Lung Disease News
September 28, 2020

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Blood Clots and Lung Injuries Found in Patients Who Have Died of COVID-19

A new post-mortem study of patients who have died from COVID-19 found severe damage to the lungs and signs of blood clotting in major ...

COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promise in Mouse Studies

A new study has found that the investigational vaccine known as mRNA-1273 protected mice from infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes ...

Wildfire Smoke Has Immediate Harmful Health Effects

Exposure to wildfire smoke affects the body's respiratory and cardiovascular systems almost immediately, according to new ...

COVID-19 Mouse Model Will Speed Search for Drugs, Vaccines

Researchers have developed a mouse model of COVID-19 that is expected to speed up the search for drugs and vaccines for the potentially deadly ...
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COVID-19 Patients Suffer Long-Term Lung and Heart Damage but It Can Improve With Time

Two studies on COVID-19 show that coronavirus patients can suffer long-term lung and heart damage but, for many, this tends to improve over time (findings from first, prospective follow-up of ...

Bronchitis as a Child Predicts Worse Lung Health in Middle Age

People who had bronchitis at least once before the age of seven are more likely to develop lung problems in later life, according to new research. However, the lung diseases they suffer from by the ...

RethiNKing Which Immune Cells Are the Best Weapon Against Lung Cancer

Immune cells called 'natural killer' (NK) cells could be a powerful weapon for fighting lung cancer, according to researchers. Studying preclinical and patient samples of small cell lung ...

Researchers Identify RNA Molecule That Helps Lung Cancer Cells Evade Immune System

Researchers have identified a non-coding RNA molecule that helps lung cancer cells proliferate and avoid being killed by the body's immune cells. The study suggests that targeting this RNA ...

Lung Injuries from Vaping Have Characteristic Patterns on CT

Injuries to the lungs from vaping have suggestive patterns on CT scans that could help physicians make accurate diagnoses and reduce unnecessary biopsies, according to a new ...

New Practice Guidelines on Non-Invasive Ventilation in Chronic Stable Hypercapnic COPD

Medical researchers have released new clinical practice guidelines to help advise clinicians on the optimal management of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and chronic ...

Heavier Smoking Linked to Skyrocketing Health Risks

Each cigarette smoked a day by heavier smokers increases the risk of contracting some diseases by more than 30 per cent, according to a new ...

COVID-19: The Virus and the Vasculature

In severe cases of COVID-19, the infection can lead to obstruction of the blood vessels in the lung, heart and kidneys. Researchers have now shown that activated immune cells and blood platelets play ...

Assembly Within the Tumor Center

Number of macrophages in tumor tissue enables prognosis of lung tumor ...

Blood-Thinner With No Bleeding Side-Effects Is Here

Scientists have developed a synthetic blood-thinner that, unlike all others, doesn't cause bleeding side-effects. The highly potent, highly selective, and highly stable molecule can suppress ...

How Airway Cells Work Together in Regeneration and Aging

Researchers have identified the process by which stem cells in the airways of the lungs switch between two distinct phases -- creating more of themselves and producing mature airway cells -- to ...

Gene-Controlling Mechanisms Play Key Role in Cancer Progression

Researchers have analyzed how epigenomic modifications change as tumors evolve. In a study of mouse lung tumors, the researchers identified 11 chromatin states, or epigenomic states, that cancer ...

Lung Ultrasound Shows Duration, Severity of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

A new study found that lung ultrasound was highly sensitive for detecting abnormalities in patients with coronavirus disease (COVID-19), with B-lines, a thickened pleural line, and pulmonary ...

Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Are Risk Factors for Severe Influenza, COVID-19

Metabolic syndrome increases the risk of severe disease from viral infection, according to a new ...

New Promising Treatment Uses Smart Nanoparticles to Target Lung Cancer

A new and promising approach for treatment of lung cancer has been developed. The treatment combines a novel surgical approach with smart nanoparticles to specifically target lung ...

Cystic Fibrosis: Why So Many Respiratory Complications?

Cystic fibrosis causes severe respiratory and digestive disorders. Despite considerable therapeutic advances, this disease still reduces life expectancy, in particular due to life-threatening ...

Study Identifies Unique Cells That May Drive Lung Fibrosis

This is one of the first comprehensive looks at lung cells using a technology called single-cell RNA sequencing. Instead of examining a mash-up of many cells from a tissue sample, single-cell ...

Shining Light on a Malignant Lung Cancer

Treating a rare type of malignant lung cancer could improve, thanks to near-infrared irradiation and a cancer-targeting ...

A Protein That Helps to Fight Viruses Can Also Block Lung Damage Repair

Researchers have found that a protein which is initially helpful in the body's immune response to a virus, can later interfere with the repair of lung tissue. The work highlights the need for ...

How Targeting Killer T Cells in the Lungs Could Lead to Immunity Against Respiratory Viruses

A significant site of damage during COVID-19 infection is the lungs. Understanding how the lungs' immune cells are responding to viral infections could help scientists develop a vaccine. Now, a ...

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