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August 15, 2020



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Arizona Rock Core Sheds Light on Triassic Dark Ages

A rock core from Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, has given scientists a powerful new tool to understand how catastrophic events shaped Earth's ecosystems before the rise of the dinosaurs. ...

New Insight Into the Origin of Water on Earth

Scientists have found the interstellar organic matter could produce an abundant supply of water by heating, suggesting that organic matter could be the source of terrestrial ...

Evolution After Chicxulub Asteroid Impact: Rapid Response of Life to End-Cretaceous Mass

The impact event that formed the Chicxulub crater (Yucatán Peninsula, México) caused the extinction of 75% of species on Earth 66 million years ...
There has been considerable debate over how the Moon was formed. The popular hypothesis contends that the Moon was formed by ...
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Water, Carbon and Nitrogen Were Not Immediately Supplied to Earth

Scientists present important new findings regarding the origin of oceans and life on Earth. Measurements on the oldest preserved mantle rocks from Greenland show that -- contrary to previous ...

Asteroid Impact Enriches Certain Elements in Seawater

Researchers found two processes immediately after the end-Cretaceous asteroid impact that likely supplied chalcophile elements to the ocean, i.e., impact heating and acid rain. The former produced ...

Ancient Meteorite Site on Earth Could Reveal New Clues About Mars' Past

Scientists have devised new analytical tools to break down the enigmatic history of Mars' atmosphere -- and whether life was once possible there. It could help astrobiologists understand the ...

Earth Formed Much Faster Than Previously Thought, New Study Shows

By measuring iron isotopes, researchers have shown that our planet originally formed much faster than previously thought. This finding provides new insights on both planetary formation and the ...

How to Deflect an Asteroid

Engineers devise a decision map to identify the best mission type to deflect an incoming ...

Meteorites Reveal High Carbon Dioxide Levels on Early Earth

Tiny meteorites no larger than grains of sand hold new clues about the atmosphere on ancient Earth, according to ...

Earth's Oldest Asteroid Strike Linked to 'Big Thaw'

Scientists have discovered Earth's oldest asteroid strike occurred at Yarrabubba, in outback Western Australia, and coincided with the end of a global deep freeze known as a Snowball Earth. The ...

Astronomers Reveal Interstellar Thread of One of Life's Building Blocks

Phosphorus is an essential element for life as we know it. But how it arrived on the early Earth is something of a mystery. Astronomers have now traced the journey of phosphorus from star-forming ...

Meteorite Contains the Oldest Material on Earth: 7-Billion-Year-Old Stardust

Scientists have discovered the oldest solid material on Earth: 7-billion-year-old stardust trapped inside a meteorite. This stardust provides evidence for a 'baby boom' of new stars that ...

Shocked Meteorites Provide Clues to Earth's Lower Mantle

An international team of scientists have completed a complex analysis of a ''shocked meteorite'' and gained new insight into Earth's lower ...

Fireballs: Mail from Space

The analysis of fireball observations in large datasets can be made much quicker with the help of a neat mathematical ...

Earth Was Stressed Before Dinosaur Extinction

By measuring the chemistry of fossilized seashells collected in Antarctica, researchers discovered that Earth was already experiencing carbon cycle instability before the asteroid impact that wiped ...

Extra-Terrestrial Impacts May Have Triggered 'Bursts' of Plate Tectonics

When -- and how -- Earth's surface evolved from a hot, primordial mush into a rocky planet continually resurfaced by plate tectonics remain some of the biggest unanswered questions in earth ...

Wolfe Creek Crater Younger Than Previously Thought

Wolfe Creek Crater, one of the world's largest meteorite craters, is much younger than previously ...

First Evidence of Bio-Essential Sugars in Meteorites

A new study has discovered meteorites containing RNA sugar, ribose, and other bio-important sugars; the first direct evidence of bio-essential sugars' delivery from space to the ...

Did an Extraterrestrial Impact Trigger the Extinction of Ice-Age Animals?

Based on research at White Pond near Elgin, South Carolina, archaeologists present new evidence of a controversial theory that suggests an extraterrestrial body crashing to Earth almost 13,000 years ...

New Study Underpins the Idea of a Sudden Impact Killing Off Dinosaurs and Much of the Other Life

Fossil remains of tiny calcareous algae not only provide information about the end of the dinosaurs, but also show how the oceans recovered after the fatal asteroid ...

Mars Once Had Salt Lakes Similar to Those on Earth

Mars once had salt lakes that are similar to those on Earth and has gone through wet and dry ...

African Evidence Support Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis

A team of scientists from South Africa has discovered evidence partially supporting a hypothesis that Earth was struck by a meteorite or asteroid 12,800 years ago, leading to global consequences ...

Dust from a Giant Asteroid Crash Caused an Ancient Ice Age

About 466 million years ago, long before the age of the dinosaurs, the Earth froze. The seas began to ice over at the Earth's poles, and new species evolved with the new temperatures. The cause ...

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