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September 28, 2020

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Researchers find that the molecular mechanisms underlying tail regeneration in West African lungfish are similar to those ...

'Cheater Mitochondria' May Profit from Cellular Stress Coping Mechanisms

Cheating mitochondria may take advantage of cellular mechanisms for coping with food scarcity in a simple worm to persist, even though this can reduce the worm's ...

Humans Develop More Slowly Than Mice Because Our Chemistry Is Different

Scientists have found that the 'segmentation clock' -- a genetic network that governs the body pattern formation of embryos -- progresses more slowly in humans than in mice because the biochemical ...

Scientists Identify Gene Family Key to Unlocking Vertebrate Evolution

New research finds that the traits that make vertebrates distinct from invertebrates were made possible by the emergence of a new set of genes 500 million years ago, documenting an important episode ...
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Mechanism That Causes Cell Nuclei to Grow

Researchers discover a mechanism that causes cell nuclei to ...

Embryos Taking Shape Via Buckling

The embryo of an animal first looks like a hollow sphere. Invaginations then appear at different stages of development, which will give rise to the body's structures. Although buckling could be ...

How Plants Ensure Regular Seed Spacing

Biologists have examined how seed formation is coordinated with fruit growth. They explain the genetic control mechanisms underlying the ...

Gene That Drives Ovarian Cancer Identified

Scientists have pinpointed which specific genes drive - or delay - high-grade serious ovarian ...

Thousands of Species Recorded in a Speck of Soil

Researchers have developed a new technique to tease ancient DNA from soil, pulling the genomes of hundreds of animals and thousands of plants -- many of them long extinct -- from less than a gram of ...

Caffeine Shot Delivers Wake-Up Call on Antifungal Drug Resistance

The management of fungal infections in plants and humans could be transformed by a breakthrough in understanding how fungi develop resistance to drugs. It was previously thought that only mutations ...

Artificial Intelligence Aids Gene Activation Discovery

Scientists have long known that human genes are activated through instructions delivered by the precise order of our DNA. With the aid of artificial intelligence, researchers have solved a ...

Mysterious Cellular Droplets Come Into Focus

Researchers are shedding light on a type of membrane-less organelle, known as biological condensates, that play a role in DNA repair and aging. Using the Frontera supercomputer, biophysicists ...

In Ancient Giant Viruses Lies the Truth Behind Evolution of Nucleus in Eukaryotic Cells

An exchange of genetic material that occurred when ancient giant viruses infected ancient eukaryotic cells could have caused the nucleus of the eukaryotic cell -- its defining feature -- to form. A ...

Cell in Zebrafish Critical to Brain Assembly, Function

New research documents the presence of astrocytes in zebrafish, a milestone that will open new avenues of research into a star-shaped type of glial cell in the brain that is critical for nearly every ...

Lost Frogs Rediscovered With Environmental DNA

Scientists have detected signs of a frog listed extinct and not seen since 1968, using an innovative technique to locate declining and missing species in two regions of ...

New Insight Into Mammalian Stem Cell Evolution

The genes regulating pluripotent stem cells in mammals are surprisingly similar across 48 species, researchers report. The study also shows that differences among these 'gene regulating ...

Inheritance in Plants Can Now Be Controlled Specifically

A new application of the CRISPR/Cas molecular scissors promises progress in crop cultivation. Researchers have succeeded in modifying the sequence of genes on a chromosome using CRISPR/Cas. For the ...

How Mutations in DNA Packaging Machines Cause Cancer

Like wrenches made of Legos, SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complexes tighten or loosen DNA in our cells to control how genes are turned on and made into proteins. When assembled correctly, these ...

Viruses Play Critical Role in Evolution and Survival of the Species

New research shows viruses also play a key evolutionary role in mammals' ability to reproduce and ...

Repulsion Mechanism Between Neurons Governs Fly Brain Structure

Researchers have discovered that in the developing fly brain, neurons stemming from the same parent cell experience repulsion. This lineage-dependent repulsion is regulated by a protein known as ...

Fatty Acid Receptor Involved in Temperature-Induced Sex Reversal of Japanese Medaka Fish

Researchers have found that activation of a fatty acid receptor that detects fatty acids in cells and regulates physiological functions causes Japanese rice fish (medaka) to become male. The ...

Coaxing Single Stem Cells Into Specialized Cells

Researchers have developed a unique method for precisely controlling the deposition of hydrogel, which is made of water-soluble polymers commonly used to support cells in experiments or for ...

Cell Division: Cleaning the Nucleus Without Detergents

Researchers have uncovered how cells remove unwanted components from the nucleus following ...

An Unprecedented Discovery of Cell Fusion

Understanding how bacteria interact is critical to solving growing problems such as antibiotic resistance, in which infectious bacteria form defenses to thwart the medicines used to fight them. ...

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