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September 26, 2020

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Novel Device to Improve Performance of Underactive Bladders

Researchers have developed a new device that can monitor bladder volume in real-time and effectively empty the ...

Standard Pathology Tests Outperform Molecular Subtyping in Bladder Cancer

While trying to develop a comparatively easy, inexpensive way to give physicians and their patients with bladder cancer a better idea of likely outcome and best treatment options, scientists found ...

Anthrax May Be the Next Tool in the Fight Against Bladder Cancer

Researchers have come up with a way to combine the anthrax toxin with a growth factor to kill bladder cancer cells and ...

Oxygen in Hyperbaric Chamber Provides Relief After Radiotherapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can relieve self-reported symptoms and side-effects of radiotherapy against cancer in the pelvic region, a study shows. After 30-40 sessions in a hyperbaric chamber, ...

More Evidence Linking Common Bladder Medication to a Vision-Threatening Eye Condition

A drug widely prescribed for a bladder condition for decades, now appears to be toxic to the retina, the light sensing tissue at the back of the eye that allows us to ...

UTI Discovery May Lead to New Treatments

Sufferers of recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) could expect more effective treatments. UTIs are one of the most common bacterial ...

Technique Using Urine Suggest Individualize Bladder Cancer Treatment Possible

Researchers have devised a very promising non-invasive and individualized technique for detecting and treating bladder cancer. The method uses a 'liquid biopsy' -- a urine specimen -- ...

Advantages for Stress Urinary Incontinence Surgery

One of the most commonly performed surgeries to treat stress urinary incontinence in women may have better long-term results than another common surgical technique, according to a new study. The ...

Bacteria's Role in Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

A new finding shows that several species of bacteria reside in bladder tissue of postmenopausal women who experience recurrent urinary tract infections (RUTIs). The results represent the first ...

How Do Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises Reduce Overactive Bladder Symptoms?

Overactive bladder (OAB) is a common form of urinary incontinence that is widely treated with pelvic floor muscle (PFM) training. A new laboratory study lends insights into how PFM training works: by ...

Drinking More Water Reduces Bladder Infections in Women, Study Finds

Drinking an additional 1.5 liters of water daily can reduce recurring bladder infections in premenopausal women by nearly half, a yearlong study of otherwise healthy women with a history of repeated ...

Targeting This Key Bacterial Molecule Could Reduce the Need for Antibiotics

Scientists have shown that cellulose serves a mortar-like role to enhance the adhesion of bacteria to bladder cells, causing urinary tract ...

Researchers Compare Chemotherapy Regimens for Best Outcomes in Invasive Bladder Cancer

Patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer have been shown to benefit from chemotherapy prior to surgical removal of the bladder. But which type of chemotherapy leads to the best outcomes in terms ...

New Way to Break Cancer's Vicious Cycle

This study reveals how some tumors fuel their own growth and how stopping this vicious cycle could lead to new ...

Neuroscientists Restore Significant Bladder Control to 5 Men With Spinal Cord Injuries

Magnetic stimulation of the lower spinal cord through the skin enabled five men with spinal-cord injuries to recover significant urination control for up to two weeks. The new approach could enhance ...

Prostate Cancer Ultrasound Treatment as Effective as Surgery or Radiotherapy

Using high energy ultrasound beams to destroy prostate cancer tumours may be as effective as surgery or radiotherapy, but with fewer side ...

New Findings on Bacteria in Female Bladders

A new study has found that the female bladder not only contains bacteria, but the microbes are similar to those found in the vagina. The finding could lead to improved diagnostic tests and treatments ...

Experimental Drug Restores Some Bladder Function After Spinal Cord Injury, Study Finds

An experimental drug that blocks abnormal neural communication after spinal cord injury could one day be the key to improving quality of life by improving bladder function, new research ...

Olfactory Receptor as Therapeutic Target in Bladder Cancer

Researchers have detected an olfactory receptor in the human bladder that might prove useful for bladder cancer therapy and ...

Organoids Created from Patients' Bladder Cancers Could Guide Treatment

Researchers have created patient-specific bladder cancer organoids that mimic many of the characteristics of actual tumors. The use of organoids, tiny 3-D spheres derived from a patient's own ...

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