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September 24, 2020

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Distinct Brain Region Alterations in Youth With Psychosis Spectrum Disorders

Psychotic spectrum (PS) disorders are characterized by abnormalities in beliefs, perceptions and behavior, but how these disorders manifest themselves in earlier development stages is largely ...

Better Care Needed for People Displaying First Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Better care and more research into treatments for people experiencing a first manic episode are urgently needed, according to researchers. The study describes patchy and inconsistent care, widespread ...

Brain Activation Provides Individual-Level Prediction of Bipolar Disorder Risk

Patterns of brain activation during reward anticipation may help identify people most at risk for developing bipolar spectrum disorders (BPSD), according to a new study. Mania in people with BPSD is ...

African-Americans More Likely to Be Misdiagnosed With Schizophrenia, Study Finds

African-Americans with severe depression are more likely to be misdiagnosed as having schizophrenia, according to a new ...

Copy Number Variants Contribute to Risk of 'Schizophrenia-Like' Bipolar Disorder Subtype

A form of rare genomic structural variation called copy number variants (CNVs) may be more closely associated with schizophrenia than bipolar ...

Pregnant Women Recognize Baby Expressions Differently Depending on Mental Health History

A pilot study has found that pregnant women who have suffered from depression or bipolar disorder (i.e. both mania and depression) recognize babies' faces and how babies laugh or cry, ...

Diet and Weight May Affect Response to Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Data from a clinical trial has shown that how people respond to treatment for Bipolar Disorder may be influenced by their weight and the overall quality of their diet, including whether they are ...

In Depression the Brain Region for Stress Control Is Larger

Although depression is one of the leading psychiatric disorders, its cause remains unclear. A recent study found that those affected by depressive disorder have a larger hypothalamus compared to ...

Brain Scans Could Distinguish Bipolar from Depression

New research has found that neurons deep inside the brain could hold the key to accurately diagnosing bipolar disorder and ...

Breakthrough Sensor to Help People With Bipolar Disorder Monitor Lithium Levels

Patients living with bipolar disorder and depression will soon be able to use a unique wearable sensor to safely monitor their lithium drug ...

Viruses Can Trigger Psychiatric Disorders, Research Suggests

Can viruses trigger psychiatric disorders? A new study suggests yes. Accordingly, special disorders are associated with a high rate of infection of a specific ...

Novel Intervention for Anxiety Symptoms Among People With Bipolar Disorder

Psychologists have devised a novel psychological intervention to address Anxiety in Bipolar Disorder (AIBD). Anxiety is common in Bipolar Disorder (BD) and associated with worse clinical outcomes ...

Mutation Links Bipolar Disorder to Mitochondrial Disease

Mutations in the gene ANT1 may confer a risk for bipolar disorder through a complex interplay between serotonin and mitochondrial signaling in the brain. These two pathways have been separately ...

Virtual Brain Gives Insights Into Memory Deficits in Depression

During a depressive episode the ability of the brain to form new brain cells is reduced. Scientists examined how this affects the memory with a computational model. It was previously known that ...

Selective Neural Connections Can Be Reestablished in Retina After Injury

The brain's ability to form new neural connections, called neuroplasticity, is crucial to recovery from some types of brain injury, but this process is hard to study and remains poorly ...

Vitamin D Blood Test May One Day Speed Bipolar Diagnosis in Kids

A blood test may have the potential to speed accurate diagnosis -- and proper treatment -- of bipolar disorder in children, new research ...

Lithium Treatment for Bipolar Disorder Linked to Lowest Risk of Rehospitalization

Individuals with bipolar disorder have the lowest risk of rehospitalization if treated with lithium, according to a new study. Long-acting injections of antipsychotics were also effective, reducing ...

Antidepressant Response Within Hours? Experts Weigh Evidence on Ketamine as Fast-Acting Treatment for Depression

Recent studies suggest that ketamine, a widely used anesthetic agent, could offer a wholly new approach to treating severe depression -- producing an antidepressant response in hours rather than ...

Family Study Emphasizes Distinct Origins for Bipolar Disorder Subtypes

The most common subtypes of bipolar disorder, bipolar I and bipolar II, stem -- at least in part -- from different biological causes, according to a new study. Despite genetic overlap between the two ...

After Searching 12 Years for Bipolar Disorder's Cause, Research Team Concludes It Has Many

Nearly six million Americans have bipolar disorder, and most have probably wondered why. After more than a decade of studying over 1,100 of them in-depth, a team of scientists has an answer -- or ...

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