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September 28, 2020

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Skeletal Study Suggests at Least 11 Fish Species Are Capable of Walking

An international team of scientists has identified at least 11 species of fish suspected to have land-walking ...

Past Rapid Warming Levels in the Arctic Associated With Widespread Climate Changes

Using Greenland ice cores, new research is the first to confirm the longstanding assumption that climate changes between the tropics and the Arctic ...

What Happens in Vegas, May Come from the Arctic?

Ancient climate records from Leviathan Cave, located in the southern Great Basin, show that Nevada was even hotter and drier in the past than it is today, and that one 4,000-year period in particular ...

Earliest Humans Stayed at the Americas 'Oldest Hotel' in Mexican Cave

A cave in a remote part of Mexico was visited by humans around 30,000 years ago - 15,000 years earlier than people were previously thought to have reached the Americas. Excavations of Chiquihuite ...
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Game-Based Virtual Archaeology Field School

Before they can get started at their field site - a giant cave studded with stalactites, stalagmites and human artifacts -- 15 undergraduate students must figure out how to use their virtual hands ...

Illumination Drives Bats out of Caves

Researchers have investigated how the illumination of bat caves affects the animals' behavior and whether the color of light makes a difference on their flight. Although red light irritates the ...

Human Migration out of Africa May Have Followed Monsoons in the Middle East

A new study by geoscientists and climatologists provides evidence that summer monsoons from Asia and Africa may have reached into the Middle East for periods of time going back at least 125,000 ...

Bats in Attics Might Be Necessary for Conservation

Researchers investigate and describe the conservation importance of buildings relative to natural, alternative roosts for little brown bats in Yellowstone National ...

Secret of Explosive Volcanism Unlocked

When will the next eruption take place? Examination of samples from Indonesia's Mount Merapi show that the explosivity of stratovolcanoes rises when mineral-rich gases seal the pores and ...

Megadrought Likely Triggered the Fall of the Assyrian Empire

The Neo-Assyrian Empire, centered in northern Iraq and extending from Iran to Egypt -- the largest empire of its time -- collapsed after more than two centuries of dominance at the fall of its ...

Can Machine Learning Reveal Geology Humans Can't See?

Identifying geological features in a densely vegetated, steep, and rough terrain can be almost impossible. Imagery like LiDAR can help researchers see through the tree cover, but subtle landforms can ...

Evidence for Past High-Level Sea Rise

Scientists, studying evidence preserved in speleothems in a coastal cave, illustrate that more than three million years ago -- a time in which the Earth was two to three degrees Celsius warmer than ...

Field Research in Turkmenistan's Highest Mountain Reveals High Biological Diversity

Well-known for its unique landscapes and rare wildlife, the Koytendag State Nature Reserve was yet to reveal the scale of its actual biodiversity when a series of international ...

Cave Secrets Unlocked to Show Past Drought and Rainfall Patterns

Global trends in cave waters identify how stalagmites reveal past rainfall and drought ...

Warming Climate Threatens Microbes in Alpine Streams

Changes to alpine streams fed by glaciers and snowfields due to a warming climate threaten to dramatically alter the types of bacteria and other microbes in those streams, according to new research. ...

Holy Pleistocene Batman, the Answer's in the Cave

Examining a 3-meter stack of bat feces has shed light on the landscape of the ancient continent of Sundaland. The research could help explain the biodiversity of present-day Borneo, Sumatra, and ...

Cherokee Inscriptions in Alabama Cave Interpreted

For the first time, a team of scholars and archaeologists has recorded and interpreted Cherokee inscriptions in Manitou Cave, Alabama. These inscriptions reveal evidence of secluded ceremonial ...

Stalagmite Holds Key to Predicting Droughts, Floods for India

By studying the last 50 years of growth of a stalagmite from Mawmluh Cave, they found an unexpected connection between winter rainfall amounts in northeast India and climatic conditions in the ...

Ice Age Survivors or Stranded Travellers? A New Subterranean Species Discovered in Canada

The discovery of a new to science species of rare and primitive arthropod in a cave that was covered by a thick ice sheet until recently is certain to raise questions. Researchers describe a new ...

Central Texas Salamanders, Including Newly Identified Species, at Risk of Extinction

Biologists have discovered three new species of groundwater salamander in Central Texas, including one living west of Austin that they say is critically endangered. They also determined that an ...

Volcanoes Fed by 'Mush' Reservoirs Rather Than Molten Magma Chambers

Volcanoes are not fed by molten magma formed in large chambers finds a new study, overturning classic ideas about volcanic ...

Evolution: South Africa's Hominin Record Is a Fair-Weather Friend

The fossil record of early hominins in South Africa is biased towards periods of drier climate, suggests a study of cave deposits. This finding suggests there are gaps in the fossil record, ...

A Mexican Cavefish With a Scarred Heart

Scientists are studying a guppy-sized, blind, translucent fish that lives in the cave systems of northern Mexico to figure out why some animals can regenerate their hearts, while others just ...

Scientists Find Stable Sea Levels During Last Interglacial

The magnitude and trajectory of sea-level change during the Last Interglacial, more specifically Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 5e, is uncertain. To date the consensus view has been that sea-level may ...

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