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August 7, 2020



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'Roaming Reactions' Study to Shed New Light on Atmospheric Molecules

For the first time, a team of chemists has lifted the hood on the mechanics involved in the mysterious interplay between sunlight and molecules in the atmosphere known as 'roaming reactions', which ...

Spray-on Clear Coatings for Cheaper Smart Windows

Researchers have developed a spray-on method for making conductive clear coatings, or transparent electrodes. Fast, scalable and based on cheaper materials, the new approach could simplify the ...

New Science Behind Algae-Based Flip-Flops

Sustainable flip-flops: A team of researchers has formulated polyurethane foams made from algae oil to meet commercial specifications for midsole shoes and the foot-bed of ...

A New Tool for Modeling the Human Gut Microbiome

Engineers have designed a device that replicates the lining of the colon. With the device, they can grow human colon cells along with oxygen-intolerant bacteria that normally live in the human ...
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Sustainable Chemistry at the Quantum Level

Scientists are now using new quantum chemistry computing procedures to categorize hypothetical electrocatalysts that are 'too slow' or 'too expensive', far more thoroughly and ...

Methanol Synthesis: Insights Into the Structure of an Enigmatic Catalyst

To render the production process more efficient, it would be helpful to know more about the copper/zinc oxide/aluminium oxide catalyst deployed in methanol production. To date, however, it ...

Analyzing Pros and Cons of Two Composite Manufacturing Methods

Airplane wings and wind turbine blades are typically created using bulk polymerization in composite manufacturing facilities. They are heated and cured in enormous autoclaves and heated molds as big ...

Novel Magnetic Stirrer Speaks to Lab Equipment

A small device, called 'Smart Stirrer', performed a function of a conventional laboratory stir bar, has an integrated microprocessor and various sensors capable of wireless and autonomous ...

Challenging a Central Dogma of Chemistry: Energy Flow in Chemical Reactions

Researchers have discovered that common chemical reactions accelerate Brownian diffusion by sending long-range ripples into the surrounding ...

Synthesizing Dicarboxylic Acids and Hydrogen Simultaneously from Diols

Researchers develop a safer and more efficient way to produce dicarboxylic acid. Using an iridium catalyst bound to a bipyridonate ligand, researchers were able to synthesize dicarboxylic acids from ...

Nanoparticles Tailored for Special Applications Synthesized

'Core-shell' clusters pave the way for new efficient nanomaterials that make catalysts, magnetic and laser sensors or measuring devices for detecting electromagnetic radiation more ...

Keep Cool in the Pool: Novel Chip Sensor Makes Swimming Pools Safer

A new microchip that enables continuous monitoring of pH and chlorine levels in swimming pools will vastly improve water safety as new research shows it can deliver consistent and accurate pool ...

'Fool's Gold' May Be Valuable After All

In a breakthrough new study, scientists and engineers have electrically transformed the abundant and low-cost non-magnetic material iron sulfide, also known as 'fool's gold' or pyrite, ...

Nobel Prize-Winning Work Is Concentrated in Minority of Scientific Fields

From 1995 to 2017, work that was awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine, Physics, or Chemistry clustered in just a few scientific ...

How a Crystalline Sponge Sheds Water Molecules

How does water leave a sponge? In a new study, scientists answer this question in detail for a porous, crystalline material made from metal and organic building blocks -- specifically, cobalt(II) ...

Newer PFAS Contaminant Detected for First Time in Arctic Seawater

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), found in many household products and food packages, have raised concerns because of their persistence and possible toxicity to people and wildlife. Because ...

Solving Materials Problems With a Quantum Computer

Scientists have developed a method paving the way to using quantum computers to simulate realistic molecules and complex materials. They tested the method on a quantum simulator and IBM quantum ...

How Clean Water Technologies Could Get a Boost from X-Ray Synchrotrons

Scientists argue that research at synchrotrons could help improve water-purifying materials in ways that might not otherwise be ...

Metal-Breathing Bacteria Could Transform Electronics, Biosensors, and More

When the Shewanella oneidensis bacterium 'breathes' in certain metal and sulfur compounds anaerobically, the way an aerobic organism would process oxygen, it produces materials that could ...

Study Identifies Top Reasons for Sewer Line Failure

Concrete sewer pipes around the world are most likely to fail either because their concrete is not strong enough or because they can't handle the weight of trucks that drive over them, a new ...

Water Molecules Are Gold for Nanocatalysis

Nanocatalysts made of gold nanoparticles dispersed on metal oxides are very promising for the industrial, selective oxidation of compounds, including alcohols, into valuable chemicals. They show high ...

Heat Smarter, Not Harder: How Microwaves Make Catalytic Reactions More Efficient

Scientists demonstrate a synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy-based method by which the local temperatures of metal nanoparticles can be measured under microwaves. This approach provides insight into the ...

Tandem Catalytic System Efficiently Converts Carbon Dioxide to Methanol

Chemists have used a tandem catalytic system to efficiently convert carbon dioxide to methanol. By encapsulating multiple catalysts involved in the tandem process in nanoporous materials called ...

Serendipity Broadens the Scope for Making Graphite

Researchers have unexpectedly discovered a new way to make crystalline graphite, an essential material used in the making of lithium ion ...

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