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August 15, 2020



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Study Explores the Association of Malaria, HIV With Anemia During Pregnancy

Pregnant women from sub-Saharan Africa with malaria and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have a higher prevalence of anemia than pregnant women without infections, according to researchers. The ...

Scientists Identify Immune Cells Linked to Malaria-Induced Anemia Through Autoantibody Production

An autoimmune attack on uninfected red blood cells likely contributes to anemia -- a shortage of red blood cells -- in people with ...

Protein in Blood Protects Against Neuronal Damage After Brain Hemorrhage

Patients who survive a cerebral hemorrhage may suffer delayed severe brain damage caused by free hemoglobin, which comes from red blood cells and damages neurons. Researchers have now discovered a ...

The Way Sickle Cells Form May Be Key to Stopping Them

Chemists are reporting a new finding on how sickle cells are formed, which may lead not only to stopping their formation, but to new avenues for making uniformly-sized nanoparticles for ...

To Be or Not to Be a White Blood Cell, That Is the Question

Japanese scientists have revealed a biological 'switch' that influences whether an immature blood cell would develop into a red blood cell or a subtype of white blood cell called myeloid ...

Scientists Identify Potential Drug Target in Blood-Feeding Hookworms

In hookworms that infect and feed on the blood of mice, scientists have discovered a key step in blood digestion that can be targeted to disrupt the parasite's development and ...

Risk of Maternal Death Doubled in Pregnant Women With Anemia

Pregnant women with anemia are twice as likely to die during or shortly after pregnancy compared to those without the condition, according to a major international ...

A Breakthrough in Our Understanding of How Red Blood Cells Develop

For the first time, cellular machines called ribosomes -- which create proteins in every cell of the body -- have been linked to blood stem cell differentiation. The findings have revealed a ...

Relatively Unknown Gene Linked to Early Emergence of Blood Diseases

Researchers have discovered the contribution of a specific gene in the proper development of blood cells that give rise to hematopoietic stem cells. The findings identify a potential target for the ...

Anemia Discovery Offers New Targets to Treat Fatigue in Millions

Researchers have discovered an unknown biological process that controls the production of vital cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. The discovery could help doctors develop new treatments ...

New Quick, Portable Test for Iron, Vitamin A Deficiency Could Save Lives

Engineers and nutritionists have created a swift solution for a challenging global health problem: a low-cost, rapid test to detect iron and vitamin A deficiencies at the point of ...

Definitive Global Transfusion Study Supports Patient Safety, Positive Patient Outcomes

Lower thresholds for blood transfusions during cardiac surgery have proven to be safe and provide good patient outcomes compared to traditional thresholds, according to the largest research study ...

New Portable Blood Analyzer Could Improve Anemia Detection Worldwide

To reduce the burden of anemia, health officials need a better picture of the disease's global impact, an understanding made viable by a portable and affordable way to analyze blood. Researchers ...

Long-Term Follow-Up After Weight-Loss Surgery Finds High Rate of Anemia

Researchers found a high rate of anemia 10 years after patients received Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, suggesting that long-term follow-up with a bariatric specialist is important to lessen the risk for ...

Astronauts Don't Develop Anemia During Spaceflight, NASA Study Suggests

Space flight anemia -- the reduction of circulating red blood cells during time spent in space -- is an established phenomenon, but it may not be a major concern during long-duration space missions, ...

How Immature Cells Grow Up to Be Red Blood Cells

Researchers have identified the mechanism behind red blood cell specialization and revealed that it is controlled by an enzyme called UBE2O. This finding could spark the development of new treatments ...

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