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December 3, 2020

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Tweaking Carotenoid Genes Helps Tomatoes Bring Their A-Game

Researchers led by the University of Tsukuba demonstrated that Target-AID gene editing technology can be used to simultaneously introduce single-base changes into multiple genes in tomatoes. Using ...

New Wheat and Barley Genomes Will Help Feed the World

Scientists have unlocked a new genetic variation in wheat and barley - a major boost for the global effort in breeding higher-yielding wheat and barley ...

Landmark Study Generates First Genomic Atlas for Global Wheat Improvement

In a landmark discovery for global wheat production, a team has sequenced the genomes for 15 wheat varieties representing breeding programs around the world, enabling scientists and breeders to much ...

Decoding Gigantic Insect Genome Could Help Tackle Devastating Locust Crises

A 'game changing' study deciphering the genetic material of the desert locust could help combat the crop-ravaging behavior of the notorious insect pest which currently exacerbates a hunger crisis ...
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New Discovery by SMART Allows Early Detection of Shade Avoidance Syndrome in Plants

Researchers have developed a tool that allows early detection of shade avoidance syndrome (SAS) in plants using Raman spectroscopy in significantly less time compared to conventional methods. The ...

The Timeless, Complimentary Taste of Oysters and Champagne -- Explained

Matching prices aren't the only reason oysters and champagne pair so well. An uncanny umami synergy makes the combination of yeast-brewed bubbly and fresh molluscs a match made in heaven for ...

Tackling Food Allergies at the Source

Food allergies cost billions of dollars and cause enormous suffering for people. Researchers are trying to remove the source of food allergies altogether -- troublesome proteins made by our favorite ...

Convenient Antioxidant Capacity Measurement of Food

Japanese researchers have developed a system to quickly and easily measure the antioxidant capacity of food. The new electrochemical system uses Bicontinuous Microemulsion (BME), where a mixture of ...

Golden Ticket: Researchers Examine What Consumers Desire in Chocolate Products

Gold foil, ornate labels and an intriguing backstory are product characteristics highly desired by premium chocolate consumers, according to new research. The study is one of the first to thoroughly ...

The Ecology of Crop Pests

Ecological theory provides insights on pesticide use in ...

Ecologically Friendly Agriculture Doesn't Compromise Crop Yields

Research -- based on an analysis of 5,188 studies comparing diversified and simplified agricultural practices --indicates crop yield was maintained or even increased under diversified ...

To Limit Global Warming, the Global Food System Must Be Reimagined

Fossil fuel burning accounts for the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions, and to the world's credit, several countries are working to reduce their use and the heat-trapping emissions ...

Beetles Cooperate in Brood Care

Ambrosia beetles are fascinating: they practice agriculture with fungi and they live in a highly developed social system. A biologist has now discovered new facts about ...

Ants Are Skilled Farmers: They Have Solved a Problem That We Humans Have Yet to

Ants have been farmers for tens of millions of years and successfully solved a riddle that we humans have yet to. A new study reports that ants are pros at cultivating climate-resilient ...

Self-Watering Soil Could Transform Farming

A new type of soil created by engineers can pull water from the air and distribute it to plants, potentially expanding the map of farmable land around the globe to previously inhospitable places and ...

Avoiding Inflammatory Foods Can Lower Heart Disease, Stroke Risk

Diets high in red and processed meat, refined grains and sugary beverages, which have been associated with increased inflammation in the body, can increase subsequent risk of heart disease and stroke ...

Fighting Food Fraud from Farm to Fork With a Mobile Ingredient Tracing System

Savvy shoppers increasingly expect to know the origin of the food they eat, whether they shop at farmers' markets or big-box major retailers. A prototype app aims to provide full transparency ...

To Predict How Crops Cope With Changing Climate, 30 Years of Experiments Simulate Future

A new review synthesizes 30 years of 'Free-Air Concentration Enrichment' (FACE) data to grasp how global crop production may be impacted by rising CO2 levels and other ...

Waste Not, Want Not: Recycled Water Proves Fruitful for Greenhouse Tomatoes

In the driest state in the driest continent in the world, South Australian farmers are acutely aware of the impact of water shortages and drought. So, when it comes to irrigation, knowing which ...

High-Sugar Diet Can Damage the Gut, Intensifying Risk for Colitis

Mice fed diets high in sugar developed worse colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and researchers examining their large intestines found more of the bacteria that can damage the ...

Black Soldier Fly Larvae as Protein Alternative for Hungry Humans

Black soldier fly larvae contains more zinc and iron than lean meat and its calcium content is higher than milk. Less than half a hectare of black soldier fly larvae can produce more protein than ...

US Corn Crop's Growing Sensitivity to Drought Revealed

New management approaches and technology have allowed the US. Corn Belt to increase yields despite some changes in climate. However, soil sensitivity to drought has increased significantly, according ...

Kid Influencers Are Promoting Junk Food Brands on YouTube -- Garnering More Than a Billion Views

Kids with wildly popular YouTube channels are frequently promoting unhealthy food and drinks in their videos, warn ...

Biochar Helps Hold Water, Saves Money

Biochar's benefits for long-term storage of carbon and nitrogen on American farms are clear, but new research shows it can help farmers save money on irrigation as ...

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