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August 10, 2020



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New Class of Laser Beam Doesn't Follow Normal Laws of Refraction

Researchers have developed a new type of laser beam that doesn't follow long-held principles about how light refracts and travels. The findings could have huge implications for optical communication ...

Nanostructures Modeled on Moth Eyes Effective for Anti-Icing

Researchers have been working for decades on improving the anti-icing performance of functional surfaces and new work investigates a unique nanostructure, modeled on moth eyes, that has anti-icing ...

New Fabric Could Help Keep You Cool in the Summer, Even Without A/C

Air conditioning and other space cooling methods account for about 10% of all electricity consumption in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Now, researchers have ...

Enhanced Water Repellent Surfaces Discovered in Nature

Through the investigation of insect surfaces, researchers have detailed a previously unidentified nanostructure that can be used to engineer stronger, more resilient water repellent ...
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The Problem With Microwaving Tea

Through convection, as the liquid toward the bottom of a container warms up, it becomes less dense and moves to the top, allowing a cooler section of the liquid to contact the heating source. This ...

How a Crystalline Sponge Sheds Water Molecules

How does water leave a sponge? In a new study, scientists answer this question in detail for a porous, crystalline material made from metal and organic building blocks -- specifically, cobalt(II) ...

How Clean Water Technologies Could Get a Boost from X-Ray Synchrotrons

Scientists argue that research at synchrotrons could help improve water-purifying materials in ways that might not otherwise be ...

Water Molecules Are Gold for Nanocatalysis

Nanocatalysts made of gold nanoparticles dispersed on metal oxides are very promising for the industrial, selective oxidation of compounds, including alcohols, into valuable chemicals. They show high ...

What Factors Influence the Likelihood of Fracking-Related Seismicity in Oklahoma?

The depth of a hydraulic fracturing well in Oklahoma, among other factors, increases the probability that fracking will lead to earthquake activity, according to a new ...

Evidence for Decades-Old Theory to Explain the Odd Behaviors of Water

A new study provides strong evidence for a controversial theory that at very cold temperatures water can exist in two distinct liquid forms, one being less dense and more structured than the other. ...

Liquid-Repelling Substance Works on All Surfaces

Acting like an invisible force field, a new liquid coating may provide an extra layer of protection for front-line workers. Researchers have developed a coating that repels nearly all substances off ...

Bacteria With a Metal Diet Discovered in Dirty Glassware

Newfound bacteria that oxidize manganese help explain the geochemistry of ...

Monitoring Groundwater Changes More Precisely

A new method could help to track groundwater changes better than before. Researchers have compared gravity field data from the GRACE and GRACE-Follow On satellite missions with other measuring ...

Wireless Aquatic Robot Could Clean Water and Transport Cells

Researchers have developed a tiny plastic robot, made of responsive polymers, which moves under the influence of light and magnetism. In the future this 'wireless aquatic polyp' should be ...

Lasers Etch an Efficient Way to Address Global Water Crisis

Researchers use sunlight and a laser-etched metal surface to evaporate and purify water for safe drinking at greater than 100 percent efficiency. The method could help relieve water shortages in ...

The Spin State Story: Observation of the Quantum Spin Liquid State in Novel Material

The quantum spin liquid (QSL) state is an exotic state of matter where the spin of electrons, which generally exhibits order at low temperatures, remains disordered. Now, scientists have developed a ...

Purifying Water With the Help of Wood, Bacteria and the Sun

According to the United Nations, about one-fifth of the world's population lives in areas where water is scarce. Therefore, technologies to produce clean water from undrinkable sources, such as ...

Science Behind Traditional Mezcal-Making Technique

Researchers reveal for the first time why bubbles are a good gauge of alcohol content in mezcal, a traditional Mexican ...

What Makes Ships Mysteriously Slow Down or Stop, Even Though Engines Are Running?

What makes ships mysteriously slow down or even stop as they travel, even though their engines are working properly? This was first observed in 1893 and was described experimentally in 1904 without ...

Physics: Bubbling and Burping Droplets of DNA

Liquid droplets formed from DNA display a peculiar response to enzymes. An international collaboration has now been able to explain the mechanisms behind bubble ...

A 'Breath of Nothing' Provides a New Perspective on Superconductivity

Zero electrical resistance at room temperature? A material with this property, i.e. a room temperature superconductor, could revolutionize power distribution. But so far, the origin of ...

Scientists Use a Teflon Pipe to Make a Cheap, Simple Reactor for Silica Particle Synthesis

The synthesis of silica particles, used in bioimaging and drug delivery, could become considerably cheaper and more efficient by adopting a new flow synthesis method which involves a spiral channel ...

Wrapping Up Hydrophobic Hydration

Studied in detail, the embedding of hydrophobic molecules in water looks quite different than previously ...

Airborne Chemicals Could Become Less Hazardous, Thanks to a Missing Math Formula

Researchers have figured out a way to calculate surface viscosity just by looking at a stretched droplet as it starts to ...

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