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July 12, 2020



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Engineers Find Neat Way to Turn Waste Carbon Dioxide Into Useful Material

Making catalysts to convert waste carbon dioxide into useful industrial products has been expensive and complicated -- until now. Engineers show it's as easy as playing with ...

Researchers Advance Fuel Cell Technology

Researchers have made a key advance in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) that could make the highly energy-efficient and low-polluting technology a more viable alternative to gasoline combustion engines ...

Methane Emitted by Humans Vastly Underestimated

Researchers measured methane levels in ancient air samples and found that scientists have been vastly underestimating the amount of methane humans are emitting into the atmosphere via fossil fuels. ...

New Study Looks to Biological Enzymes as Source of Hydrogen Fuel

Research has chemists one step closer to recreating nature's most efficient machinery for generating hydrogen gas. This new development may help clear the path for the hydrogen fuel industry to move ...
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Research Determines Financial Benefit from Driving Electric Vehicles

Motorists can save as much as $14,500 on fuel costs over 15 years by driving an electric vehicle instead of a similar one fueled by gasoline, according to a new ...

Oil Forecasting Technique Adapted for Spreadsheets May Cut Shale Operator Costs

Porous rock containing oil and natural gas are buried so deep inside the earth that shale operators rely on complex models of the underground environment to estimate fossil fuel recovery. These ...

The Role of European Policy for Improving Power Plant Fuel Efficiency

A new study investigates the impact of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), the largest international cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gas emissions in the world, on power plant ...

User Research at BESSY II: How New Materials Increase the Efficiency of Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells

Researchers have investigated a novel composite membrane for ethanol fuel cells. It consists of the polymer Nafion, in which nanoparticles of a titanium compound are embedded by the rarely explored ...

Coal Exit Benefits Outweigh Its Costs

Coal combustion is not only the single most important source of CO2 -- accounting for more than a third of global emissions, but also a major contributor to detrimental effects on public health and ...

Electric Cars Better for Climate in 95% of the World

Fears that electric cars could actually increase carbon emissions are unfounded in almost all parts of the world, new research ...

New Material Developed Could Help Clean Energy Revolution

Researchers developed a promising graphene-carbon nanotube catalyst, giving them better control over hugely important chemical reactions for producing green technology and clean ...

Nature-Inspired Green Energy Technology Clears Important Development Hurdle

A new material design has put the long-sought idea of using artificial photosynthesis to generate renewable fuel within ...

Micromotors Get Supercharged With Three 'Engines'

Someday, microscopic robots could perform useful functions, such as diagnostic testing in lab-on-a-chip sensors, micropatterning surfaces or repairing equipment in tight spaces. But first, scientists ...

New Method Converts Carbon Dioxide to Methane at Low Temperatures

Scientists developed a new method to convert carbon dioxide to methane with an electric field at low temperatures. In comparison to previous methods, this new method can produce any amount of methane ...

Motley Crew: Rust and Light a Possible Answer to the Conundrum of Hydrogen Fuel Production

Production of hydrogen fuel is a key goal towards the development of sustainable energy practices, but this process does not have feasible techniques yet. Scientists have identified a novel technique ...

'Reverse Fuel Cell' Converts Waste Carbon to Valuable Products at Record Rates

Fuel cells turn chemicals into electricity. Now, an engineering team has adapted technology from fuel cells to do the reverse: harness electricity to make valuable chemicals from waste carbon ...

Accelerating Chemical Reactions Without Direct Contact With a Catalyst

Researchers demonstrate a chemical reaction produced through an intermediary created by a separate chemical reaction, findings that could impact environmental remediation and fuel ...

Molecule Modification Could Improve Reprocessing of Spent Nuclear Fuel

The reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel could become safer and more efficient in future after researchers found a way to modify the structure of molecules to remove radioactive ...

Ecofriendly Catalyst for Converting Methane Into Useful Gases Using Light Instead of Heat

Scientists have developed a catalyst to convert abundant methane gas into more useful synthesis gas. Unlike conventional catalysts, this catalyst operates at much lower temperatures by using light, ...

Acetone Plus Light Creates a Green Jet Fuel Additive

Take biomass-derived acetone -- common nail polish remover -- use light to upgrade it to higher-mass hydrocarbons, and, voila, you have a domestically generated product that can be blended with ...

New Assessment of Gas Locked in Ice in European Waters

A study has mapped several sites in Europe containing gas hydrate - a relatively clean fuel which could help bridge the gap between fossil fuels and ...

Utilizing Relativistic Effects for Laser Fusion: A New Approach for Clean Power

Researchers have studied a new approach for laser nuclear fusion utilizing relativistic phenomena of intense laser light. By irradiating the ultra-intense laser light directly onto the fusion fuel, ...

Untangling Links Between Nitrogen Oxides and Airborne Sulfates Helps Tackle Hazy Air Pollution

A research team has unveiled a first-in-kind study of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and its role in the rise and fall of airborne sulfates in hazy air pollution, offering policymakers new insights into ways ...

Effects of Natural Gas Assessed in Study of Shale Gas Boom in Appalachian Basin

A new study estimated the cumulative effects of the shale gas boom in the Appalachian basin in the early 2000s on air quality, climate change, and employment. The study found that effects on air ...

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