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October 29, 2020

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A Promising New Tool in the Fight Against Melanoma

A new study has revealed that a key blood marker of cancer could be used to select the most effective treatment for ...

Pale Melanomas Masked by Albino Gene

People with pale coloured melanomas are more likely to have a gene mutation associated with albinism, new research has ...

New Nanosystem Enhances Treatment for Melanoma in Animal Models

Researchers have developed an innovative nanotechnological drug delivery system that significantly enhances the effectiveness of treatment for the aggressive skin cancer ...

Effective Cancer Immunotherapy Further Linked to Regulating a Cell 'Suicide' Gene

Researchers have added to evidence that a gene responsible for turning off a cell's natural 'suicide' signals may also be the culprit in making breast cancer and melanoma cells ...

Cancer Cells Take Over Blood Vessels to Spread

In laboratory studies, researchers observed a key step in how cancer cells may spread from a primary tumor to a distant site within the body, a process known as ...

Molecules in Urine Allow Doctors to Monitor Skin Cancer

What if you could simply provide a urine sample rather than undergo a painful surgical procedure to find out if your cancer was responding to treatment? It may seem too good to be true, but ...

How Tumor Cells Evade the Immune Defense

Scientists are increasingly trying to use the body's own immune system to fight cancer. A new study now shows the strategies tumor cells use to evade this attack. The method developed for this ...

Activating an Estrogen Receptor Can Stop Pancreatic Cancer Cells from Growing

Activating the G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) -- a receptor found on the surface of many normal and cancer tissues -- has been shown to stop pancreatic cancer from growing, but may also ...

Missing BAP1 Gene Associated With Immunosuppressive Molecules in Uveal Melanoma

A new study reveals that tumors lacking a protein called BAP1 have an ineffective immune reaction against cancer, thus rendering immunotherapies ineffectual, particularly in uveal melanomas (UM). The ...

New Artificial Intelligence System Can Empower Medical Professionals in Diagnosing Skin Diseases

Researchers have developed a deep learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can accurately classify cutaneous skin disorders, predict malignancy, suggest primary treatment options, ...

Melanoma Is Killing Fewest Americans in Decades

Advances in treatment have led to the largest yearly declines in deaths due to melanoma ever recorded for this skin cancer, results of a new study ...

Blocking Immune T-Cell Regulator May Help Eliminate Tumors

Immune system T-cells are more able to destroy skin cancer cells when a T-cell regulator called SLAMF6 is missing, a new study in eLife ...

Tone Down Your Risk of Skin Cancer

Social media smarts could make you less susceptible to skin cancer as new research shows that media literacy skills can help change people's attitudes about what is believed to be the ...

Controlling CAR T Cells With Light Selectively Destroys Skin Tumors in Mice

Bioengineers have developed a control system that could make CAR T-cell therapy safer and more powerful when treating cancer. By programming CAR T cells to switch on when exposed to blue light, the ...

Targeting Turncoat Immune Cells to Treat Cancer

A new study has identified a mechanism by which regulatory T cells, which suppress immune responses, adapt their metabolism to thrive in the harsh microenvironment of the ...

New Areas in Human Genomes Linked to Skin Cancer Risk

A cancer researcher has identified eight new genomic regions that increase a person's risk for skin cancer. Researchers have discovered eight new loci -- locations on a person's genome -- ...

States With Highest Rates of Melanoma Due to Ultraviolet Radiation Identified

A new study finds a wide state-by-state variation in rates of melanoma caused by ultraviolet (UV) exposure with highest rates in several states on the East and West Coast including Hawaii, but also a ...

Possible New Combination Treatment for Advanced Melanoma

Immunotherapy drug in combination with an infusion of anti-tumor immune cells may produce a stronger immune response that could help fight advanced ...

New Technique Predicts Which Melanoma Patients Are at Risk for Cancer Recurrence, Spread

Investigators present a new, quantitative technique that leverages DNA sequencing to make more sophisticated and accurate predictions about which primary melanomas are likely to recur and ...

Body's Natural Signal Carriers Can Help Melanoma Spread

A new study sheds fresh light on how melanoma cells interact with other cells via extracellular vesicles they secrete. The researchers found that extracellular vesicles secreted by melanoma cells use ...

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