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September 28, 2020

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Transferrin Identified as Potential Contributor to COVID-19 Severity

Researchers have identified that a glycoprotein known as transferrin may critically contribute to severe forms of ...

Study Suggests Increased Risks for COVID-19 Patients Who Smoke, Vape

A new review looks at the effect that smoking and vaping may have on the cerebrovascular and neurological systems of COVID-19 ...

Pulmonary Embolism and COVID-19

Researchers say early diagnosis of a life-threatening blood clot in the lungs led to swifter treatment intervention in COVID-19 patients. A new study finds that 51 percent of patients found to have a ...

How Spaceflight Affects Risk of Blood Clots in Female Astronauts

A study of female astronauts has assessed the risk of blood clots associated with spaceflight. The study examines the potential risk factors for developing a blood clot (venous thromboembolism) in ...

Blood Clotting a Significant Cause of Death in Patients With COVID-19

A new study has found that Irish patients admitted to hospital with severe COVID-19 infection are experiencing abnormal blood clotting that contributes to death in some ...

Higher Thrombus Risk in Men With Obesity in Adolescence

Men with a history of obesity in their late teens are, in adult life are more at risk of a blood clot (thrombus) in a leg or lung, according to a new study. The risk rises successively and is highest ...

New Research Highlights Blood Clot Dangers of COVID-19

A special report published today in the journal Radiology outlines prevention, diagnosis and treatment of complications stemming from blood clots in patients with COVID-19. The journal also published ...

Muscle Protein Abundant in the Heart Plays Key Role in Blood Clotting During Heart Attack

A prevalent heart protein known as cardiac myosin, which is released into the body when a person suffers a heart attack, can cause blood to thicken or clot -- worsening damage to heart tissue, a new ...

Ultimate Telemedicine: Expert Helps Treat Astronaut's Blood Clot During NASA Mission

An astronaut aboard the ISS had a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) -- or blood clot -- in the jugular vein of the neck and had it treated while on the ...

New Spray Gel Could Help Take the Bite out of Frostbite

Mountaineers and winter sports enthusiasts know the dangers of frostbite -- the tissue damage that can occur when extremities, such as the nose, ears, fingers and toes, are exposed to very cold ...

'Smart' Surfaces to Help Blood-Vessel Grafts Knit Better, More Safely

Researchers have created a new coating to prevent clotting and infection in synthetic vascular grafts, while also accelerating the body's own process for integrating the grafted ...

Treating Pulmonary Embolism: How Safe and Effective Are New Devices?

A new scientific statement identifies the risks and benefits of novel interventional devices compared to anticoagulation alone in the treatment of patients with pulmonary embolism. Authors conclude ...

Cellular Senescence Is Associated With Age-Related Blood Clots

Cells that become senescent irrevocably stop dividing under stress, spewing out a mix of inflammatory proteins that lead to chronic inflammation as more and more of the cells accumulate over time. ...

Lab-on-a-Chip Drives Search for New Drugs to Prevent Blood Clots

The effectiveness of current anti-clotting medication can be limited due to the risk of complications. This is driving a need for alternatives that can both prevent the formation of blood clots and ...

Blood Clotting Factors May Help Fight Multi-Drug Resistant Superbugs

Coagulation factors, which are involved in blood clotting after injury, may offer new strategies for fighting multidrug-resistant bacteria, according to a new ...

Excess Weight and Body Fat Cause Cardiovascular Disease

In the first Mendelian randomization study to look at this, researchers have found evidence that excess weight and body fat cause a range of heart and blood vessel diseases, rather than just being ...

Targeting Inflammation to Better Understand Dangerous Blood Clots

Forty percent of people who develop venous thromboembolism don't know what caused it. New preclinical research further explores inflammation's role in inciting the ...

Presence of Oral Bacteria in Cerebral Emboli of Stroke Patients

Researchers have shown for the first time that the cerebral emboli of stroke patients contain DNA from oral ...

Experimental Antiplatelet Compound for Acute Stroke Shows Promise

An experimental compound inhibited clot formation without increased bleeding, a common side effect of current anticlotting therapies, in a phase I study. First-in-human study shows the anticlotting ...

Gene-Based Factor VIIa Prevents Bleeding Episodes in Animals With Hemophilia

Hematology researchers have further refined how a treatment currently used on an urgent basis to control bleeding in hemophilia patients holds promise as a preventive treatment as well. A study in ...

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