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September 28, 2020

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Horse Skeletons Provide Clues to Preventing Racehorse Injuries

In an anatomical comparison of the third metacarpal, or cannon bone, among Thoroughbred racehorses, American Quarter Horses and feral Assateague Island ponies, researchers have found that fostering ...

Sea Otters, Opossums and the Surprising Ways Pathogens Move from Land to Sea

A parasite known only to be hosted in North America by the Virginia opossum is infecting sea otters along the West Coast. A new study elucidates the ...

Zebras' Stripes Could Be Used to Control Their Temperature, Study Reveals

New research indicates that zebras' stripes are used to control body temperature after all -- and reveals for the first time a new mechanism for how this may be ...

A Genomic Tour-De-Force Reveals the Last 5,000 Years of Horse History

Each year on the first Saturday in May, Thoroughbred horses reach speeds of over 40 miles per hour as they compete to win the Kentucky Derby. But the domestic horse wasn't always bred for speed. In ...
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Mystery About History of Genetic Disease in Horses

Warmblood fragile foal syndrome is a severe, usually fatal, genetic disease that manifests itself after birth in affected horses. Due to the defect, the connective tissue is unstable. Under force, ...

Care of Horses: Damage Found in the Bit Area of Most Finnish Trotters

Damage was found in the part of the mouth affected by the bit in more than 80% of trotters examined after a race. However, such damage is easily overlooked due to being out of ...

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Linked to Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Study Shows

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in a horse's environment may play a role in the development of equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), according to new ...

Making 'Sense' of the 'Cart Before the Horse' in Mammalian Cells

Researchers show that antisense RNA can mediated the formation of fusion ...

Protein Promotes Small Artery Growth to Damaged Heart Tissue in Mice, Study Finds

A collaboration between basic and clinical scientists has revealed a protein that promotes the growth of small arteries leading into oxygen-starved heart tissues in ...

Some Prehistoric Horses Were Homebodies

A strontium analysis of fossilized horse teeth from Florida found that the animals did not travel far from where they were born. Researchers also found evidence that prehistoric horses fed along the ...

How the 'Speed Gene' Works in Thoroughbred Racehorses

Scientists have discovered the inner workings of a known 'speed gene', which directly affects skeletal muscle growth and, in turn, race distance aptitude in thoroughbred racehorses. Their ...

Breakthrough in the Hunt for a Vaccine Against Foal Pneumonia

A vaccine against deadly foal pneumonia might finally be within reach, thanks to new research. The breakthrough could potentially save the lives of thousands of foals every ...

Giddy Up: Help for Plump Ponies Is Fast on Its Way

Help is on the way for plump ponies at risk of the painful, often deadly, condition of founder or laminitis which is the second biggest killer of domestic ...

A Calmer Horse Is Just a Sniff Away

Research shows the calming benefits of lavender aromatherapy for ...

Oldest Evidence of Horse Veterinary Care Discovered in Mongolia

A team of scholars analyzed horse remains from an ancient Mongolian pastoral culture. Examination of skeletal remains from the impressive horse burials associated with the Deer Stone-Khirigsuur ...

How Do Horses Read Human Emotional Cues?

Scientists demonstrated for the first time that horses integrate human facial expressions and voice tones to perceive human emotion, regardless of whether the person is familiar or ...

A New System Is Designed That Improves the Quality of Frozen Horse Sperm

The method reduces ice crystals that form during cryopreservation and affect spermatozoon ...

New Research Shows How Indo-European Languages Spread Across Asia

A new study has discovered that horses were first domesticated by descendants of hunter-gatherer groups in Kazakhstan who left little direct trace in the ancestry of modern populations. The research ...

Racing Can Be Fatal to Horses

Researchers examined 1,713 cases of racehorse deaths from 2003 to 2015, and found racing was connected to some of the ...

Horses Get the Flu, Too

Flu vaccines for horses haven't been updated in more than 25 years, but researchers have developed a new live equine influenza vaccine that's safe and more protective than existing ...

Archaeologists on Ancient Horse Find in Nile River Valley

An ancient horse burial at Tombos along the Nile River Valley shows that a member of the horse family thousands of years ago was more important to the culture than previously thought, which provides ...

Airway Disease in Racehorses More Prevalent Than Previously Thought

Researchers examined lung tissue from 95 racehorses that had actively raced or trained before their deaths and found a majority had inflammatory airway disease (IAD). Previous research suggested the ...

New Guidelines on Preventing and Treating 'Equine Strep Throat'

Just as strep throat can run rampant in elementary schools, strangles, the "strep throat" of horses, caused by a different Streptococcus bacterium, is highly contagious. Veterinarians have ...

Allergen Chip: Allergies Can Even Be Identified in Horses

An allergen microchip can be used to identify allergic sensitization in horses. "Our best friends are more like us than we perhaps thought – even in terms of their immune system," ...

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