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August 2, 2020



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Offshore Wind Power Now So Cheap It Could Pay Money Back to Consumers

The latest round of offshore wind farms to be built in the UK could reduce household energy bills by producing electricity very ...

New Technology Makes Homes More Energy Independent, Helps Divert Power During Power Outages

Researchers have designed a smart technology that can help utility companies better serve communities affected by power outages. The researchers said ...

New Technique to Capture Carbon Dioxide Could Greatly Reduce Power Plant Greenhouse Gases

Removing carbon dioxide from power plant emissions is ever more urgent to limit the damage from climate change. Chemists have come up with an ...

Scientists Develop New Material for Longer-Lasting Fuel Cells

New research suggests that graphene -- made in a specific way -- could be used to make more durable hydrogen fuel cells for ...
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How Salt Lake's Buildings Affect Its Climate Future

With climate change, we'll need less natural gas for heat and more electricity for cooling -- but what's the balance? Researchers used hyper-localized climate models and building ...

What Factors Influence the Likelihood of Fracking-Related Seismicity in Oklahoma?

The depth of a hydraulic fracturing well in Oklahoma, among other factors, increases the probability that fracking will lead to earthquake activity, according to a new ...

Battery Breakthrough Gives Boost to Electric Flight and Long-Range Electric Cars

Researchers have developed a new battery material that could enable long-range electric vehicles that can drive for hundreds of miles on a single charge, and electric planes called eVTOLs for fast, ...

Sun and Rain Transform Asphalt Binder Into Potentially Toxic Compounds

Chemists show that asphalt binder, when exposed to sun and water, leaches thousands of potentially toxic compounds into the ...

Low-Cost Catalyst Helps Turn Seawater Into Fuel at Scale

The Navy's quest to power its ships by converting seawater into fuel is one step nearer fruition. Chemical engineers have demonstrated that a potassium-promoted molybdenum carbide catalyst ...

Renewable Energy Transition Makes Dollars and Sense

Ne research has disproved the claim that the transition to renewable electricity systems will harm the global ...

New Lithium Battery Charges Faster, Reduces Risk of Device Explosions

Cell phone batteries often heat up and, at times, can burst into flames. In most cases, the culprit behind such incidents can be traced back to lithium batteries. Despite providing long-lasting ...

Particulate Plutonium Released from the Fukushima Daiichi Meltdowns

Small amounts of plutonium (Pu) were released from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) reactors into the environment during the site's 2011 nuclear disaster. However, the ...

Lasers Etch an Efficient Way to Address Global Water Crisis

Researchers use sunlight and a laser-etched metal surface to evaporate and purify water for safe drinking at greater than 100 percent efficiency. The method could help relieve water shortages in ...

Scientists Urge Caution, Further Assessment of Ecological Impacts Above Deep Sea Mining

A new study argues that deep-sea mining poses significant risks, not only to the area immediately surrounding mining operations but also to the water hundreds to thousands of feet above the seafloor, ...

Purifying Water With the Help of Wood, Bacteria and the Sun

According to the United Nations, about one-fifth of the world's population lives in areas where water is scarce. Therefore, technologies to produce clean water from undrinkable sources, such as ...

Bespoke Catalysts for Power-to-X

Suitable catalysts are of great importance for efficient power-to-X applications -- but the molecular processes occurring during their use have not yet been fully understood. Using X-rays from a ...

Engineers Use Electricity to Clean Up Toxic Water

Powerful electrochemical process destroys water contaminants, such as pesticides. Wastewater is a significant environment issue. Researchers say the technology could be readily applied to the wine ...

New Room-Temperature Liquid-Metal Battery Could Be the Path to Powering the Future

Researchers have created a new liquid battery with components that can remain molten at room temperature. Other liquid batteries must be kept at 240 degrees Celsius for their components to stay ...

Crystal Structure Discovered Almost 200 Years Ago Could Hold Key to Solar Cell Revolution

Solar energy researchers are shining their scientific spotlight on materials with a crystal structure discovered nearly two centuries ...

New Candidate for Raw Material Synthesis Through Gene Transfer

Cyanobacteria hardly need any nutrients and use the energy of sunlight. Bathers are familiar with these microorganisms as they often occur in waters. A group of researchers has discovered that the ...

Spintronics: Faster Data Processing Through Ultrashort Electric Pulses

Physicists have developed a simple concept that could improve significantly magnetic-based data processing. Using ultrashort electric pulses in the terahertz range, data can be written, read and ...

Gold Mining Restricts Amazon Rainforest Recovery

Gold mining significantly limits the regrowth of Amazon forests, greatly reducing their ability to accumulate carbon, according to a new study. The researchers warn that the impacts of mining on ...

New Solar Forecasting Model Performs Best

A new mathematical model for predicting variations in solar irradiance has been developed. It may help to promote more efficient use of electricity from solar energy. In tests of various data models, ...

Al2Pt for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Water Splitting

Scientists have been looking into the rational design of new types of OER electrocatalysts and addressing fundamental questions about the key reactions in energy ...

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