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July 16, 2020



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New Organic Material Unlocks Faster and More Flexible Electronic Devices

Mobile phones and other electronic devices made from an organic material that is thin, bendable and more powerful are now a step ...

Artificial 'Neurotransistor' Created

While the optimization of conventional microelectronics is slowly reaching its physical limits, nature offers us a blueprint how information can be processed and stored efficiently: our own brain. ...

World's Widest Graphene Nanoribbon Promises the Next Generation of Miniaturized Electronics

Standard semiconductor technology is reaching its limit in miniaturization, but the demand for smaller electrical devices with higher performance ...

Understanding of Relaxor Ferroelectric Properties Could Lead to Many Advances

A new fundamental understanding of polymeric relaxor ferroelectric behavior could lead to advances in flexible electronics, actuators and ...
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Graphene: It Is All About the Toppings

The way graphene interacts with other materials depends on how these materials are brought into contact with the graphene. The appropriate atoms are brought into contact with the graphene in such a ...

Porous Graphene Ribbons Doped With Nitrogen for Electronics and Quantum Computing

A team of physicists and chemists has produced the first porous graphene ribbons in which specific carbon atoms in the crystal lattice are replaced with nitrogen atoms. These ribbons have ...

Machine Learning Reveals Vulnerabilities in 3D-Printed Carbon-Fiber Composites

Components made of glass- and carbon- fiber reinforced composites, soaring in high-performance applications, can be 3D printed. A team of researchers has found that the printer head toolpaths are ...

Study Reveals Magnetic Process That Can Lead to More Energy-Efficient Memory in Computers

Researchers have made an important advance that could lead to more energy efficient magnetic memory storage components for computers and other ...

Extensive Review of Spin-Gapless Semiconductors: Next-Generation Spintronics Candidates

Scientists have published an extensive review of spin-gapless semiconductors (SGSs), a new class of 'zero bandgap' materials which have fully spin polarised electrons and holes, and first ...

Chemistry Paves the Way for Improved Electronic Materials

Indium nitride is a promising material for use in electronics, but difficult to manufacture. Scientists have now developed a new molecule that can be used to create high-quality indium nitride, ...

New Boron-Lanthanide Nanostructure

A newly discovered nanocluster has a geometry that ''has not been observed in chemistry heretofore,'' the researchers ...

Self-Powered Alarm Fights Forest Fires, Monitors Environment

Scientists designed and fabricated a remote forest fire detection and alarm system powered by nothing but the movement of the trees in the ...

Laser Allows Solid-State Refrigeration of a Semiconductor Material

A team used an infrared laser to cool a solid semiconductor by at least 20 degrees C, or 36 F, below room ...

Geometry of Intricately Fabricated Glass Makes Light Trap Itself

Laser light traveling through ornately microfabricated glass has been shown to interact with itself to form self-sustaining wave patterns called ...

New Design for 'Optical Ruler' Could Revolutionize Clocks, Telescopes, Telecommunications

Just as a meter stick with hundreds of tick marks can be used to measure distances with great precision, a device known as a laser frequency comb, with its hundreds of evenly spaced, sharply defined ...

Strainoptronics: A New Way to Control Photons

Researchers discovered a new way to engineer optoelectronic devices by stretching a two-dimensional material on top of a silicon photonic ...

Measuring a Tiny Quasiparticle Is a Major Step Forward for Semiconductor Technology

A team of researchers has uncovered new information about the mass of individual components that make up a promising quasiparticle, known as an exciton, that could play a critical role in future ...

Unique Material Design for Brain-Like Computations

Over the past few decades, computers have seen dramatic progress in processing power; however, even the most advanced computers are relatively rudimentary in comparison with the complexities and ...

Researchers Make Next-Generation, High-Toughness Battery Component

By combining a ceramic material with graphene, engineers have made what they say is the toughest solid electrolyte built to ...

Two-Dimensional Carbon Networks

Lithium-ion batteries usually contain graphitic carbons as anode materials. Scientists have investigated the carbonic nanoweb graphdiyne as a novel two-dimensional carbon network for its suitability ...

Sound Waves Transport Droplets for Rewritable Lab-on-a-Chip Devices

Engineers have demonstrated a versatile microfluidic lab-on-a-chip that uses sound waves to create tunnels in oil to digitally manipulate and transport droplets. The technology could form the basis ...

Liquid Metals Break Down Organic Fuels Into Ultra-Thin Graphitic Sheets

For the first time, researchers show the synthesis of ultra-thin graphitic materials at room temperature using organic fuels (which can be as simple as basic alcohols such as ...

Signatures of Fractional Electronic Charge Observed in Topological Insulators

Because electrons -- the subatomic particles that carry electricity -- are elementary particles and cannot be split, fractions of electronic charge are not normally encountered. Despite this, ...

Self-Assembling, Biomimetic Composites Possess Unusual Electrical Properties

Sometimes, breaking rules is not a bad thing. Especially when the rules are apparent laws of nature that apply in bulk material, but other forces appear in the ...

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