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September 26, 2020

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Patients With COVID-19 May Develop Thyroid Infection

COVID-19 infection may cause subacute thyroiditis, according to a new case ...

Carrots Plus Sticks: Study Looks at What Works to Reduce Low-Value Care

The old story of a farmer trying to get a stubborn mule to pull a wagon by dangling a carrot in front of its nose, or hitting its rump with a stick, may not seem to have much to do with the practice ...

New Treatment Discovered for Rare Eye Disease May Prevent Blindness

Patients with thyroid eye disease who used the minimally invasive insulin-like growth factor I blocking antibody, teprotumumab, experienced improvement in their symptoms, appearance and quality of ...

New Gene Mutation in Familial Thyroid Cancers

Researchers identified a new gene mutation that may cause a type of familial thyroid cancer. Researchers have said that this mutation is the first and only mutation associated with familial thyroid ...

Optoacoustic Imaging Shows Potential for Noninvasive Diagnostics for Thyroid Disorders

A novel, noninvasive imaging technique can provide new information about thyroid disorders that will help in evaluation and diagnosis, according to an article featured in the October 2019 issue of ...

New Test for Thyroid Cancer Could Prevent Unnecessary Surgery

Each year, thanks to inconclusive tests for thyroid cancer, thousands of people undergo unnecessary surgeries to remove part or all of their thyroids. A new test based on the unique chemical ...

New Radiomics Model Uses Immunohistochemistry to Predict Thyroid Nodules

Researchers have validated a first-of-its-kind machine learning-based model to evaluate immunohistochemical characteristics in patients with suspected thyroid nodules, achieving 'excellent ...

Thyroid Screening May Not Be Needed in All Youth With Psychiatric Disorders

A new study looks at the prevalence of abnormal thyroid function in youth with severe mood and anxiety disorder. It is the largest study to date of this population and will help mental health ...

Raman Spectroscopy Poised to Make Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis Less Invasive

Researchers have demonstrated that an optical technique known as Raman spectroscopy can be used to differentiate between benign and cancerous thyroid cells. The new study shows Raman ...

Are Doctors Treating More Thyroid Cancer Patients Than Necessary?

New research may help change treatment practices for patients diagnosed with low risk thyroid ...

Breakthrough Alpha-Ray Treatment of Cancer Without External Radiation

Radioactive iodine has been used for treatment of thyroid cancer. However, some thyroid tumors become resistant to iodine treatment. A research team used a large accelerator to produce sodium ...

Autoimmune Diseases Are Related to Each Other, Some More Than Others

Researchers using the world's largest twin registry to study seven autoimmune diseases found the risk of developing the seven diseases is largely inherited, but that some diseases are more ...

Levothyroxine Treatment in Women With Thyroid Antibodies May Not Increase Live Birth Rate

Treating women with thyroid antibodies but a normal thyroid function with a medicine called Levothyroxine does not make them more likely to deliver a live baby, new research ...

Normal Variations in Thyroid Function May Be Linked to Atrial Fibrillation Risk

A study has strengthened the link between thyroid function and atrial fibrillation (AF), an irregular heart rhythm that increases the risk of stroke and other heart-related ...

How Head Injuries Lead to Serious Brain Diseases

Biologists reveal the hidden molecular basis of brain disorders and provide the first cell atlas of the hippocampus -- the part of the brain that helps regulate learning and memory -- as it is ...

Molecular Mechanisms of an African Folk Medicine

Researchers have discovered the molecular basis for therapeutic actions of an African folk medicine used to treat a variety of illnesses and disorders including diabetes, pain, headaches, paralysis ...

Could Thyroid Screening Make Your Baby Smarter?

Thyroid hormones are essential for normal brain development, but many pregnant women do not produce enough. Thyroid testing and replacement therapy are simple and widely available -- so why do ...

Potential Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Hypothyroidism Proves Effective in Lab Study

A new 'metal-coordinated' drug-delivery technology potentially could be used to supplement the standard therapy for hypothyroidism, which affects nearly 10 million Americans, and many more ...

Every Cell Has a Story to Tell in Brain Injury

Traumatic head injury can have widespread effects in the brain, but now scientists can look in real time at how head injury affects thousands of individual cells and genes simultaneously in mice. ...

Anthropologist Rewrites History Using Science, Art

Art often imitates life, but when an anthropologist and a geologist investigated a 2000-year-old carved statue on a tobacco pipe, he exposed a truth he says will rewrite art ...

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