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September 28, 2020

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Genome of Alexander Fleming's Original Penicillin-Producing Mold Sequenced

Researchers have sequenced the genome of Alexander Fleming's penicillin mould for the first time and compared it to later ...

Scientists Identify New Species of Crystal-Encrusted Truffle, Thanks to Bonobos

Mushroom-munching bonobos in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have introduced scientists to a new species of ...

Uncovering the Science of Indigenous Fermentation

Wine scientists are shedding scientific light on the processes underlying traditional practices of Australian Aboriginal people to produce fermented beverages. The scientists have discovered the ...

Producing Leather-Like Materials from Fungi

Leather is used as a durable and flexible material in many aspects of everyday life including furniture and clothing. Leather substitutes derived from fungi are considered to be an ethical and ...
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Prior Exposure to Powdery Mildew Makes Plants More Vulnerable to Subsequent Disease

A key to surviving in the wild is fighting off infection -- and not just once. For plants, as with humans, one infection may or may not leave a plant with lasting immunity. Biologists conducted a ...

Research Illuminates New Element of Plant Immune Defense Response to Biotic Stress

Scientists have addressed the involvement of cytosolic calcium oscillations and waves in the immune response of P. patens to a biotic stress. Specifically, the scientists administered chitin ...

New Species of Fungus Sticking out of Beetles

A comprehensive study on a group of unique ectoparasitic fungi associated with insects and other arthropods in Belgium and the Netherlands has been published. The paper provides identification ...

Return of the Zombie Cicadas: Manipulative Qualities of Fungal-Infected Flyers

Cicadas infected with the parasitic fungus Massospora unknowingly engage in trickery with their fellow insects, resulting in effective disease transmission, according to new research. Massospora ...

Research Breakthrough in Fight Against Chytrid Fungus

For frogs dying of the invasive chytridiomycosis disease, the leading cause of amphibian deaths worldwide, the genes responsible for protecting them may actually be leading to their demise, according ...

New Research Reveals Antifungal Symbiotic Peptide in Legume

Scientists have identified a sub class of peptides in the nodules of the legume, Medicago truncatula that proved effective in inhibiting growth of the fungus causing gray ...

Native Bees Also Facing Novel Pandemic

There is growing evidence that another 'pandemic' has been infecting bees around the world for the past two decades, and is spreading: a fungal pathogen known as ...

Desert Algae Shed Light on Desiccation Tolerance in Green Plants

Deserts of the US Southwest are extreme habitats for most plants, but, remarkably, microscopic green algae live there that are extraordinarily tolerant of dehydration. After completely drying out, ...

Newly Discovered Pathogen in NY Apples Causes Bitter Rot Disease

In a study of New York state apple orchards, plant pathologists have identified a new fungal pathogen that causes bitter rot disease in ...

Marine Algae from the Kiel Fjord Discovered as a Remedy Against Infections and Skin Cancer

Using state-of-the-art approaches coupled with bio- and cheminformatics and machine learning, researchers have succeeded in discovering new, bioactive components of the Baltic Sea Baltic Sea seaweed ...

Bread Mold Avoids Infection by Mutating Its Own DNA

Whilst most organisms try to stop their DNA from mutating, scientists from the UK and China have discovered that a common fungus found on bread actively mutates its own DNA as a way of fighting ...

Fungal Pathogen Disables Plant Defense Mechanism

Cabbage plants defend themselves against herbivores and pathogens by deploying a defensive mechanism called the mustard oil bomb. Researchers have now been able to show that this defense is also ...

Newly Discovered Plant Gene Could Boost Phosphorus Intake

Researchers have discovered an important gene in plants that could help agricultural crops collaborate better with underground fungi -- providing them with wider root networks and helping them to ...

Parasitic Fungi Keep Harmful Blue-Green Algae in Check

When a lake is covered with green scums during a warm summer, cyanobacteria -- often called blue-green algae -- are usually involved. Mass development of cyanobacteria is bad for water quality. But ...

Scientists Develop Unique Polymer Coating to Tackle Harmful Fungi

Scientists have developed a new way to control harmful fungi, without the need to use chemical bioactives like fungicides or ...

Biotechnology: Metal Collector Made of Bacteria

Bacteria, fungi and plants sometimes produce metal-binding substances that can be harnessed, for example for the extraction of raw materials, for their separation, for cleaning soils or for medical ...

Bizarre New Species Discovered... on Twitter

A new species of fungus has been discovered via Twitter and christened accordingly -- Troglomyces twitteri. This unique fungal parasite grows around the reproductive organs of ...

Alaskan Rainforests Are a Global Lichen Hotspot

The rainforest fjords of Southeastern Alaska harbor one of the highest concentrations of lichen diversity found anywhere on Earth, according to a new ...

Foraging Drosophila Flies Are Open for New Microbial Partners

Scientists have found that vinegar flies do not necessarily prefer yeasts from their natural environments, but were also attracted by yeasts found in a foreign habitat. Female flies even decided to ...

Experts Apply Microbiome Research to Agricultural Science to Increase Crop Yield

In an effort to increase crop yield, scientists are studying the bacterial and fungal communities in soil to understand how microbiomes are impacting agricultural crops. They believe technological ...

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