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August 7, 2020



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Scientists Discover the Switch That Makes Human Brown Fat Burn Energy

The receptor responsible for activating the energy-burning property of brown fat in humans has been identified. The next step is to investigate drugs that fit the receptor and trigger the response as ...

Some Asthma Drug Can Boost Sprint and Strength Performance in Athletes

A type of asthma drug, known as ß2-agonists, can boost sprint and strength performance in athletes who don't have the respiratory condition, finds a review and pooled data analysis of the available ...

Sweat Science: Engineers Detect Health Markers in Thread-Based, Wearable Sweat Sensors

Engineers have created a first-of-its-kind, flexible electronic sensing patch that can be sewn into clothing to analyze sweat for multiple markers. ...

Pizza Study Shows Body Copes Surprisingly Well With One-Off Calorie Indulgence

Young men can eat twice as much food as they need to feel 'full', research ...
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Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Improved Function of Heart's Arteries

In a pilot study of people living with HIV or high levels of cholesterol, researchers found that a six-week course of a cholesterol-lowering medication improved the function of the coronary arteries ...

Expand School Digital Literacy Lessons to Cover Health Technologies Used by Young People

Young people need more support to navigate the growing number of digital technologies which track and manage their health, say ...

New, Remote Weight-Loss Method Helped Slash Pounds

A new remote weight-loss program, called Opt-IN, provides maximum weight loss for the lowest cost and with much less hassle than the gold-standard National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), the most ...

Physical Activity of Older People Requires Tailored Monitoring

The ability to move about may deteriorate when aging, a phenomenon which needs to be considered when assessing physical activity in older ...

Men and Younger Adults Less Active in Lockdown

New research indicates that men and younger adults have been less physically active during the COVID-19 ...

Increased Risk of Injury in Contact Sports After Prolonged Training Restrictions Due to COVID-19

Athletes who play contact sports are being particularly hard-hit by the prolonged restrictions imposed on games and training, according to a new ...

Why Are the Offspring of Older Mothers Less Fit to Live Long and Prosper?

In a new study in rotifers (microscopic invertebrates), scientists tested the evolutionary fitness of older-mother offspring in several real and simulated environments, including laboratory culture, ...

Lifting Weights Makes Your Nervous System Stronger, Too

Gym-goers may get frustrated when they don't see results from weightlifting right away, but their efforts are not in vain: the first few weeks of training strengthen the nervous system, not ...

60 Minutes of Endurance Training Is Enough to Shift Body Clock in Mice

New research shows that just one 60 minutes bout of exercise shifted the muscle clocks of mice by around an hour in either direction. If this research is replicated in humans, it makes a case for ...

People Who Eat a Late Dinner May Gain Weight

Eating a late dinner may contribute to weight gain and high blood sugar, according to a small ...

Molecular Effects of Exercise Detailed

A simple blood test may be able to determine how physically fit you are, according to a new ...

The Death Marker Protein Cleans Up Your Muscles After Exercise

Researchers have demonstrated that physical activity prompts a clean-up of muscles as the protein ubiquitin tags onto worn-out proteins, causing them to be degraded. This prevents the accumulation of ...

High-Strain Exercise Linked to Very Early Pregnancy Loss

In women with a history of miscarriage, higher levels of physical activity were associated with a greater risk of subclinical, or very early, pregnancy loss, according to new research. Among women ...

Replacing Time Spent Sitting With Sleep or Light Activity May Improve Your Mood

New research found that substituting prolonged sedentary time with sleep was associated with lower stress, better mood and lower body mass index (BMI), and substituting light physical activity was ...

Obesity Not Related to How Close You Live to Fast Food or Gyms

A new study has shown no correlation between obesity and how close you live to fast food restaurants or gyms. Studies from other countries have previously indicated that these factors may be ...

Exercise Improves Memory, Boosts Blood Flow to Brain

Scientists have collected plenty of evidence linking exercise to brain health, with some research suggesting fitness may even improve memory. But what happens during exercise to trigger these ...

High Blood Pressure During and After Exercise May Be Markers for Disease Later in Life

Higher blood pressure during exercise and delayed blood pressure recovery after exercise are associated with a higher risk of hypertension, preclinical and clinical cardiovascular disease and death ...

Repurposed Drug Helps Obese Mice Lose Weight, Improve Metabolic Function

An off-label experiment in mice using disulfiram, which has been used to treat alcohol use disorder for more than 50 years, consistently normalized body weight and reversed metabolic damage in obese ...

Vitamin B3 Revitalizes Energy Metabolism in Muscle Disease

Scientists have reported that vitamin B3, niacin, has therapeutic effect in progressive muscle disease. Niacin delayed disease progression in patients with mitochondrial myopathy, a progressive ...

Coffee Linked to Lower Body Fat in Women

Women who drink two or three cups of coffee a day have been found to have lower total body and abdominal fat than those who drink less, according to a new ...

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