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September 26, 2020

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Novel Alkaline Hydrogel Advances Skin Wound Care

Effective wound care requires the maintenance of optimal conditions for skin and tissue regeneration. Hydrogels provide many of these conditions, but not an alkaline environment. Now, in a ...

Electric Field-Based Dressing Helps Heal Wound Infections

Researchers have found a way to charge up the fight against bacterial infections using electricity. Scientists have developed a dressing that uses an electric field to disrupt biofilm infection in ...

Wearable Sensors Mimic Skin to Help With Wound Healing Process

Researchers have developed skin-inspired electronics to conform to the skin, allowing for long-term, high-performance, real-time wound monitoring in ...

Woman With Novel Gene Mutation Lives Almost Pain-Free

A woman in Scotland can feel virtually no pain due to a mutation in a previously-unidentified gene, according to a research article. She also experiences very little anxiety and fear, and may have ...
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How to Improve the Surgery Backlog During COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic first began, many non-urgent surgeries were delayed. Now, a new paper explains how to address the backlog of surgeries, without compromising patient ...

New Study Documents Increasing Frequency, Cost, and Severity of Gunshot Wounds

The rise in firearm violence has coincided with an increase in the severity of injuries firearms inflict as well as the cost of ...

Lipid Helps Heal the Eye's Frontline Protection

A species of a lipid that naturally helps skin injuries heal appears to also aid repair of common corneal injuries, even when other conditions, like diabetes, make healing difficult, scientists ...

'Smart' Bandages Heal Chronic Wounds

A new 'smart bandage' could help improve clinical care for people with chronic ...

Much Shorter Radiation Treatment Found to Be Safe, Effective for People With Soft Tissue Sarcoma

A new study found that treating soft tissue sarcoma with radiation over a significantly shorter period of time is safe, and likely just as effective, as a much longer conventional course of ...

Right Beneath the Skin We All Have the Same Bacteria

In the dermis skin layer, the same bacteria are found across age and gender. This has been shown in a new study which has studied skin samples from knees and hips. The researchers hope it is a step ...

Abnormal Bone Formation After Trauma Explained and Reversed in Mice

Nw study findings implicate a specific type of immune cell behind heterotopic ossification, or abnormal bone formation and present a possible target for ...

Handheld 3D Skin Printer Demonstrates Accelerated Healing of Large, Severe Burns

A new handheld 3D printer can deposit sheets of skin to cover large burn wounds - and its 'bio ink' can accelerate the healing process. The device covers wounds with a uniform sheet of ...

Scientists Find New Ways to Prevent Skin Scarring

A new study reveals promising new strategies to prevent skin scarring after ...

Color-Changing Bandages Sense and Treat Bacterial Infections

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health. Sensing and treating bacterial infections earlier could help improve patients' recovery, as well curb the spread of ...

Bandage Material Helps Stop Bleeding Without Adhering to the Wound

Researchers have developed a new kind of bandage that helps blood to clot and doesn't stick to the wound. This marks the first time that scientists have combined both properties in one ...

Next Generation Wound Gel Treats and Prevents Infections

Researchers have developed a new hydrogel based on the body's natural peptide defense. It has been shown to prevent and treat infections in wounds. The formulation kills multi-resistant ...

Chemical Compound Found in Essential Oils Improves Wound Healing

Researchers have discovered that a chemical compound found in essential oils improves the healing process in mice when it is topically applied to a skin ...

Hydrogels Control Inflammation to Help Healing

Researchers test a sampling of synthetic, biocompatible hydrogels to see how tuning them influences the body's inflammatory response. The hydrogels are being developed to help heal wounds, ...

New Spray Gel Could Help Take the Bite out of Frostbite

Mountaineers and winter sports enthusiasts know the dangers of frostbite -- the tissue damage that can occur when extremities, such as the nose, ears, fingers and toes, are exposed to very cold ...

Manuka Honey 'Sandwich' Could Be Key to Fighting Infections

Sandwiching nano-layers of manuka honey between layers of surgical mesh inhibits bacteria for up to three weeks as the honey is slowly released, new research ...

How Do Scars Form? Fascia Function as a Repository of Mobile Scar Tissue

In the riddle about the origin of scar tissue, researchers have reached an important next step. Researchers found that scars are made from a tissue beneath the skin: fascia. This new knowledge led to ...

Wound Healing in Mucous Tissues Could Ward Off AIDS

Wound healing in mucous tissues during early infection by Simian Immunodeficiency Virus guards some primate species against developing AIDS. Both HIV and SIV provoke an immune response that injures ...

Turning to Old Remedies for New Health Challenges: Super-Bugs

The last thing anyone wants during a stay in the hospital is a hospital-acquired infection. Nosocomial infections, as they are called, are on the rise as more pathogens become resistant to drugs ...

Sepsis Survivors Require Follow-Up Support

Survivors of sepsis -- a life-threatening response to an infection -- have expressed a need for advocacy and follow-up support, according to a new ...

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