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July 12, 2020



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Cell 'Membrane on a Chip' Could Speed Up Screening of Drug Candidates for COVID-19

Researchers have developed a human cell 'membrane on a chip' that allows continuous monitoring of how drugs and infectious agents interact with our ...

The Lightest Shielding Material in the World

Researchers have succeeded in applying aerogels to microelectronics: Aerogels based on cellulose nanofibers can effectively shield electromagnetic radiation over a wide frequency range - and they are ...

Materials Scientists Drill Down to Vulnerabilities Involved in Human Tooth Decay

Researchers have cracked one of the secrets of tooth decay. The materials scientists are the first to identify a small number of impurity atoms in ...

Building a Harder Diamond

Scientists create a theoretical carbon-based material that would be even harder than diamond. This work may have industrial applications for cutting and polishing in place of current synthetic ...
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Fluorescent Peptide Nanoparticles, in Every Color of the Rainbow

The discovery of green fluorescent protein (GFP), which is made by a jellyfish, transformed cell biology. It allowed scientists to stitch the GFP sequence to proteins from other organisms to trace ...

Old X-Rays, New Vision: A Nano-Focused X-Ray Laser

Researchers have focused the beam of an X-ray free-electron laser to 6 nanometers, closer to the diameter of a typical atom than obtained in prior work. In conjunction with the extremely brief pulses ...

A New Way Towards Super-Fast Motion of Vortices in Superconductors Discovered

An international team of scientists has found a new superconducting system in which magnetic flux quanta can move at velocities of 10-15 km/s. This opens access to investigations of the rich physics ...

Spintronics: Faster Data Processing Through Ultrashort Electric Pulses

Physicists have developed a simple concept that could improve significantly magnetic-based data processing. Using ultrashort electric pulses in the terahertz range, data can be written, read and ...

Buzzing to Rebuild Broken Bone

Healing broken bones could get easier with a device that provides both a scaffold for the bone to grow on and electrical stimulation to urge it forward, engineers report. Although minor bone breaks ...

Charcoal a Weapon to Fight Superoxide-Induced Disease, Injury

Artificial enzymes made of treated charcoal could have the power to curtail damaging levels of superoxides, toxic radical oxygen ions that appear at high concentrations after an ...

Scientists Use a Teflon Pipe to Make a Cheap, Simple Reactor for Silica Particle Synthesis

The synthesis of silica particles, used in bioimaging and drug delivery, could become considerably cheaper and more efficient by adopting a new flow synthesis method which involves a spiral channel ...

Spider Silk Can Create Lenses Useful for Biological Imaging

Spider silk is useful for a variety of biomedical applications: It exhibits mechanical properties superior to synthetic fibers for tissue engineering, and it is not toxic or harmful to living cells. ...

Cartwheeling Light Reveals New Optical Phenomenon

Researchers have discovered details about a novel type of polarized-light matter interaction with light that literally turns end over end as it propagates from a ...

Producing a Gaseous Messenger Molecule Inside the Body, on Demand

Method could shed light on nitric oxide's role in the neural, circulatory, and immune ...

Researchers Control Elusive Spin Fluctuations in 2D Magnets

A team developed a new imaging technique that is fast and sensitive enough to observe elusive critical fluctuations in two-dimensional magnets. This real-time imaging allows researchers to control ...

Physicists See Surprisingly Strong Light, High Heat from Nanogaps Between Plasmonic Electrodes

Physicists discover that plasmonic metals can be prompted to produce ''hot carriers'' that in turn emit unexpectedly bright light in nanoscale gaps between electrodes. The ...

Spraying Ethanol on Nanofiber Masks Makes Them Reusable, Study Finds

Researchers evaluate the filtration efficiency of nanofiber and melt-blown filters when cleaned with ...

Process for 'Two-Faced' Nanomaterials May Aid Energy, Information Tech

A team used a simple process to implant atoms precisely into the top layers of ultra-thin crystals, yielding two-sided structures with different chemical compositions. The resulting materials, known ...

Common Food Additive Causes Adverse Health Effects in Mice

A common food additive, recently banned in France but allowed in the US and many other countries, was found to significantly alter gut microbiota in mice, causing inflammation in the colon and ...

New Boron-Lanthanide Nanostructure

A newly discovered nanocluster has a geometry that ''has not been observed in chemistry heretofore,'' the researchers ...

New Insights Into the Energy Levels in Quantum Dots

Researchers have gained new insights into the energy states of quantum dots. They are semiconductor nanostructures and promising building blocks for quantum communication. With their experiments, the ...

AI Could Help Improve Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries and Fuel Cells

Researchers have demonstrated how machine learning could help design lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells with better ...

Removing Toxic Chemicals from Water: New Environmentally-Friendly Method

Researchers have developed a new environmentally friendly method for removing toxic chemicals from water. A newly invented machine, called the Matrix Assembly Cluster Source (MACS), has been used to ...

Laser Allows Solid-State Refrigeration of a Semiconductor Material

A team used an infrared laser to cool a solid semiconductor by at least 20 degrees C, or 36 F, below room ...

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