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September 24, 2020

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Forty Percent of Dementia Cases Could Be Prevented or Delayed by Targeting 12 Risk Factors Throughout Life

Forty percent of dementia cases could be prevented or delayed by targeting 12 risk factors throughout life, experts ...

Early Life Exposure to Nicotine Alters Neurons, Predisposes Brain to Addiction Later

In a new mouse study, neonatal exposure to nicotine changed the biochemistry of reward circuitry in the brain. Researchers suggest the same mechanism ...

Heavy Drinking, Smoking Linked to Visible Signs of Aging

Heavy drinking and smoking are linked to visible signs of physical aging, and looking older than one's years, suggests ...

Learning and Staying in Shape Key to Longer Lifespan, Study Finds

People who are overweight cut their life expectancy by two months for every extra kilogram of weight they carry, research suggests. A major study has also found that education leads to a longer life, ...
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Smoking Linked to Bleeding in the Brain in Large, Long-Term Study of Twins

Researchers in Finland found a link between smoking and subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), a type of bleeding stroke, in a study of more than 16,000 pairs of twins over 42 years. The study found that ...

Accurate Labels Like 'Aerosol' or 'Chemicals' Increase Perceived Risks of E-Cigarette Use

Accurately labeling e-cigarette emissions as 'chemicals' or 'aerosols' rather than 'vapor' increases the perceived risk of exposure, researchers have found. Higher ...

Study Suggests Increased Risks for COVID-19 Patients Who Smoke, Vape

A new review looks at the effect that smoking and vaping may have on the cerebrovascular and neurological systems of COVID-19 ...

Smokers Good at Math Are More Likely to Want to Quit

For smokers who are better at math, the decision to quit just adds up, a new study suggests. Researchers found that smokers who scored higher on a test of math ability were more likely than others to ...

Smoking Cessation Treatment Targets Adolescents

The primary focus of smoking cessation research has been adults in the past, but a new study zeroed in on adolescents. This study found that while there was no significant difference between the ...

Parent and Sibling Attitudes Among Top Influences on Teenage E-Cigarette Use

Flavor, safety and family attitude toward vaping are among the greatest factors influencing teenage perception of e-cigarettes, new research ...

Warnings on Individual Cigarettes Could Reduce Smoking

Health warnings printed on individual cigarettes could play a key role in reducing smoking, according to new ...

Daily E-Cigarette Use May Help Smokers Quit Regular Cigarettes

A new study provides critical evidence demonstrating that using e-cigarettes daily helps U.S. smokers to quit traditional ...

Child Deaths in Brazil Fall Following Comprehensive Smoking Ban

Child deaths have fallen in Brazil following complete smoking bans in public places, according to a new ...

Vaping Is Linked to Adolescents' Propensity for Crime, Study Shows

A new study explores emerging drug use in the form of adolescent vaping and its association with delinquency among 8th and 10th grade ...

Most E-Cigarette Users Want to Quit, Study Finds

Most people who smoke e-cigarettes want to quit and many have tried to reduce their use, according to researchers. The study is the first to examine e-cigarette users' past attempts and current ...

Effectiveness of Different Forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy in Helping People Give Up Smoking

New evidence published in the Cochrane Library provides high quality evidence that people who use a combination of nicotine replacement therapies (a patch plus a short acting form, such as gum or ...

Want to Quit Smoking? Partner Up

Kicking the habit works best in pairs. That's the main message of a new study. 'Quitting smoking can be a lonely endeavor,' said a study ...

College Drinking Intervention Strategies Need a Refresh

Peer approval is the best indicator of the tendency for new college students to drink or smoke according to new research from Michigan State University. This new finding is key to help universities ...

Adolescents Are More Likely Than Adults to Use Fruit And Candy-Flavored E-Cigarettes, Study Finds

As the FDA looks for more information on e-cigarettes and e-juice flavors, a new study shows that adolescents and young adults cite appealing flavors as a main reason for using e-cigarettes, that ...

Fake Warnings on E-Cigarette Ads Distract Kids from Truth

When adolescent boys viewed fake-warning ads with messages such as 'IMPORTANT: Contains flavor,' those marketing messages stuck with them, according to a new ...

Gaining a Little Weight After Quitting Tobacco Is Offset by the Benefits for People With Diabetes

People with diabetes who quit smoking tobacco may have a lower risk of heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases -- and weight gain following smoking cessation does not mitigate the ...

Smokers Often Misunderstand Health Risks of Smokeless Tobacco Product, Study Finds

American smokers mistakenly think that using snus, a type of moist snuff smokeless tobacco product, is as dangerous as smoking tobacco, according to a study. The study provides new research on what ...

A 'Joint' Problem: Investigating Marijuana and Tobacco Co-Use

A survey of marijuana and tobacco co-users investigators found that co-users with high degree of interrelatedness between their use of the two substances had greater tobacco dependence and smoked ...

Nicotine While Pregnant Alters Genes, Study Suggests

Researchers report that a possible cure for addiction may be found by following the pathways of significantly altered dopamine neurons in newborns who were chronically exposed to nicotine in ...

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