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August 13, 2020



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Sustainable Chemistry at the Quantum Level

Scientists are now using new quantum chemistry computing procedures to categorize hypothetical electrocatalysts that are 'too slow' or 'too expensive', far more thoroughly and ...

AI and Single-Cell Genomics

The study of cellular dynamics is crucial to understand how cells develop and how diseases progress. Scientist have now created 'scVelo' - a machine learning method and open source software ...

Seeing Is Believing: Visualizing Differences in RNA Biology Between Single Cells

Researchers developed the novel and publicly available computational tool Millefy to visualize heterogeneity in RNA biology between single cells. Using mouse embryonic stem cells and cells from ...

Top Tools for Pinpointing Genetic Drivers of Disease

A new benchmarking study has determined the best analysis tools for identifying errors in a patient's DNA that are responsible for driving disease. Being able to pinpoint these 'genomic ...

Take Flight! Automating Complex Design of Universal Controller for Hybrid Drones

Hybrid unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are drones that combine the advantages of multi-copters and fixed-wing planes. These drones are equipped to vertically take off and land like multi-copters, ...

Deep Learning-Powered 'DeepEC' Helps Accurately Understand Enzyme Functions

Researchers have shown that a deep learning-powered computational framework enables the high-quality and high-throughput prediction of enzyme commission numbers, which is essential for the accurate ...

Personalized Medicine Software Vulnerability Uncovered

A weakness in one common open source software for genomic analysis left DNA-based medical diagnostics vulnerable to cyberattacks. Researchers identified the weakness and notified the software ...

Simulating Quantum Systems With Neural Networks

A new computational method, based on neural networks, can simulate open quantum systems with unprecedented ...

New AI Tool Captures Top Players' Strategies in RNA Video Game

A new artificial-intelligence tool captures strategies used by top players of an internet-based videogame to design new RNA ...

How Genes Interact to Build Tissues and Organisms

Scientists have developed a new computational tool to infer global, large-scale regulatory networks, from healthy and pathological organs. The researchers were able to pinpoint genes relevant to ...

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Detect Rare Diseases

In a study of 679 patients with 105 different rare diseases, scientists have shown that artificial intelligence can be used to diagnose rare diseases more efficiently and reliably. A neural network ...

Intelligent Algorithms for Genome Research

In order to find out which genes are responsible for diseases such as cancer or diabetes, scientists nowadays frequently resort to using machine-learning ...

Game Theory Highlights Power of Local Reporting in Vaccine Decisions

Computational modeling of social networks suggests that vaccination programs are more successful in containing disease when individuals have access to local information about disease ...

Big Data Helps Identify Better Way to Research Breast Cancer's Spread

Researchers are analyzing large volumes of data, often referred to as big data, to determine better research models to fight the spread of breast cancer and test potential drugs. Current models used ...

Creating a Global Map of the Protein Shape Universe

Researchers have come up with a novel way to classify proteins and their shapes, which lays the foundation of how we understand protein structures and ...

New Research May Be Used to Treat Cancer, Heal Combat Wounds

Researchers have developed computational models using a microbiology procedure that may be used to improve novel cancer treatments and treat combat ...

Amid Genomic Data Explosion, Scientists Find Proliferating Errors

Researchers found a troubling number of errors in publicly available genomic data as they conducted a large-scale analysis of protein ...

Machine-Learning System Used to Diagnose Genetic Diseases

Scientists have utilized a machine-learning process and clinical natural language processing (CNLP) to diagnose rare genetic diseases in record time. This new method is speeding answers to physicians ...

Classroom Crowdscience: Students Challenged to Detect Schizophrenia Genes

Teaching big data to future scientists means having them think creatively about ways to harness the terabytes of information available to them. To that end, a systems biologist used his graduate ...

A Universal Framework Combining Genome Annotation and Undergraduate Education

Scientists and educators have developed a framework for using new genome sequences as a training resource for undergraduates interested in learning genome annotation. This strategy will both make the ...

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