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September 26, 2020

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HPV Strains May Impact Cervical Cancer Prognosis

An analysis of cervical cancers in Ugandan women has uncovered significant genomic differences between tumors caused by different strains of human papillomavirus (HPV), signifying HPV type may impact ...

Microbiome May Hold Key to Identifying HPV-Infected Women at Risk for Pre-Cancer

Gardnerella bacteria in the cervicovaginal microbiome may serve as a biomarker to identify women infected with human papillomavirus (HPV) who are at risk for progression to precancer, according to a ...

Point-of-Care Diagnostic for Detecting Preterm Birth on Horizon

A new study provides a first step toward the development of an inexpensive point-of-care diagnostic test to assess the presence of known risk factors for preterm birth in resource-poor areas. The ...

HPV Immunization Program Cuts Pre-Cancer Rates by More Than Half

A school-based human papillomavirus (HPV) immunization program in British Columbia, Canada, is dramatically reducing rates of cervical pre-cancer in B.C. women, according to a new ...

Cancer Data Provide Insights Into Occurrence, Overdiagnosis, and Treatment Advances

Investigators analyzed 40 years of cancer burden data and examined patterns of incidence and mortality for various cancers, finding examples for which incidence and mortality moved in concert and ...

Papillomaviruses May Be Able to Be Spread by Blood

Researchers found that rabbit and mouse papillomaviruses could be transferred by blood to their respective hosts, raising the possibility that human papillomavirus (HPV) may also be transferable by ...

New Technique Isolates Placental Cells for Non-Invasive Genetic Testing

A new technique for isolating cells carrying the full fetal genome from cervical swabs could enable doctors to diagnose genetic disorders without using needles to harvest cells from the ...

A New Choice for Young Women With Pre-Cancerous Cervical Disease

A single test for women has been shown to aid in predicting which cases of precancerous cervical disease will become more serious, helping with decisions on whether or not surgery is needed, ...

Microfluidic Array Catches, Holds Single Cervical Cells for Faster Screening

Several screening tests for cervical cancer have been developed in recent years. One technique uses immunofluorescent staining to determine the levels of biomarkers to indicate a cell is undergoing ...

One Dose of HPV Vaccine May Be Enough

One dose of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has comparable effectiveness to 2 or 3 doses for preventing cervical pre-cancer, according to a new ...

Using Facts to Promote Cancer Prevention on Social Media Is More Effective Than Anecdotes

Clear information from trusted organizations has greater reach on social media than personal ...

Urine Test Could Prevent Cervical Cancer, Study Finds

Urine testing may be as effective as the smear test at preventing cervical cancer, according to new ...

Experimental Therapy Completely Clears HPV in One-Third of Cervical Cancer Precursors

A potential new immune-based therapy to treat precancers in the cervix completely eliminated both the lesion and the underlying HPV infection in a third of women enrolled in a clinical ...

Routine HPV Vaccination Linked to Dramatic Reduction in Cervical Disease Among Young Women

Routine vaccination of girls aged 12 or 13 years with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in Scotland has led to a dramatic reduction in cervical disease in later life, finds a new ...

Older Women Have the Highest Risk of Dying from Cervical Cancer

New research shows that women aged 65 and older have a higher risk of dying from cervical cancer than previously thought -- although this age group is not covered by the Danish screening ...

Mathematicians Reveal Secret to Human Sperm's Swimming Prowess

Researchers have discovered that a reinforcing outer-layer which coats the tails of human sperm is what gives them the strength to make the powerful rhythmic strokes needed to break through the ...

Cervical Microbiome May Promote High-Grade Precancerous Lesions

Infections with a Human Papillomavirus (HPV) cause 99 percent of cervical cancer cases, and the disease's first sign is often the appearance of precancerous lesions on a woman's cervix. But ...

Flu, Flu-Like Illnesses Linked to Increased Risk of Stroke, Neck Artery Tears

Flu-like illnesses are associated with an increased risk of stroke and neck artery dissection. The risk of stroke and neck artery dissections are greatest within a month of a flu-like ...

AI Approach Outperformed Human Experts in Identifying Cervical Precancer

A research team has developed a computer algorithm that can analyze digital images of a woman's cervix and accurately identify precancerous changes that require medical attention. This ...

Low Cervical Cancer Screening Rates

The percentage of women who are screened for cervical cancer may be far lower than national data suggests, according to a recent ...

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