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August 12, 2020



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Physicists Cast Doubt on Neutrino Theory

Physicists are raising doubts about the existence of an exotic subatomic particle that failed to show up in twin ...

Explosive Nuclear Astrophysics

An international team has made a key discovery related to 'presolar grains' found in some meteorites. This discovery has shed light on stellar explosions and the origin of chemical elements. It has ...

While Birds Chirp, Plasma Shouldn't: New Insight Could Advance Fusion Energy

Scientists have furthered understanding of a barrier that can prevent doughnut-shaped fusion facilities known as tokamaks from operating at high ...

Scientists Discover Heavy Element Chemistry Can Change at High Pressures

An international team of researchers has demonstrated how curium -- element 96 in the periodic table and one of the last that can be seen with the naked eye -- responds to the application of high ...
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Improved Modelling of Nuclear Structure in Francium Aids Searches for New Physics

Thanks to new research, we now know with much greater certainty the nuclear magnetic moments of francium ...

Researchers Develop Novel Approach to Modeling Yet-Unconfirmed Rare Nuclear Process

Researchers have taken a major step toward a theoretical first-principles description of neutrinoless double-beta decay. Observing this yet-unconfirmed rare nuclear process would have important ...

Radioactive Cloud Over Europe Had Civilian Background

A mysterious cloud containing radioactive ruthenium-106, which moved across Europe in 2017, is still bothering Europe's radiation protection entities. German researchers now found out that the ...

Reaction Microscope 'X-Rays' Individual Molecules

For more than 200 years, we have been using X-rays to look inside matter, and progressing to ever smaller structures -from crystals to nanoparticles. Now, physicists have achieved a qualitative leap ...

Physicists Study Mirror Nuclei for Precision Theory Test

A precision measurement of helium and hydrogen mirror isotopes reveals new questions in understanding of nuclear ...

Physicists Measure a Short-Lived Radioactive Molecule for First Time

Researchers have combined the power of a super collider with techniques of laser spectroscopy to precisely measure a short-lived radioactive molecule, radium monofluoride, for the first ...

Scientists Announce a 'Nuclear' Periodic Table

Physicists develop a 'nuclear periodic table'. While the traditional table is based on the behavior of electrons in an atom, this new table is based on the protons in the nucleus. Protons ...

Return of the Blob: Surprise Link Found to Edge Turbulence in Fusion Plasma

Correlation discovered between magnetic turbulence in fusion plasmas and troublesome blobs at the plasma ...

Next-Gen Laser Facilities Look to Usher in New Era of Relativistic Plasmas Research

Chirped pulse amplification increases the strength of laser pulses in many of today's highest-powered research lasers, and as next-generation laser facilities look to push beam power, physicists ...

Discovery About the Edge of Fusion Plasma Could Help Realize Fusion Power

Unique simulations reveal new understanding of the highly complex edge of fusion ...

Capturing the Coordinated Dance Between Electrons and Nuclei in a Light-Excited Molecule

Using SLAC's high-speed 'electron camera,' scientists simultaneously captured the movements of electrons and nuclei in a light-excited molecule. This marks the first time this has been ...

No Evidence of an Influence of Dark Matter on the Force Between Nuclei

Although most of the universe is made up of dark matter, very little is known about it. Physicists have used a high-precision experiment to look for interaction between dark matter and normal ...

Topological Waves May Help in Understanding Plasma Systems

A research team has predicted the presence of 'topologically protected' electromagnetic waves that propagate on the surface of plasmas, which may help in designing new plasma systems like ...

Cold War Nuke Tests Changed Rainfall

Historic records from weather stations show that rainfall patterns in Scotland were affected by charge in the atmosphere released by radiation from nuclear bomb tests carried out in the 1950s and ...

Physicists Shed Light on the Nanoscale Dynamics of Spin Thermalization

In physics, thermalization, or the trend of sub-systems within a whole to gain a common temperature, is typically the norm. There are situations, however, where thermalization is slowed down or ...

Quantum Jump Tipping the Balance

Measuring tiny differences in mass between different quantum states provides new insights into heavy ...

Single-Step Strategy for Recycling Used Nuclear Fuel

A typical nuclear reactor uses only a small fraction of its fuel rod to produce power before the energy-generating reaction naturally terminates. What is left behind is an assortment of radioactive ...

Catching Nuclear Smugglers: Fast Algorithm Could Enable Cost-Effective Detectors at Borders

A new algorithm could enable faster, less expensive detection of weapons-grade nuclear materials at borders, quickly differentiating between benign and illicit radiation signatures in the same ...

Are Salt Deposits a Solution for Nuclear Waste Disposal?

Researchers testing and modeling to dispose of the current supply of ...

Scientists Explore the Power of Radio Waves to Help Control Fusion Reactions

New research points to improved control of troublesome magnetic islands in future fusion ...

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