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September 25, 2020

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Lego Builds Anaesthesia Skills According to New Study

Lego could be used as a practical tool to train doctors in anaesthetic skills according to new research that has shown a simple task using the building bricks can help improve technical skills - a ...

Scientists Achieve Major Breakthrough in Preserving Integrity of Sound Waves

In a breakthrough experiment, physicist and engineers have shown that it is possible to limit the movement of sound to a single direction without ...

Tiny, Magnetically Powered Neural Stimulator

Neuroengineers have created a tiny surgical implant that can electrically stimulate the brain and nervous system without using a battery or wired power ...

Magnet-Controlled Bioelectronic Implant Could Relieve Pain

An electrical and computer engineer has introduced the first neural implant that can be programmed and charged remotely with a magnetic ...
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Study Demonstrates Feasibility of Hologram Technology in Liver Tumor Ablation

Data from one of the first clinical uses of augmented reality guidance with electromagnetically tracked tools shows that the technology may help doctors quickly, safely, and accurately deliver ...

Focused Ultrasound Opening Brain to Previously Impossible Treatments

Focused ultrasound, the researchers hope, could revolutionize treatment for conditions from Alzheimer's to epilepsy to brain tumors -- and even help repair the devastating damage caused by ...

Ultrasound-Assisted Molecule Delivery Looks to Preserve Blood for Years

Blood can typically be stored for only six weeks after donation, but a potential solution attempts to dry blood by using a sugar-based preservative. New work in ultrasound technology looks to provide ...

Not Just for Bones! X-Rays Can Now Tell Us About Soft Tissues Too

A new X-ray imaging technique could identify lesions and tumors before ultrasound or MRI ...

New Acoustic Smart Material Inspired by Shark Skin

Researchers created a new sharkskin-inspired smart material that allows shifts in acoustic transmission on demand using magnets. As a result the new material can achieve multiple properties in one ...

Machine Learning Illuminates Material's Hidden Order

Extreme temperature can do strange things to metals. In severe heat, iron ceases to be magnetic. In devastating cold, lead becomes a superconductor. Scientists used a combination of ultrasound and ...

Robot Uses Artificial Intelligence and Imaging to Draw Blood

Engineers have created a tabletop device that combines a robot, artificial intelligence and near-infrared and ultrasound imaging to draw blood or insert catheters to deliver fluids and drugs. Their ...

Ultrasound Device Improves Charge Time and Run Time in Lithium Batteries

Researchers have developed an ultrasound-emitting device that brings lithium metal batteries, or LMBs, one step closer to commercial viability. Although the research team focused on LMBs, the device ...

Peeking at the Plumbing of One of the Aleutian's Most-Active Volcanoes

A new approach to analyzing seismic data reveals deep vertical zones of low seismic velocity in the plumbing system underlying Alaska's Cleveland volcano, one of the most-active of the more than ...

Bats Inspire Detectors to Help Prevent Oil and Gas Pipe Leaks

Engineers have developed a new scanning technique inspired by the natural world that can detect corroding metals in oil and gas pipelines. By mimicking how bats use differing wavelengths of ...

Technique Allows Dolphin Pregnancy Exams to Mirror Those in Humans

In a groundbreaking study, scientists have developed a new ultrasound technique for evaluating dolphin fetuses at all stages of ...

Ultrasound Can Make Stronger 3D-Printed Alloys

A new study shows high frequency sound waves can have a significant impact on the inner micro-structure of 3D printed alloys, making them more consistent and stronger than those printed ...

Researchers Produce First Laser Ultrasound Images of Humans

Engineers have come up with an alternative to conventional ultrasound that doesn't require contact with the body to see inside a patient. The new laser ultrasound technique leverages an eye- and ...

Ultrasound Blasts Potent Glioblastoma Drug Into Brain Tumor

A potent drug for glioblastoma can't be used in patients. It can't reach its target because it's blocked by the blood-brain barrier, and the conventional formulation for this drug is ...

Improving Drug Delivery for Brain Tumor Treatment

Despite improvements in drug delivery mechanisms, treating brain tumors has remained challenging. Researchers have studied the processes affecting therapeutic drug penetration into brain tumors. One ...

Novel MRI-Guided Ultrasound Treatment Destroys Prostate Cancer

A novel MRI-guided procedure that uses therapeutic ultrasound effectively treats prostate cancer with minimal side effects, according to a new study. Researchers said the incision-free technique ...

Researchers Capture Moving Object With Ghost Imaging

Researchers have developed a way to capture moving objects with the unconventional imaging method known as ghost imaging. The new method could make the imaging technique practical for new ...

Microscale Rockets Can Travel Through Cellular Landscapes With Precision

A new study shows how micro-scale 'rockets,' powered by acoustic waves and an on-board bubble motor, can be maneuvered through 3D landscapes of cells and particles using ...

Micromotors Push Around Single Cells and Particles

A new type of micromotor -- powered by ultrasound and steered by magnets -- can move around individual cells and microscopic particles in crowded environments without damaging them. In one ...

Artificial Intelligence Improves Biomedical Imaging

Researchers use artificial intelligence to improve quality of images recorded by a relatively new biomedical imaging method. This paves the way towards more accurate diagnosis and cost-effective ...

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