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July 16, 2020



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Road Verges Could Be Havens for Pollinators

Better-managed road verges can help boost pollinating insects, new research ...

Tree Rings Show Unprecedented Rise in Extreme Weather in South America

A new South American Drought Atlas reveals that unprecedented widespread, intense droughts and unusually wet periods have been on the rise since the mid-20th ...

How to Tackle Climate Change, Food Security and Land Degradation

How can some of world's biggest problems -- climate change, food security and land degradation -- be tackled simultaneously? Some lesser-known options, such as integrated water management and ...

Scientists Shed New Light on How Seabirds Cruise Through Air and Water

New insight on how four species of seabirds have developed the ability to cruise through both air and water has just been ...
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Socio-Economic, Environmental Impacts of COVID-19 Quantified

How is COVID-19 impacting people and the planet and what are the implications for a post-pandemic world? A new study quantifies the socio-economic losses and environmental ...

Technique Fishes Valuable Nutrients out of Shrimp Processing Water

The seafood industry requires large amounts of water for food processing. Before used water is discharged, some organic matter, including protein, is typically removed. This sludge is usually ...

Atmospheric Processes Likely Caused Puzzling Haze Over China During COVID-19 Shutdown

New research indicates that significant enhancement of secondary aerosol formed in the atmosphere via gas-to-particle conversion, together with long-lasting regional transport, may be the cause of ...

Ancient Maya Reservoirs Contained Toxic Pollution

Reservoirs in the heart of an ancient Maya city were so polluted with mercury and algae that the water likely was undrinkable. Researchers found toxic levels of pollution in two central reservoirs in ...

More Evidence of Causal Link Between Air Pollution and Early Death

Strengthening U.S. air quality standards for fine particulate pollution to be in compliance with current World Health Association (WHO) guidelines could save more than 140,000 lives over the course ...

Traffic Density, Wind and Air Stratification Influence Concentrations of Air Pollutant NO2

Traffic density is the most important factor for much the air pollutant nitrogen dioxide (NO2). However, weather also has an influence, according to a new study, which evaluated the influence of ...

Measuring Air Pollution Could Help London Transport Planners Fight COVID-19

Measuring air quality across London could help fight COVID-19 by providing a rapid means of deciding whether to reduce public transport movement -- given strong links between exposure to air ...

Wildfire Smoke Has Immediate Harmful Health Effects

Exposure to wildfire smoke affects the body's respiratory and cardiovascular systems almost immediately, according to new ...

Air Pollution Major Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Regardless of Country Income

From low-income countries to high-income countries, long-term exposure to fine particulate outdoor air pollution is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease and death, a new study found. But ...

Wet Wipes and Sanitary Products Found to Be Microplastic Pollutants in Irish Waters

Researchers have carried out a study on the contribution of widely flushed personal care textile products (wet wipes and sanitary towels) to the ocean plastic ...

Decline in Green Energy Spending Might Offset COVID-Era Emissions Benefits

Researchers have documented short-term environmental benefits during the COVID-19-related lockdown, but that silver lining could be far outweighed by a long-term decline on clean energy investments, ...

Artificial Night Sky Poses Serious Threat to Coastal Species

A study shows the presence of artificial light originating from cities several kilometers away (also known as artificial skyglow) disrupts the lunar compass species use when covering long ...

Human Activity on Rivers Outpaces, Compounds Effects of Climate Change

The livelihoods of millions of people living along the world's biggest river systems are under threat by a range of stressors caused by the daily economic, societal and political activity of ...

Women Commuting During Rush Hour Are Exposed to Higher Levels of Pollutants

Studies have shown associations between exposure to traffic-related air pollution and adverse health outcomes, including preterm birth and low birthweight. A new study finds higher exposure to ...

Air Quality Impacts Early Brain Development

Does living close to roadways pose a risk to the developing brain? A study found a link between traffic-related air pollution and an increased risk for changes in brain development relevant to ...

Why the Mediterranean Is a Climate Change Hotspot

A new analysis uncovers the basis of the severe rainfall declines predicted by many ...

Half of the World's Population Exposed to Increasing Air Pollution

Half of the world's population is exposed to increasing air pollution, new research has ...

New Species Extinction Target Proposed for Global Nature Rescue Plan

A scientist proposes a prominent political target to give discussions of species conservation more vigor. Together with a group of experts from other research institutions, he proposes to limit ...

Exposure to Air Pollution Impairs Cellular Energy Metabolism

Exposure to air particulate matter impairs the metabolism of olfactory mucosal cells, according to a recent study. The results can contribute to a better understanding of how air pollutants may harm ...

Radioactive Cloud Over Europe Had Civilian Background

A mysterious cloud containing radioactive ruthenium-106, which moved across Europe in 2017, is still bothering Europe's radiation protection entities. German researchers now found out that the ...

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