one-upmanship ...

Natural Pest Control Saving Billions

Biological control of insect pests - where 'natural enemies' keep pests at bay - is saving farmers in Asia and the Pacific billions of dollars, according to new research. Biological control ...

Food-Web Threats from Common Insecticides

Researchers have argued for curbing the use of neonicotinoid ...

New Study on Migration Success Reinforces Need for Monarch Butterfly Milkweed Habitat

A recent study presents evidence that the migration success of monarchs hasn't declined in recent years and thus cannot explain the steep decline in the monarch population over the last few ...

Earliest Fossil Evidence of an Insect Lichen Mimic

Scientists have uncovered the earliest known evidence of an insect mimicking a lichen as a survival ...

Insect Shows Promise as a Good, Sustainable Food Source

With global food on the rise, a new study has found new evidence that the yellow mealworm shows promise as alternative source of nutritional ...

Mosquito Immune System Mapped to Help Fight Malaria

Scientists have created the first cell atlas of mosquito immune cells, to understand how mosquitoes fight malaria and other infections. Researchers discovered new types of mosquito immune cells, ...

Reduce Insecticide Spraying by Using Ant Pheromones to Catch Crop Pests

Scientists have developed a molecular sponge that soaks up the pheromones of ants and releases them slowly to attract the pests to an insecticide ...

New Study Shows Evolutionary Breakdown of 'Social' Chromosome in Ants

Scientists have found that harmful mutations accumulating in the fire ant social chromosome are causing its ...

Out of Sync: Ecologists Report Climate Change Affecting Bee, Plant Life Cycles

Reporting on the first community-wide assessment of 67 bee species of the Colorado Rockies, ecologists say 'phenological mismatch,' changing timing of life cycles between bees and flowers, ...

Species Competition and Cooperation Influence Vulnerability to Climate Change

Organisms need to work together to adapt to climate change, especially in the presence of competitors, suggests a new ...

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