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October 29, 2020

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Biological Sex Affects Genes for Body Fat, Cancer, Birth Weight

Biological sex has a small but ubiquitous influence on gene expression in almost every type of human tissue, reports a new study. These sex differences are observed for genes involved in many ...

New Genetic Analysis Method Could Advance Personal Genomics

Geneticists could identify the causes of disorders that currently go undiagnosed if standard practices for collecting individual genetic information were expanded to capture more variants that ...

Transplanted Brown-Fat-Like Cells Hold Promise for Obesity and Diabetes

A potential therapy for obesity would transplant HUMBLE (human brown-like) fat cells, human white fat cells that have been genetically modified using CRISPR to become similar to heat-generating brown ...

Smartwatch Tracks Medication Levels to Personalize Treatments

Engineers have demonstrated that drug levels inside the body can be tracked in real time using a custom smartwatch that analyzes the chemicals found in sweat. This wearable technology could be ...
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New Tool Shows Main Highways of Disease Development

A new tool enables researchers to explore disease patterns from 7.2 million patients spanning 25 years. The tool is freely available for the scientific community and requires no prerequisite ...

Genetic Testing Cost Effective for Newly Diagnosed GIST

Researchers reported that genetic testing is cost-effective and beneficial for newly diagnosed patients with metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST), a rare type of ...

Seizures During Menstrual Cycle Linked to Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

More frequent seizures during the menstrual cycle in women with genetic generalized epilepsy have been linked for the first time to drug-resistant epilepsy, when anti-seizure medications don't ...

Tumor Gene Test Could Help to Predict Ovarian Cancer Prognosis

A global team of medical researchers led by UNSW have developed a test that could help to predict survival for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and pave the way towards personalised ...

Memory Loss Reversed or Abated in Those With Cognitive Decline

Researchers sought to determine whether a comprehensive and personalized program, designed to mitigate risk factors of Alzheimer's disease could improve cognitive and metabolic function in ...

New Drug Targets for Lethal Brain Cancer Discovered

More than 200 genes with novel and known roles in glioblastoma - the most aggressive type of brain cancer - offer promising new drug targets. Researchers engineered a new mouse model to show for the ...

Precision Trial Highlights Need for New Approach to Treating Genomically Complex Cancers

A pioneering lung cancer study has highlighted important factors that will need to be considered in the next wave of precision medicine studies particularly in treating genomically complicated ...

Researchers Identify Genetic Factors That May Influence COVID-19 Susceptibility

A new study has identified genetic factors that may influence susceptibility to COVID-19. The findings could guide personalized treatment for ...

Metabolomics Meets Genomics to Improve Patient Diagnosis

Researchers have improved their ability to identify the genetic cause of undiagnosed ...

Scientists Use Nanoparticle-Delivered Gene Therapy to Inhibit Blinding Eye Disease in Rodents

In experiments in rats and mice, two scientists -- an engineer and an ophthalmologist -- report the successful use of nanoparticles to deliver gene therapy for blinding eye disease. A uniquely ...

Common Inherited Genetic Variant Identified as Frequent Cause of Deafness in Adults

A common inherited genetic variant is a frequent cause of deafness in adults, meaning that many thousands of people are potentially at risk, reveals new ...

A Sugar Hit to Help Destroy Cancer Cells

Like any cells in the body, cancer cells need sugar ­-- namely glucose -- to fuel cell proliferation and growth. However, researchers have unlocked a weakness in a common type of cancer cell: sugar ...

Immune Properties in Ancient DNA Found in Isolated Villages Might Benefit Humanity Today

Could remnants of DNA from a now extinct human subspecies known as the Denisovans help boost the immune functions of modern humans? An international study represents the first characterizations of ...

Revealed: How Cancer Develops Resistance to Treatment

Researchers reveal the tactic that cancer cells use to adapt and evade ...

Combination Therapy Well-Tolerated and Highly Effective for Patients With IDH1-Mutated AML

A combination therapy of ivosenidib (IVO) plus venetoclax (VEN) with or without azacitidine (AZA) was found to be effective against a specific genetic subtype of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in a ...

Novel Treatment Using Patient's Own Cells Opens New Possibilities to Treat Parkinson's Disease

Reprogramming a patient's own skin cells to replace cells in the brain that are progressively lost during Parkinson's disease has been shown to be technically ...

Genes May Play a Role in Weight Gain from Birth Control

A woman's genetic make-up may cause her to gain weight when using a popular form of birth ...

Overlapping Versions of Our Genetic History Complicate Precision Medicine

The promise of personalized medicine has not fully materialized, say researchers, because the full sophistication of the genetic blueprint has a more complex and far-reaching influence on human ...

Family History Misses Identifying Individuals With High Genetic Risk of CVD or Cancer

Certain genetic changes, termed 'pathogenic variants,' substantially increase risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer--the leading causes of death -- but testing to identify individual ...

Major Trial Shows Breast Cancer Drug Can Hit Prostate Cancer Achilles Heel

A drug already licensed for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancers is more effective than targeted hormone therapy at keeping cancer in check in some men with advanced prostate cancer, a major ...

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