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September 26, 2020

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Vitamin B1 Deficiency a Key Factor in the Development of Alcohol-Related Dementia

A research group has now developed a hypothesis whereby iron deposits in the brain -- resulting from alcohol-induced vitamin B1 deficiency -- can be ...

Are Antivitamins the New Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are among the most important discoveries of modern medicine and have saved millions of lives since the discovery of penicillin almost 100 years ago. However, bacteria can develop ...

Lipoic Acid Supplements Help Some Obese but Otherwise Healthy People Lose Weight

A compound given as a dietary supplement to overweight but otherwise healthy people in a clinical trial caused many of the patients to slim ...

Vitamin D Twice a Day May Keep Vertigo Away

Taking vitamin D and calcium twice a day may reduce your chances of getting vertigo again, according to a new ...
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Time-Restricted Feeding Improves Health Without Altering the Body's Core Clock

For the first time, scientists have studied the early effects of time-restricted feeding on the daily periodic oscillations of metabolites and genes in muscle, and metabolites in blood. The findings ...

Authoritative New Analysis Links Increased Omega-3 Intake to Cardioprotection and Improved Cardiovascular Outcomes

A new study provides the most comprehensive analysis of the role of omega-3 dosage on cardiovascular prevention to date. The meta-analysis, which is an in-depth review of 40 clinical trials, provides ...

Two Amino Acids Are the Marie Kondo of Molecular Liquid Phase Separation

Biologists have identified unique roles for the amino acids arginine and lysine in contributing to molecule liquid phase properties and their ...

Compared to Placebo, Vitamin D Has No Benefit for Severe Asthma Attacks, Study Finds

Contrary to earlier observational results, vitamin D supplements do not prevent severe asthma attacks in at-risk children, according to the first placebo-controlled clinical trial to test this ...

Study Focuses on Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet Effect on Older Populations

Medical researchers noted improvements in body composition, fat distribution and metabolic health in response to an eight-week very low-carbohydrate diet. Older adults with obesity are at ...

Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts a Cut Above for Blood Vessel Health

New research has shown some of our least favorite vegetables could be the most beneficial when it comes to preventing advanced blood vessel ...

The Secret of Lymph: How Lymph Nodes Help Cancer Cells Spread

For decades, physicians have known that many kinds of cancer cells often spread first to lymph nodes before traveling to distant organs through the bloodstream. New research provides insight into why ...

More Fructose in Diet During Pregnancy Impacts Metabolism of Offspring, Animal Study Finds

An increased level of fructose intake during pregnancy can cause significant changes in maternal metabolic function and milk composition and alter the metabolism of their offspring, according to ...

Multivitamin, Mineral Supplement Linked to Less-Severe, Shorter-Lasting Illness Symptoms

Older adults who took a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement with zinc and high amounts of vitamin C in a 12-week study experienced sickness for shorter periods and with less severe symptoms ...

Flipping a Metabolic Switch to Slow Tumor Growth

The enzyme serine palmitoyl-transferase can be used as a metabolically responsive 'switch' that decreases tumor growth, according to a new ...

Discovery Shows Promise for Treating Huntington's Disease

Scientists have identified a new enzyme called 'TBK1' that plays a central role in regulating the degradation and clearance of the huntingtin protein and introduces chemical modifications ...

An Easier Way to Go Veggie: Vitamin B12 Can Be Produced During Dough Fermentation

Grain-based materials fermented with Propionibacterium freudenreichii have enough vitamin B12 to be nutritionally significant. With the help of Lactobacillus brevis in the fermentation process, ...

Computational Gene Study Suggests New Pathway for COVID-19 Inflammatory Response

Researchers used the supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to analyze genes from cells in the lung fluid of nine COVID-19 patients compared with 40 control ...

Low Plasma 25(OH) Vitamin D Level Associated With Increased Risk of COVID-19 Infection

An Israeli population-based study has revealed a significant association of low plasma vitamin D level with the likelihood of COVID-19 infection among patients who were tested for COVID-19, even ...

Mammal Cells Could Struggle to Fight Space Germs

The immune systems of mammals - including humans - might struggle to detect and respond to germs from other planets, new research ...

Food Supplements May Improve Brain Health Among Young Children in Low Income Countries

Giving nutritional supplements to young children in low income countries for around 6 months could improve their brain (cognitive) health, finds a new ...

Scientists Supercharge Shellfish to Tackle Vitamin Deficiency in Humans

Cambridge scientists have developed a new way to fortify shellfish to tackle human nutrient deficiencies which cause severe health problems across the world. The team is now working with major ...

Does Eating Fish Protect Our Brains from Air Pollution?

Older women who eat more than one to two servings a week of baked or broiled fish or shellfish may consume enough omega-3 fatty acids to counteract the effects of air pollution on the brain, ...

Molecular 'Tails' Are Secret Ingredient for Gene Activation in Humans, Yeast, and Other Organisms

Researchers have discovered how diverse forms of life are able to use the same cellular machinery for DNA ...

Researchers Solve a 50-Year-Old Enzyme Mystery

Advanced herbicides and treatments for infection may result from the unraveling of a 50-year-old ...

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