Accident and Trauma News
October 21, 2020

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New Clues About the Link Between Stress and Depression

Researchers have identified a protein in the brain that is important both for the function of the mood-regulating substance serotonin and for the release of stress hormones, at least in mice. The ...

Reasons for Soccer Injuries

If professional footballers are out of action due to injuries, this can have serious consequences for the club. However, in order to avoid injuries, it is important to know how exactly and in which ...

Concussion Discovery Reveals Dire, Unknown Effect of Even Mild Brain Injuries

Even mild concussions cause severe and long-lasting impairments in the brain's ability to clean itself, and this may seed it for Alzheimer's, ...

Simultaneous Stimulation Helped a Spinal Cord Injury Patient Regain the Ability to Walk

The first promising results have been achieved in the application of synchronized electrical and magnetic stimulation therapy when rehabilitating a ...
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Head and Neck Injuries Make Up Nearly 28 Percent of All Electric Scooter Accident Injuries

A new study is sounding the alarm on the rise of electric scooter injuries, and particularly head and neck injuries, since the 2017 introduction of e-scooter rideshare programs in urban ...

Can Mobile Tech Offer New Pathways to Improve Recovery from Serious Traumatic Injuries?

Serious traumatic injuries are a health event that can begin a trajectory toward chronic health and social challenges. Research on patient outcomes following traumatic injuries establishes the ...

Concussions Are a Risk for Young Athletes in All Sports -- Not Just Football, Study Finds

A recent study suggests that high school athletes competing, not only in football, but other sports are at risk for concussion and may need longer recovery time than previously ...

As Domestic Violence Spikes, Many Victims and Their Children Have Nowhere to Live

COVID-19 has left many victims of domestic violence facing difficulties feeding their children and accessing services for safe housing, transportation and childcare once they leave shelters, ...

New Study Documents Increasing Frequency, Cost, and Severity of Gunshot Wounds

The rise in firearm violence has coincided with an increase in the severity of injuries firearms inflict as well as the cost of ...

Study Finds ATV-Related Head and Neck Injuries Among Youth Continue to Remain High

A new study analyzed data regarding ATV-related head and neck injuries treated in U.S. emergency departments from 1990 through 2014 involving patients younger than 18 years of ...

Traditional PTSD Therapy Doesn't Trigger Drug Relapse

Researchers have now demonstrated that behavior therapy that exposes people to memories of their trauma doesn't cause relapses of opioid or other drug use, and that PTSD severity and emotional ...

Domestic Violence Increased in the Great Recession

Researchers found that physical abuse in adults increased substantially, with Black and Native American people being disproportionately ...

Long-Studied Protein Could Be a Measure of Traumatic Brain Injury

Scientists have recently demonstrated that cathepsin B, a well-studied protein important to brain development and function, can be used as biomarker, or indicator of severity, for TBI. TBI trauma ...

Whole Body Scans for Trauma Patients Saves Time Spent in Emergency Departments

A new study by a medical imaging student may have found the solution to easing hospital ramping and crowded emergency ...

Surge in Domestic Child Abuse During Pandemic, Reports Specialist UK Children's Hospital

There has been a surge in domestic child abuse during the coronavirus pandemic, suggests the experience of one specialist UK children's ...

Ladder Falls Have Long-Lasting Consequences for Older Men

In the world's first study of long-term impacts from ladder falls, researchers have found half of fallers experience a deterioration in their psychological well-being for at least six months ...

Repeated Head Impacts Associated With Later-Life Depression Symptoms, Worse Cognitive Function

In the largest study of its kind, an association has been found in living patients exposed to repetitive head impacts and difficulties with cognitive functioning and depression years or decades ...

EMS Calls Have Dropped 26 Percent Nationwide in U.S. Since the Start of the Pandemic

Since early March and the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, 911 calls for emergency medical services have dropped by 26.1 percent compared to the past two ...

Reducing the Damage of a Heart Attack

Cardiology researchers have discovered how a key protein can help the heart regulate oxygen and blood flow and repair ...

Research Delves Into Causes of Nightmares That Shadow Female Survivors of Sexual Trauma

A new study attempts to shed light on triggers of post-trauma nightmare occurrences -- a topic that has received scant ...

Reducing Severe Breathlessness and Psychological Trauma in COVID-19 ARDS Survivors

A new paper examines ventilation and medication strategies that can help avoid psychological trauma for severe COVID-19 survivors treated for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) with ...

Expression of Certain Genes May Affect Vulnerability to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

A new study suggest that whether certain genes are expressed may play a role in susceptibility to post-traumatic stress disorder ...

Pandemic Likely to Cause Long-Term Health Problems, Study Finds

The coronavirus pandemic's life-altering effects are likely to result in lasting physical and mental health consequences for many people -- particularly those from vulnerable populations, a new ...

'Cell Pores' Discovery Gives Hope to Millions of Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Scientists have discovered a new treatment to dramatically reduce swelling after brain and spinal cord injuries, offering hope to 75 million victims worldwide each ...

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