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August 10, 2020



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DNA Damage to Breast Cells from Chemicals in Some Cosmetics, Sunscreens

A new approach to studying the effects of two common chemicals used in cosmetics and sunscreens found they can cause DNA damage in breast cells at surprisingly low concentrations, while the same dose ...

Possible Link Between Sugary Drinks and Cancer

Findings from a new study suggest that limiting sugary drinks might contribute to a reduction in cancer cases, say ...

Bone Cells Suppress Cancer Metastases

A subpopulation of bone cells releases factors that can halt the growth of breast cancer that's traveled to the bone, putting the cells in ...

Cancer Screening Rates Decline When Patients See Doctors Later in Day

Decision fatigue and doctors falling behind schedule may lead to lower cancer screening rates, a new study ...
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Triple Negative Breast Cancer Meets Its Match

One member of a larger family of oxygen sensing enzymes could offer a viable target for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), researchers report in a new study. The findings might offer hope to this ...

'Terminator' Protein Halts Cancer-Causing Cellular Processes

New research finds that a protein called TiPARP acts as a terminator for several cancer-causing transcription factors, including HIF-1, which is implicated in many cancers, including breast cancer. ...

Association Between Outdoor Light at Night and Breast Cancer Risk Among Postmenopausal Women

Outdoor light at night was linked to a higher risk of breast cancer in a recent ...

A Satisfying Romantic Relationship May Improve Breast Cancer Survivors' Health

Breast cancer survivors in romantic relationships who feel happy and satisfied with their partners may be at lower risk for a host of health problems, new research ...

Scientists Find a Switch to Flip and Turn Off Breast Cancer Growth and Metastasis

Researchers have identified a gene that causes an aggressive form of breast cancer to rapidly grow. More importantly, they have also discovered a way to ''turn it off'' and ...

Cancer Researchers Locate Drivers of Tumor Resistance

How do tumors change their behavior and resist anticancer therapies? Cancer biologists have documented genetic signals that promote the conversion of cancer cells into those that resist ...

Genome Study Links DNA Changes to the Risks of Specific Breast Cancer Subtypes

An analysis of genetic studies covering 266,000 women has revealed 32 new sites on the human genome where variations in DNA appear to alter the risks of getting breast ...

Killing 'Sleeper Cells' May Enhance Breast Cancer Therapy

The anti-cancer medicine venetoclax could improve the current therapy for estrogen receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer, according to preclinical studies. The promising preclinical results for this ...

Family History Misses Identifying Individuals With High Genetic Risk of CVD or Cancer

Certain genetic changes, termed 'pathogenic variants,' substantially increase risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer--the leading causes of death -- but testing to identify individual ...

New Type of Immune Cell Discovered in Breast Ducts

Breast cancer researchers have discovered a new type of immune cell that helps to keep breast tissue healthy by regulating a vital process within mammary ducts - the sites where milk is produced and ...

Key to the Survival of Dormant Breast Cancer Cells

Trying to understand why dormant breast cancer cells survive despite being starved of estrogen to prevent growth, researchers found that breakdown of fat to produce energy supports cancer cell ...

Experimental Drug Offers Hope for Preventing Cancer Relapse

A drug that is well-tolerated in patients and prevents cancer coming back in mice has been ...

Researchers Describe Possible Mechanism for Link Between Obesity and Breast Cancer

It is widely accepted that higher levels of body fat increase the risk of developing breast cancer, as well as other cancers. A new article proposes a unique theory that a protein secreted by fat ...

Cancer Scientists Aim to Use Protein Power to Stop Tumor Growth

Scientists have created a new therapy option that may help halt tumor growth in certain cancers such as prostate, which is among the most common types of cancer in ...

Fiber Consumption Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Consuming a diet high in fiber was linked with a reduced incidence of breast cancer in an analysis of all relevant prospective ...

Experiments in Mice and Human Cells Shed Light on Best Way to Deliver Nanoparticle Therapy for Cancer

Researchers in the cancer nanomedicine community debate whether use of tiny structures, called nanoparticles, can best deliver drug therapy to tumors passively -- allowing the nanoparticles to ...

Tomosynthesis Outperforms Digital Mammography in Five-Year Study

A new study has found that the advantages of digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) over digital mammography (DM), including increased cancer detection and fewer false positive findings, are maintained ...

Starve a Tumor, Feed a Cell: How Cancers Can Resist Drugs

With drug resistance a major challenge in the fight against cancer, a discovery by biologists could offer new approaches to overcoming the obstacle. Their research reveals that a mechanism enabling ...

New Study Associates Intake of Dairy Milk With Greater Risk of Breast Cancer

Intake of dairy milk is associated with a greater risk of breast cancer in women -- up to 80% depending on the amount consumed -- according to a new ...

New Tech Takes Radiation out of Cancer Screening

Researchers have developed a new, inexpensive technology that could save lives and money by routinely screening women for breast cancer without exposure to radiation. The system uses harmless ...

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