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August 9, 2020



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Simplified Circuit Design Could Revolutionize How Wearables Are Manufactured

Researchers have demonstrated the use of a ground-breaking circuit design that could transform manufacturing processes for wearable ...

'Drawn-on-Skin' Electronics Offer Breakthrough in Wearable Monitors

Researchers have reported a new form of electronics known as 'drawn-on-skin electronics,' allowing multifunctional sensors and circuits to be drawn on the skin with an ink ...

Transforming E-Waste Into a Strong, Protective Coating for Metal

A typical recycling process converts large quantities of items made of a single material into more of the same. However, this approach isn't feasible for old electronic devices, or ''e-waste,'' ...

New Technology Makes Homes More Energy Independent, Helps Divert Power During Power Outages

Researchers have designed a smart technology that can help utility companies better serve communities affected by power outages. The researchers said ...
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Materials Science Researchers Develop First Electrically Injected Laser

Materials science researchers have demonstrated the first electrically injected laser made with germanium tin. Used as a semiconducting material for circuits on electronic devices, the diode laser ...

Tiniest Secrets of Integrated Circuits Revealed With New Imaging Technique

The secrets of the tiniest active structures in integrated circuits can be revealed using a non-destructive imaging technique, scientists ...

The Problem With Microwaving Tea

Through convection, as the liquid toward the bottom of a container warms up, it becomes less dense and moves to the top, allowing a cooler section of the liquid to contact the heating source. This ...

Novel Approach Improves Graphene-Based Supercapacitors

An efficient in situ pathway to generate and attach oxygen functional groups to graphitic electrodes for supercapacitors by inducing hydrolysis of water molecules within the gel ...

Scientists Identify New Material With Potential for Brain-Like Computing

Researchers have developed a new complex material design strategy for potential use in neuromorphic computing, using metallocene intercalation in hafnium disulfide (HfS2). The work is the first to ...

New Research Shows That Laser Spectral Linewidth Is Classical-Physics Phenomenon

New ground-breaking research could change the way scientists understand and describe lasers - establishing a new relationship between classical and quantum ...

Graphene: It Is All About the Toppings

The way graphene interacts with other materials depends on how these materials are brought into contact with the graphene. The appropriate atoms are brought into contact with the graphene in such a ...

Porous Graphene Ribbons Doped With Nitrogen for Electronics and Quantum Computing

A team of physicists and chemists has produced the first porous graphene ribbons in which specific carbon atoms in the crystal lattice are replaced with nitrogen atoms. These ribbons have ...

New Breakthrough in 'Spintronics' Could Boost High Speed Data Technology

Scientists have made a pivotal breakthrough in the important, emerging field of spintronics -- which could lead to a new high speed energy efficient data ...

Flexible Material Shows Potential for Use in Fabrics to Heat, Cool

A new study finds that a material made of carbon nanotubes has a combination of thermal, electrical and physical properties that make it an appealing candidate for next-generation smart ...

Spintronics: Faster Data Processing Through Ultrashort Electric Pulses

Physicists have developed a simple concept that could improve significantly magnetic-based data processing. Using ultrashort electric pulses in the terahertz range, data can be written, read and ...

Energy-Saving Servers: Data Storage 2.0

A research team has developed a technique that will potentially halve the energy required to write data to servers and make it easier to construct complex server ...

Study Reveals Magnetic Process That Can Lead to More Energy-Efficient Memory in Computers

Researchers have made an important advance that could lead to more energy efficient magnetic memory storage components for computers and other ...

Understanding of Relaxor Ferroelectric Properties Could Lead to Many Advances

A new fundamental understanding of polymeric relaxor ferroelectric behavior could lead to advances in flexible electronics, actuators and transducers, energy storage, piezoelectric sensors and ...

Wearable-Tech Glove Translates Sign Language Into Speech in Real Time

Bioengineers have designed a glove-like device that can translate American Sign Language into English speech in real time though a smartphone app. The system includes a pair of gloves with thin, ...

Extensive Review of Spin-Gapless Semiconductors: Next-Generation Spintronics Candidates

Scientists have published an extensive review of spin-gapless semiconductors (SGSs), a new class of 'zero bandgap' materials which have fully spin polarised electrons and holes, and first ...

Chemistry Paves the Way for Improved Electronic Materials

Indium nitride is a promising material for use in electronics, but difficult to manufacture. Scientists have now developed a new molecule that can be used to create high-quality indium nitride, ...

New Boron-Lanthanide Nanostructure

A newly discovered nanocluster has a geometry that ''has not been observed in chemistry heretofore,'' the researchers ...

Self-Powered Alarm Fights Forest Fires, Monitors Environment

Scientists designed and fabricated a remote forest fire detection and alarm system powered by nothing but the movement of the trees in the ...

New Spray-on Technique Allows for Any Shape Touchscreens

A team has challenged the idea that touchscreens are limited to 2D and rectangular shapes by developing an interactive display that can be sprayed in any shape. Inspired by the way an artist creates ...

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