Hormone Disorders News
September 24, 2020

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COVID-19 May Cause Deadly Blood Clots

COVID-19 may increase the risk of blot cots in women who are pregnant or taking estrogen with birth control or hormone replacement therapy, according to new ...

Researchers Achieve Remote Control of Hormone Release

Using magnetic nanoparticles, scientists stimulate the adrenal gland in rodents to control release of hormones linked to ...

Too Much Caffeine During Pregnancy May Damage Baby's Liver

Having too much caffeine during pregnancy may impair baby's liver development and increase the risk of liver disease in adulthood, according to a new study. Pregnant rats given caffeine had offspring ...

Biology of Leptin, the Hunger Hormone, Revealed

New research offers insight into leptin, a hormone that plays a key role in appetite, overeating, and obesity. The findings advance knowledge about leptin and weight gain, and also suggest a ...
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Skin Lightening Products Linked to Altered Steroid Hormone Levels

Women who misuse corticosteroid creams for cosmetic skin lightening may be at risk of developing adrenal insufficiency, according to new ...

A Gatekeeper Against Insulin Resistance in the Brain

The brain plays a major role in controlling our blood glucose levels. In type 2 diabetes this glucose metabolism brain control is often dysfunctional. A group of scientists has now shown that in men ...

Different Hormone Therapies Affect Brain Function Differently

Sex hormones influence the structure and function of the brain, but little is known about the effect of hormone therapies (HT) on changes in the brain during menopause. A new study shows smaller ...

Single-Cell RNA Seq Developed to Accurately Quantify Cell-Specific Drug Effects in Pancreatic Islets

Researchers have developed a method to accurately assess the effect of specific drugs in isolated pancreatic tissue by using a refined single-cell RNA sequencing method. Their study describes their ...

Killing 'Sleeper Cells' May Enhance Breast Cancer Therapy

The anti-cancer medicine venetoclax could improve the current therapy for estrogen receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer, according to preclinical studies. The promising preclinical results for this ...

Liver Surgery Success Boosted by Growth Hormone

Growth hormone has been identified as playing a key role in reducing inflammation and increasing survival rates following liver ...

World's First Congenital Pituitary Hypoplasia Model Developed Using Patient-Derived iPS Cells

Researchers have developed the world's first congenital pituitary hypoplasia (CPH) model using patient-derived iPS cells. The research group succeeded in using the model to illuminate the ...

Hormone Resistance in Breast Cancer Linked to DNA 'Rewiring'

Researchers have revealed changes to the 3D arrangement of DNA linked to treatment resistance in ER+ breast ...

Could Pancreatitis Be a Stress Hormone Deficiency?

Researchers find that humans and mice with pancreatitis are deficient in a stress hormone called ...

Reducing the Side-Effects of Prostate Hormone Therapy With Exercise

A prescription of short-term exercise for patients with advanced prostate cancer could help to reduce the side-effects of hormone therapy, according to new research. The trial aimed to reduce the ...

New Gene Mutation in Familial Thyroid Cancers

Researchers identified a new gene mutation that may cause a type of familial thyroid cancer. Researchers have said that this mutation is the first and only mutation associated with familial thyroid ...

Driver Found for More Deadly Prostate Cancer

A transcription factor that aids neuron function also appears to enable a cell conversion in the prostate gland that can make an already recurrent cancer even more deadly, scientists ...

What and How Much We Eat Might Change Our Internal Clocks and Hormone Responses

For the first time, a study shows how glucocorticoid hormones, such as cortisol, control sugar and fat levels differently during day and night, feeding and fasting, rest and activity, over the course ...

Stress Hormone Helps Control the Circadian Rhythm of Brain Cells

Researchers have shown how the brain's circadian rhythm in rats is, among other things, controlled by the stress hormone corticosterone -- in humans called cortisol. This has been shown by means ...

Optoacoustic Imaging Shows Potential for Noninvasive Diagnostics for Thyroid Disorders

A novel, noninvasive imaging technique can provide new information about thyroid disorders that will help in evaluation and diagnosis, according to an article featured in the October 2019 issue of ...

Hormone Therapy Associated With Improved Cognition

Estrogen has a significant role in overall brain health and cognitive function. That's why so many studies focused on the prevention of cognitive decline consider the effect of reduced estrogen ...

Gene Mutation in the Chloride Channel Triggers Rare High Blood Pressure Syndrome

When the adrenal gland produces too much aldosterone, this often leads to high blood pressure and kidney damage (hyperaldosteronism). It has only recently emerged that several patients harbor a ...

Researchers Identify Factor Essential for Tendon Growth

Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) is essential for allowing tendons to adapt to physical activity and grow properly, according to basic science research. The findings provide a strong rationale for ...

New Mechanism for Dysfunctional Insulin Release Identified

Researchers have identified a previously unknown mechanism that regulates release of insulin, a hormone that lowers blood glucose levels, from the beta cells of the pancreas. This mechanism is ...

Breast Cancer Can Form 'Sleeper Cells' After Drug Treatment

Breast cancer medicines may force some cancer cells into 'sleeper mode,' allowing them to potentially come back to life years after initial ...

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