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August 7, 2020



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New Study Estimates the Odds of Life and Intelligence Emerging Beyond Our Planet

Despite knowing when life first appeared on Earth, scientists still do not understand how life occurred, which has important implications for the ...

Mathematicians Develop New Statistical Indicator

Up to now, it has taken a great deal of computational effort to detect dependencies between more than two high-dimensional variables, in particular when complicated non-linear relationships are ...

Decoding Beethoven's Music Style Using Data Science

What makes Beethoven sound like Beethoven? Researchers have completed a first analysis of Beethoven's writing style, applying statistical techniques to unlock recurring ...

Phase Transitions: The Math Behind the Music

Physics Professor Jesse Berezovsky contends that until now, much of the thinking about math and music has been a top-down approach, applying mathematical ideas to existing musical compositions as a ...
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Language May Undermine Women in Science and Tech

Researchers examined gender stereotypes baked into 25 languages to explore why fewer women enter science, technology, engineering and mathematics ...

AI Sentencing Tools Need to Be Closely Scrutinized

Judges should closely vet the AI tools they use to help them predict whether a defendant is likely to re offend, urges a new ...

Solution to Century-Old Math Problem Could Predict Transmission of Infectious Diseases

An academic has achieved a milestone in statistical/mathematical physics by solving a 100-year-old physics problem -- the discrete diffusion equation in finite ...

Mathematicians Put Famous Battle of Britain 'What If' Scenarios to the Test

Mathematicians have developed a new model to explore what the impact of changes to Luftwaffe tactics would actually have been. Their approach uses statistical modelling to calculate how the Battle ...

An Algorithm for Large-Scale Genomic Analysis

The examination of Haplotypes makes it possible to understand the heritability of certain complex traits. However, genome analysis of family members is usually necessary, a tedious and expensive ...

Smaller Class Sizes Not Always Better for Pupils, Multinational Study Shows

A new statistical analysis of data from a long-term study on the teaching of mathematics and science has found that smaller class sizes are not always associated with better pupil performance and ...

Computer Game May Help to Predict Reuse of Opioids

A computer betting game can help predict the likelihood that someone recovering from opioid addiction will reuse the pain-relieving drugs, a new study ...

Deep Learning to Analyze Neurological Problems

Getting to the doctor's office for a check-up can be challenging for someone with a neurological disorder that impairs their movement, such as a stroke. But what if the patient could just take a ...

In Classical and Quantum Secure Communication Practical Randomness Is Incomplete

Random bit sequences are key ingredients of various tasks in modern life and especially in secure communication. In a new study researchers have determined that generating true random bit sequences, ...

Information Theory as a Forensics Tool for Investigating Climate Mysteries

During Earth's last glacial period, temperatures on the planet periodically spiked dramatically and rapidly. A new article suggests that mathematics from information theory could offer a ...

Combination of Techniques Could Improve Security for IoT Devices

A multi-pronged data analysis approach that can strengthen the security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices -- such as smart TVs, home video cameras and baby monitors -- against current risks and ...

Artificial Intelligence Probes Dark Matter in the Universe

Physicists and computer scientists have developed a new approach to the problem of dark matter and dark energy in the universe. Using machine learning tools, they programmed computers to teach ...

Research Advances Noise Cancelling for Quantum Computers

The characterization of complex noise in quantum computers is a critical step toward making the systems more ...

African American Bachelor's Degrees See Growth, Behind in Physical Sciences, Engineering

African Americans are seeing growth in engineering and physical sciences but are not progressing at the same rate when compared to the general population. A report examined the number of ...

Top Tools for Pinpointing Genetic Drivers of Disease

A new benchmarking study has determined the best analysis tools for identifying errors in a patient's DNA that are responsible for driving disease. Being able to pinpoint these 'genomic ...

Optimal Models of Thermodynamic Properties

Researchers are beginning to employ Bayesian methods in developing optimal models of thermodynamic properties. Research focused on hafnium (Hf), a metal emerging as a key component in computer ...

Understanding Brain Activity When You Name What You See

Using complex statistical methods and fast measurement techniques, researchers found how the brain network comes up with the right word and enables us to say ...

From Viruses to Social Bots, Researchers Unearth the Structure of Attacked Networks

Researchers have developed a machine learning model of the invisible networks around us including, how viruses interact with proteins and genes in the body. Their work, they believe, can help across ...

Statistical Model Could Predict Future Disease Outbreaks

Researchers have created a statistical method that may allow public health and infectious disease forecasters to better predict disease reemergence, especially for preventable childhood infections ...

Coincidence Helps With Quantum Measurements

Through randomly selected measurements, physicists can determine the quantum entanglement of many-particle systems. With the newly developed method, quantum simulations can be extended to a larger ...

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