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August 10, 2020



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Brainsourcing Automatically Identifies Human Preferences

Researchers have developed a technique, using artificial intelligence, to analyze opinions and draw conclusions using the brain activity of groups of people. This technique, which the researchers ...

Artificial Synapse That Works With Living Cells Created

Researchers have created a device that can integrate and interact with neuron-like cells. This could be an early step toward an artificial synapse for use in brain-computer ...

Multifunctional E-Glasses Monitor Health, Protect Eyes, Control Video Games

Fitness tracker bracelets and watches provide useful information, such as step count and heart rate, but they usually can't provide more detailed data about the wearer's health. Now, researchers ...

Stabilizing Brain-Computer Interfaces

New research will drastically improve brain-computer interfaces and their ability to remain stabilized during use, greatly reducing or potentially eliminating the need to recalibrate these devices ...
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Ultra-Low Power Brain Implants Find Meaningful Signal in Grey Matter Noise

By tuning into a subset of brain waves, researchers have dramatically reduced the power requirements of neural interfaces while improving their accuracy -- a discovery that could lead to long-lasting ...

Improved Neural Probe Can Pose Precise Questions Without Losing Parts of the Answers

A technique for studying individual circuits in the brains of mice has been hampered because the light needed to stimulate neural activity briefly overwhelms the electrodes 'listening' for ...

Brain Mapping Study Suggests Motor Regions for the Hand Also Connect to the Entire Body

Investigators report that they have used microelectrode arrays implanted in human brains to map out motor functions down to the level of the single nerve cell. The study revealed that an area ...

Scientists Can Now Manipulate Brain Cells Using Smartphone

A team of scientists have invented a device that can control neural circuits using a tiny brain implant controlled by a smartphone. The device could speed up efforts to uncover brain diseases such as ...

Electronic Chip Mimics the Brain to Make Memories in a Flash

Engineers have mimicked the human brain with an electronic chip that uses light to create and modify ...

Understanding Brain Activity When You Name What You See

Using complex statistical methods and fast measurement techniques, researchers found how the brain network comes up with the right word and enables us to say ...

First-Ever Successful Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm Without Brain Implants

Researchers have made a breakthrough in the field of noninvasive robotic device control. Using a noninvasive brain-computer interface (BCI), researchers have developed the first-ever successful ...

How Electrical Stimulation Reorganizes the Brain

Recordings of neural activity during therapeutic stimulation can be used to predict subsequent changes in brain connectivity, according to a study of epilepsy patients. This approach could inform ...

Neuron and Synapse-Mimetic Spintronics Devices Developed

A research group has developed spintronics devices which are promising for future energy-efficient and adoptive computing systems, as they behave like neurons and synapses in the human ...

Advances in Deep Brain Stimulation Could Lead to New Treatments

A new article suggests that recent advances in deep brain stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson disease could lead to treatments for conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Gilles de la ...

Bungee Jumping for Science

Immediately before a person decides to launch themselves off a bridge for a bungee jump, there is a measurable increase in their brain activity. This can be recorded nearly one second before the ...

Bioengineers Create Ultrasmall, Light-Activated Electrode for Neural Stimulation

Scientists have detailed a less invasive method of neural stimulation that would use an untethered ultrasmall electrode activated by light, a technique that may mitigate damage done by current ...

Brain Hand 'Map' Is Maintained in Amputees With and Without Phantom Limb Sensations

Researchers have found that the brain stores detailed information of a missing hand decades after amputation, regardless of whether amputees still experience phantom hand ...

Graphene Can Hear Your Brain Whisper

A newly developed graphene-based implant can record electrical activity in the brain at extremely low frequencies and over large areas, unlocking the wealth of information found below 0.1 ...

Brain Activity Predicts Fear of Pain

Researchers applied a machine learning technique that could potentially translate patterns of activity in fear-processing brain regions into scores on questionnaires used to assess a patient's ...

Brain-Computer Interface Advances Improve Prosthetics, Therapies

Advances in connecting neural stimulation to physical control of the body are transforming the development of prosthetics and therapeutic training for people with disabilities, according to new ...

Memory 'Brainwaves' Look the Same in Sleep and Wakefulness

Identical brain mechanisms are responsible for triggering memory in both sleep and wakefulness, new research has ...

Unlocking the Secret of How the Brain Encodes Speech

People like the late Stephen Hawking are unable to speak because their muscles are paralyzed. Scientists want to help these individuals communicate by developing a brain machine interface to decode ...

Breakthrough in Construction of Computers for Mimicking Human Brain

A computer built to mimic the brain's neural networks produces similar results to that of the best brain-simulation supercomputer software currently used for neural-signaling research. Tested ...

A Dual-Therapy Approach to Boost Motor Recovery After a Stroke

Scientists have shown that combining a brain-computer interface (BCI) with functional electrical stimulation (FES) can help stroke victims recover greater use of their paralyzed arm -- even years ...

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