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August 7, 2020



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1 in 4 UK Puppies May Be Being Acquired Before Minimum Recommended Age

One in four puppies in the UK may be being acquired before the recommended minimum age -- a figure that is considerably higher than what has been reported before -- suggests new ...

Study Finds High Levels of Toxic Pollutants in Stranded Dolphins and Whales

Researchers examined toxins in tissue concentrations and pathology data from 83 stranded dolphins and whales from 2012 to 2018. They looked at 11 different animal species to test for 17 different ...

Fossil Mystery Solved: Super-Long-Necked Reptiles Lived in the Ocean, Not on Land

By CT scanning crushed fossilized skulls and digitally reassembling them, and by examining the fossils' growth rings, scientists were able to ...

Why the 'Wimpy' Y Chromosome Hasn't Evolved out of Existence

The Y chromosome has shrunken drastically over 200 million years of evolution. Even those who study it have used the word 'wimpy' to describe it, and yet it continues to stick around. An Opinion ...
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First Record of Invasive Shell-Boring Worm in the Wadden Sea Means Trouble for Oyster

n October 2014, the suspicion arose that the parasite worm Polydora websteri had found its way to the Wadden Sea. Researchers now confirm that they have found the shell-borer in oysters near Sylt and ...

Malignant Cancer Diagnosed in a Dinosaur for the First Time

New research has led to the discovery and diagnosis of an aggressive malignant bone cancer -- an osteosarcoma -- for the first time ever in a dinosaur. No malignant cancers (tumous that can spread ...

Monkeying Around: Study Finds Older Primates Father Far Fewer Babies

Older male rhesus monkeys sire fewer offspring, even though they appear to be mating as much as younger monkeys with similarly high social status. Sperm quality or quantity, or the survival of ...

Oriole Bird Hybridization Is a Dead End

A half-century of controversy over two popular bird species may have finally come to an end. In one corner: the Bullock's Oriole, found in the western half of North America. In the other corner: ...

Dingoes Have Gotten Bigger Over the Last 80 Years, and Pesticides Might Be to Blame

The average size of a dingo is increasing, but only in areas where poison-baits are ...

New Studies Show How to Save Parasites and Why It's Important

An international group of scientists have laid out an ambitious global conservation plan for parasites. Another group of researchers found that the responses of parasites to environmental change are ...

To Distinguish Contexts, Animals Think Probabilistically, Study Suggests

A new statistical model may help scientists understand how animals make inferences about whether their surroundings are novel or haven't changed enough to be regarded a new ...

Remote Islands: Stepping Stones to Understanding Evolution

Researchers have investigated evolutionary and ecological changes in ants in the South Pacific archipelago of Fiji to examine a controversial theory for how evolution occurs on ...

Whale Airway Mucus Reveals Likely Poor Health During Migration

Researchers have linked the burden of humpback whales' annual migration to depleted microbial diversity in their airways - an indicator of overall ...

Underwater Robots Reveal Daily Habits of Endangered Whales

Research has revealed the daily habits of the endangered Mediterranean sperm whale. The recordings confirmed the whales' widespread presence in the north-western Mediterranean Sea and identified ...

Geological evidence suggests the known dinosaur groups diverged early on, supporting the traditional dinosaur family ...

Studying Interactions Between Ground-Nesting Bees and Soils

Research gives possible answers to increase pollinator populations on ...

Smaller Habitats Worse Than Expected for Biodiversity

Biodiversity's ongoing global decline has prompted policies to protect and restore habitats to minimize animal and plant extinctions. However, biodiversity forecasts used to inform these ...

Decline of Bees, Other Pollinators Threatens US Crop Yields

Crop yields for apples, cherries and blueberries across the United States are being reduced by a lack of pollinators, according to new research, the most comprehensive study of its kind to date. Most ...

Combating a Pandemic Is 500 Times More Expensive Than Preventing One, Research Suggests

The failure to protect tropical rain forests has cost trillions of dollars stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, which has wreaked economic havoc and caused historic levels of unemployment in the ...

How Day And Night-Biting Mosquitoes Respond Differently to Colors of Light and Time of Day

In a new study, researchers found that night- versus day-biting species of mosquitoes are behaviorally attracted and repelled by different colors of light at different times of day. Mosquitoes are ...

Artificial Intelligence to Identify Individual Birds of Same Species

Humans have a hard time identifying individual birds just by looking at the patterns on their plumage. An international study has now shown how computers can learn to differentiate individual birds ...

How the Zebrafish Got Its Stripes

Animal patterns are a source of endless fascination, and now researchers have worked out how zebrafish develop their ...

Fossil Tracks: Wrong Number of Fingers Leads Down Wrong Track

Have you ever wondered why our hands have five fingers while amphibians usually only have four? Until now it was assumed that this was already the case with the early ancestors of today's frogs ...

Livestock Expansion Is a Factor in Global Pandemics

A new study looks at the growth of global livestock farming and the threat to biodiversity, and the health risks to both humans and domesticated ...

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