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September 26, 2020

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Most Adults With Lupus or Common Types of Arthritis Have Similar Risks of Getting Admitted to Hospital as Other COVID-19 Patients

Most adults with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are not at increased risk of hospitalization from COVID-19 due to medications used to dampen their altered immune system, the cause of their ...

New Test Method Can Offer Safer Dosages of Hydroxychloroquine

Researchers have developed a new method to measure levels of the medication hydroxychloroquine in patients with the rheumatic disease systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). The analysis method may also ...

Flipping the Script on Novel Cancer Therapy Leads to Insights Into Lupus

In the last decade, scientists discovered that blocking a key regulator of the immune system helped unleash the body's natural defenses against several forms of cancer, opening up a new era of ...

How IL-6 Allows the Immune Response to Develop for a Key Cell, the T Follicular Helper

A preclinical study shows how the interplay of two interleukin signaling proteins, IL-6 and IL-2, affects the development of T follicular helper cells and germinal centers. This interplay may either ...

Therapeutic Strategies for Pregnant Women With Lupus

A highly gender-biased disease, lupus afflicts females some nine times more than males. Because of the disease's unpredictable turns and debilitating flares -- the risks of which are elevated in ...

Blood Clotting Proteins in Urine Discovered as Biomarkers of Lupus Nephritis

Biomedical engineers have discovered blood clotting proteins in the urine of patients with Lupus Nephritis which is the leading cause of death in lupus patients. The new biomarker discovery could ...

B Cells Off Rails Early in Lupus

Scientists could discern that in people with SLE, signals driving expansion and activation are present at an earlier stage of B cell differentiation than previously ...

New Compounds Could Be Used to Treat Autoimmune Disorders

In autoimmune disorders, the body's defense system erroneously attacks normal cells, leading to serious health problems. Researchers have developed new molecules that potentially could be used ...

Discovery May Help Explain Why Women Get Autoimmune Diseases Far More Often Than Men

New evidence points to a key role for a molecular switch called VGLL3 in autoimmune diseases, and the major gap in incidence between women and men. Building on past research showing that women have ...

Early Molecular Signs of High-Risk Pregnancy

Women who have healthy pregnancies tend to show distinct changes in the activities of immune genes starting early in pregnancy, while women who have complicated pregnancies tend to show clear ...

Restoring This Enzyme's Function Protects Against Heart Disease in Lupus and Beyond

Patients with lupus are at increased risk of heart disease. Exposing endothelial cells -- known to protect against heart disease, in part by producing nitric oxide -- to the serum of patients with ...

Inhibiting Cancer-Causing Protein Could Prevent Scleroderma Fibrosis

Examining the autoimmune disease at the molecular level led researchers to a specific molecule that could be contributing to the disease progression in ...

Lupus Strongly Linked to Imbalances in Gut Microbiome

The disease systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) -- marked by the attack on joints, skin, and kidneys by the body's immune system -- is linked to an abnormal mix of bacteria in the ...

Impact of Diet Intervention on Autoimmunity in Mice

Could a change in diet be beneficial to people with autoimmune diseases such as lupus? Researchers have revealed how a dietary intervention can help prevent the development of this autoimmune disease ...

Link Between Autoimmune, Heart Disease Explained in Mice

Autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis more than double the risk of cardiovascular disease. A new study shows that immune cells that arise during autoimmune disease ...

Organs Are Not Just Bystanders, May Be Active Participants in Fighting Autoimmune Disease

Findings from mouse study suggest organs affected by autoimmune disease suppress immune cells using methods similar to those used by cancer cells to evade ...

Fatty Acids Can Slow Down an Overheated Immune System

The STING protein is normally an important part of our immune system, but in some autoimmune diseases it is itself the source of the disease. The pharmaceutical industry is therefore engaged in a ...

Heart MRT Improves Diagnosis of Cardiac Involvement in Lupus

Systemic inflammatory diseases, such as lupus, often cause cardiac damage that goes undetected. Medical researchers have now able to show that cardiac damage can be diagnosed in a patient-friendly ...

Hypertension Drugs Could Prevent Memory Loss in Lupus Patients, Study Suggests

Researchers have discovered that the activation of brain cells called microglia likely contributes to the memory loss and other cognitive impairments suffered by many patients with systemic lupus ...

Immune Cell Dysfunction Linked to Photosensitivity, Study Finds

Researchers have discovered that a type of immune cell known as Langerhans appears to play an important role in photosensitivity, an immune system reaction to sunlight that can trigger severe skin ...

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