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August 12, 2020



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A New Tool for Modeling the Human Gut Microbiome

Engineers have designed a device that replicates the lining of the colon. With the device, they can grow human colon cells along with oxygen-intolerant bacteria that normally live in the human ...

Nanostructures Modeled on Moth Eyes Effective for Anti-Icing

Researchers have been working for decades on improving the anti-icing performance of functional surfaces and new work investigates a unique nanostructure, modeled on moth eyes, that has anti-icing ...

Mammal Cells Could Struggle to Fight Space Germs

The immune systems of mammals - including humans - might struggle to detect and respond to germs from other planets, new research ...

Marine Microorganisms: How to Survive Below the Seafloor

Foraminifera, an ancient and ecologically highly successful group of marine organisms, are found on and below the seafloor. Geobiologists report that several species not only survive, but thrive, in ...
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High-Fat Diet With Antibiotic Use Linked to Gut Inflammation

Researchers have found that combining a Western-style high-fat diet with antibiotic use significantly increases the risk of developing pre- inflammatory bowel disease. This combination shuts down the ...

Social Media Inspired Models Show Winter Warming Hits Fish Stocks

Mathematical modelling inspired by social media is identifying the significant impacts of warming seas on the world's ...

Evolutionary Biologists Find Several Fish Adapt in the Same Way to Toxic Water

Several species of fish have adapted to harsh environments using the same mechanism, which brings to question evolutionary chance, according to a new ...

Mystery of Subterranean Stoneflies Unlocked

Researchers may have unlocked a mystery surrounding unique aquatic insects in the Flathead ...

Microbiome Confers Resistance to Cholera

Many parts of the world are in the midst of a deadly pandemic of cholera, an extreme form of watery diarrhea. Scientists have discovered specific gut bacteria make some people resistant to it -- a ...

Soft Coral Garden Discovered in Greenland's Deep Sea

A deep-sea soft coral garden habitat has been discovered in Greenlandic waters using an innovative and low-cost deep-sea video camera built and deployed by the ...

Antarctic Sea Ice Loss Explained in New Study

Scientists have discovered that the summer sea ice in the Weddell Sea sector of Antarctica has decreased by one million square kilometers -- an area twice the size of Spain -- in the last five years, ...

Using Tiny Electrodes to Measure Electrical Activity in Bacteria

Scientists have developed an organic electrochemical transistor that they can use to measure and study in fine detail a phenomenon known as extracellular electron transfer in which bacteria release ...

A Carbon Sink Shrinks in the Arctic

Ice melts in the Arctic Ocean were thought to be drawing large amounts of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, acting as a carbon sink and helping to mitigate greenhouse gases. But new research ...

Versatile Symbionts: Reed Beetles Benefit from Bacterial Helpers Through All Life Stages

Researchers have investigated the contributions that symbiotic bacteria make to the unusual life cycle and diet of reed ...

National Survey Shows Different Bacteria on Cell Phones and Shoes

The largest study of its kind in the US shows thousands of different types of bacteria living on cell phones and shoes, including groups that have barely been studied by ...

Two Bacteria Allow Spittlebugs to Thrive on Low-Nutrient Meals

A new study examines the symbiotic relationship between two types of bacteria and spittlebugs that helps the insect live on very low-nutrient ...

Superworms Digest Plastic, With Help from Their Bacterial Sidekicks

Resembling giant mealworms, superworms (Zophobas atratus) are beetle larvae that are often sold in pet stores as feed for reptiles, fish and birds. In addition to their relatively large size (about 2 ...

Terrestrial Bacteria Can Grow on Nutrients from Space

As inevitable fellow travellers on the bodies of astronauts, spaceships, or equipment, terrestrial microorganisms will undoubtedly come into contact with extraterrestrial environments. Researchers ...

Modern Sea-Level Rise Linked to Human Activities

New research reaffirms that modern sea-level rise is linked to human activities and not to changes in Earth's orbit. Surprisingly, the Earth had nearly ice-free conditions with carbon dioxide ...

Human-Driven Pollution Alters the Environment Even Underground

The Monte Conca cave system in Sicily is showing signs of being altered by pollution from ...

Benthos in the Antarctic Weddell Sea in Decline

Over the past quarter-century, changes in Antarctic sea-ice cover have had profound impacts on life on the ocean ...

Scientists Observe Bacteria Tumble Their Way out of Surface Traps

While tracing the movement of Escherichia coli, a team of researchers noticed that near solid surfaces, the bacteria run in circles. Loop after loop, the tracing almost looks like an Olympic figure ...

Simulated Deep-Sea Mining Affects Ecosystem Functions at the Seafloor

The environmental impact of deep-sea mining is only partially known. Also, there is a lack of standards to regulate mining and set binding thresholds for the impact on the local organisms. ...

Genomic Secrets of Scaly-Foot Snail from Hydrothermal Vents

Researchers have decoded for the first time the genome of Scaly-foot Snail, a rare snail inhabited in what scientists called 'the origin of life'- deep-sea hydrothermal vents characterized ...

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