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August 12, 2020



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How Plants Distinguish Beneficial from Harmful Microbes

Plants recognize beneficial microbes and keep harmful ones out, which is important for healthy plants production and global food security. Scientists have now discovered how legumes use small, ...

This Fruit Attracts Birds With an Unusual Way of Making Itself Metallic Blue

Instead of relying solely on pigments, the metallic blue fruits of Viburnum tinus use structural color to reflect blue light, a mechanism rarely seen ...

New Guinea Has the World's Richest Island Flora

New Guinea is the most floristically diverse island in the world, an international collaboration has shown. The study presents a list of almost 14,000 plant species, compiled from online catalogues ...

Ancient Mountain Formation and Monsoons Helped Create a Modern Biodiversity Hotspot

Researchers examined the plant life in the China's Hengduan Mountains, the Himalaya Mountains, and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Using DNA to build ...
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Rising Temps Put Desert Shrubs in High-Efficiency Mode

Research shows that one shrub, the brittlebush, is adapting, and showing a remarkable ability to respond to increased temperature and ...

Novel 'on-Off' Switch Discovered in Plant Defenses

Researchers investigating the ways that plants protect themselves -- from insects to pathogens -- have discovered an ''on-off'' switch that controls plant defensive mechanisms. ...

Site-Directed Mutagenesis in Wheat Via Haploid Induction by Maize

Site-directed mutagenesis facilitates the experimental validation of gene function and can speed up plant breeding by producing new biodiversity or by reproducing previously known gene variants in ...

Plant Roots Increase Carbon Emission from Permafrost Soils

A key uncertainty in climate projections is the amount of carbon emitted by thawing permafrost in the Arctic. Plant roots in soil stimulate microbial decomposition, a mechanism called the priming ...

Timing Key in Understanding Plant Microbiomes

Researchers have made a key advance in understanding how timing impacts the way microorganisms colonize plants, a step that could provide farmers an important tool to boost agricultural ...

Botany: Slow Growth the Key to Long Term Cold Sensing

Researchers show that slow growth is used as a signal to sense long-term changes in ...

New Study Shows How Plants Regulate Their Growth-Inhibiting Hormones to Survive

Scientists have, for the first time, observed one of the natural mechanisms underlying the regulation of the levels of growth inhibiting hormone in plants. This mechanism had been hitherto seen in ...

About 94 Per Cent of Wild Bee and Native Plant Species Networks Lost

Climate change and an increase in disturbed bee habitats from expanding agriculture and development in northeastern North America over the last 30 years are likely responsible for a 94 per cent loss ...

Back to the Future: New Study Could Lead to Bumper Crops

Research could lead to major improvements in crop production. The study shows a new way to help study and ramp up ...

Space to Grow, or Grow in Space -- How Vertical Farms Could Be Ready to Take-Off

Vertical farms with their soil-free, computer-controlled environments may sound like sci-fi. But there is a growing environmental and economic case for them, according to new research laying out ...

Uncovering the Architecture of Natural Photosynthetic Machinery

Researchers have uncovered the molecular architecture and organizational landscape of thylakoid membranes from a model cyanobacterium in unprecedented detail. The study could help researchers find ...

Biologists Trace Plants' Steady Mitochondrial Genomes to a Gene Found in Viruses, Bacteria

Biologists have traced the stability of plant mitochondrial genomes to a particular gene - MSH1 - that plants have but animals don't. Their experiments could lend insight into why animal ...

Unraveling the Mystery of Wheat Herbicide Tolerance

In a new study, scientists take advantage of wheat's flexible genetic makeup to identify chromosomal regions that help detoxify synthetic auxin ...

Gall Fly Outmaneuvers Host Plant in Game of 'Spy Vs Spy'

Over time goldenrod plants and the gall flies that feed on them have been one-upping each other in an ongoing competition for survival. Now, a team of researchers has discovered that by detecting the ...

Desert Algae Shed Light on Desiccation Tolerance in Green Plants

Deserts of the US Southwest are extreme habitats for most plants, but, remarkably, microscopic green algae live there that are extraordinarily tolerant of dehydration. After completely drying out, ...

Plant Study Challenges Tropics' Reputation as Site of Modern Evolutionary Innovation

In a surprise twist, a major group of flowering plants is evolving twice as quickly in temperate zones as the ...

Moss Protein Corrects Genetic Defects of Other Plants

Almost all land plants employ an army of molecular editors who correct errors in their genetic information. Researchers have now transferred one of these proofreaders from the moss Physcomitrium ...

Climate Change Threat to Tropical Plants

Half of the world's tropical plant species may struggle to germinate by 2070 because of global warming, a new study ...

To Listen Is to Survive: Unravelling How Plants Process Information

Researchers mapped the signaling network in plants and discovered novel insights about how plants process information about their environment. This gives new potential to strategies to protect crops ...

Plant Tissue Engineering Improves Drought and Salinity Tolerance

After several years of experimentation, scientists have engineered thale cress, or Arabidopsis thaliana, to behave like a succulent, improving water-use efficiency, salinity tolerance and reducing ...

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